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Matrix VSR-10 MB03 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle by WELL (Color: Black)

86 Customer Reviews

by Samuel A. on 04/03/2016
"So out of the box this rifle shocked me and how accurate and the range i was getting was pretty amazing, with 0.25 were flying out the barrel with speed and precision. I HIGHLY recommend this Rifle for any beginner who wants to getting into the sniping world.
Easy to Build
Hop Up
No Cheek Riser
Feeding Problems every once an a while
A small kick to the right sometimes
by PJ J. on 02/01/2015
"perfect gun. long range. dead on. absolutely wonderful. worth the money for scope and bipod. this gun is a must have. it is so powerful that it will leave welts for months. i have made kids bleed wit it.
by Amber B. on 03/24/2014
"This gun is aweeeesosooooomeeee!!!!!!!!!! Shoots 435+fps right out of the box. It comes with two clips and a speed loader. I recommend using .23 gram because they are accurate. It is very upgradeable and it comes with a precision inner barrel. Its pretty accurate for its power. I havent sighted it yet but I will soon. I cant wait to use it in a war. I would definitely buy it again. Btw its heavy and the bolt and trigger are big. Not a con for me bc its more realistic. GET THIS GUN. IT WILL NOT DISSAPOINT
by Lane W. on 03/05/2012
"I have sighted this gun in now and it is great. I can hit a target at 100 feet 9 out of 10 times and it is even a little windy. I use .30's and they are very accurate. The shots are very consistant and you won't get to many random shots. This is a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone. For only $90 I don't see how someone could pass up on this gun. BUY THIS GUN!!!

good price
shots fast
bolt is smooth
feels nice

by Lane W. on 03/03/2012
"This gun is great. I haven't had a chance to sight it in yet because it has been windy the last 2 days. It shoots fast and .30's work great in it. The first 5 mags misfeed alot and it gets frusturating but after the first 5 mags it is fine. I can't wait to use this in battle. Once I sight it in and use it in a battle I will write another review.

Shoots fast
Shoots straight with .30's

First 5 mags misfeed
Bolt is hard to pull back (you will get use to it)
by Anthony G. on 12/24/2011
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Evike has done it again.
I ordered this 3 days before Christmas eve, and it arrived in TWO DAYS!! and not only did this arrive, but i ordered 4 bags of bbs in a completely separate order, and both that AND this sniper came in the SAME box. This just shows how amazingly organized Evike is in this time of year. and they got here THE DAY BEFORE Christmas eve. That, my friends, is superb customer service.
Now on to the gun. I ordered this as a little present for myself, and i figured that opening it on Christmas eve is alright!:D
I was ASTONISHED at its performance and quality.
-ill just start with the body. it is a higher quality STRONG plastic. not too heavy, but its SOLID. and it feels amazing. to show you what i mean, ill compare it to my UTG Aps-2 sniper that i already have at home. the aps2 body feels distinctly plasticy.. but this m700 feels tougher, thicker, and STRONGER than my aps2. and its not that heavy either!
-onto the mechanical components. the trigger housing is metal. the cylinder, cylinder head, and spring are metal. the piston and spring guide are Strong plastic. Everything is VSR-10 compatible. The cocking leaver is slightly difficult to pull back, but its very easy to get used to.
-now my personal favorite perk..THE ACCURACY. this is what really got me with this sniper rifle. idk if it comes with a tight bore barrel pre-installed or what, but it is PERFECT. with the hop up all the way down, it fires .20g bb's PERFECTLY. Im talking pinpoint apple-sized precision from 250 yards away!!!!! and that's with a .20G!! imagine if i had heavier bbs? and that's also why its so great. the barrel, combined with the amazing hop up (which i know could easily hop up to .30g bbs perfectly) is the the cherry-on-top of this sniper rifle.
-some last words, the orange tip meshes with the metal outer barrel perfectly. looks great. the rubber butt pad meshes with the body great, and is removable and hollow inside (in case u wanna add foam for density), the box is going to say TSD brand on it, don't be scared though, this is one and the same sniper you're buying, and the small rail mount for the bi-pod is removable, and in addition, if you are to remove the front sling mount from the stud it's fashioned on, that stud is Harris Bi-pod compatible.
I HIGHLY recommend this sniper to ANYBODY looking for a high quality sniper that you will probably never have to upgrade. FOR $90. Better than the rest.

