Reviews: Avengers M900 Tactical Illuminator Vertical Grip w/ LED Grip Light for Airsoft - Black

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Model: FL-M9A-B

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by Logan S. on 2016-02-28 12:24:12
"Within the first week of having this product the light broke. if you twist the knob on the bottom in a certain way it will become permanently loose, meaning you will never be able to tighten the knob. keep in mind that while it does not say this in the product description that this light will not fully fit on KWA rails.

good grip
somewhat bright light

doesnt fit KWA
pressure switch is kind of hard to reach
knob on bottom is annoying
by Peter B. on 2014-08-05 14:12:14
Light and Handgrip
Thats about it

Super Heavy (weighs down the front of the gun)
Not an LED bulb for main light
Worked for 10 minutes at home but as soon as I took it to cqb it stopped working
by Tyler D. on 2014-06-11 22:59:14
"its a good light if your looking for something cheep its bright but not the brightest light out there has two dim led lights for moving around in the dark.
the switch on the bottom of the grip of my light snaped off within a week of having it it also makes the front of your gun kinda heavy so be aware of that
in all $60 for this light is a little much for what i got it should've been like $30-$40
by David W S. on 2011-01-05 18:19:40
"This light is pretty cool. feels very heavy duty and extremely durable. one part i found was really cool about it that was really cool is the thumb button on the back of the grip that turns on two dim led lights so you can sneak up on enemies and see what youre doing without letting them know youre there.
plus this light