-strong body
-good weight
-high quality construction
-steel trigger housing
-VSR-10 compatible
-amazing hop up
-PERFECT accuracy and range using .20g to .30g bbs

by kyle s. on 03/10/2011
"Great gun! Its got a good weight to it, good accuracy and the scope you can add is awesome.

Pros: good weight
Good accuracy
good price

Cons: none
by Kimberly D. on 02/01/2011
"When I first put this gun together it felt not only sturdy but it was a good weight. I have owned this gun for about two months and it is quite the friend has a jg bar 10 and I out play him any time. This gun is also ready for upgrades!! Which will allow me to have a project to work on. The TSD SD700 shoots not only hard but shoots accurately for 182ft.(I got exact measurements), that being said I use .25g bb's and it works well it drops usually 1/4in. to my left with each shot. The one problem I have with this gun is it's hop up I feel it not only doesn't help but when I use it it makes my gun sound horrible.

Feels good 5/5
Shoots hard 5/5
Quite accurate 4.5/5

Bad hop up 3/5 (the gun is accurate without it and it may just be my gun)

I recommend this gun to anybody in airsoft it's upgrade ready and easy to use!
by Richard C. on 12/21/2010
"Hi this is Richard's son I'm the one who plays airsoft. This gun is great, the accuracy is amazing and the FPS will make you cry. The body is made of a sturdy plastic and the bolt and most internals is metal.
Good FPS
Not hard to cock back with lots of power
by spencer m. on 10/17/2010
"Great gun overall for a casual airsoft player like myself. Price is just right, and I'm lucky I got mine when it was priced less. Get a good scope, bipod is not necessary but I enjoy mine. I recommend .23 matrix bbs for it, although everybody is different. The tan color is cool actually but I decided to paint over it with a green in spots to make it more camouflaged. The only thing that bugs me it that its scratches easily.
by fernando m. on 10/05/2010
"This gun is great. I recommend to get the bipod and scope that can be added for 50 bucks. The assembly is not hard at all you just have to know how to do it. The bolt is a bit hard to pull back at first but you get used to it after like the tenth time you cock it. The feeding of bbs isn't really a problem, just make sure you pull it all the way back and push it in all the way. .20 bbs curve a bit so use .25. Make sure that you adjust the scope to make the gun pin-point accurate. Everything about this gun is great!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

looks cool
not too heavy

bolt kind of hard to pull
by John U. on 09/28/2010
"I've had this gun over 3 years and love it. Good accuracy, shots near 500fps and has good range, I use .25g bb's. The bolt is not hard to cock. Easy cold bore kills and head shots. This gun is why sniping is my favorite part of airsofting. Really good gun for the price and its simple yet very effective. The mags are easy to load, I got some extra mags so I wouldn't need to carry lose bb's that rattle. The stock is one piece and solid so you don't need to worry about it cracking like some other guns. The scope that you can buy for this is well made, I made my on bipod so I didn't get this one.

Good accuracy
Good range
High FPS
Sturdy body
Easy load magazines
Good scope
Nice price
Good feel
Easy bolt
by tyler q. on 09/24/2010
"i bought one a little bit ago and i love it it shoots verry far and has lots of power
by dylan b. on 09/11/2010
"this gun is amazing!!!!!!!! i highly recomend it!!!! p.s. i recomending using high than .25g bbs. great gun!!!!!!!!
by Kyle R. on 05/16/2010
"I'd been scouting for DMRs/sniper rifles for a while now, and I settled on this. The rifle is very accurate, as any sniper rifle should be, especially with the Leapers 3-9x50 illuminated scope i got for it. I'm planning on upgrading to an extended matrix tightbore and SRC ccw outer barrel extension(with a 14mm- adapter). If you sight in your scope correctly(there are many vids on youtube for this) you can hit targets from 100-200 feet relatively easily with this rifle.

solid construction
cheap extra mags
plenty of space for a large scope like my 3-9x50
easy to pull the bolt back
doesn't give your position away with loud shots like an AEG
easy to upgrade, disassemble and clean
low price

only 30 round mags(no biggie, especially since it comes with 2 mags and extras are only $5)
buttpad isn't adjustable(still very comfortable)
hopup is on the outside of the gun, so you could accidentally bump it

Overall, this rifle is probably the best that you can get for the price, takes well to upgrades, and is perfect for one-shot kills. 5/5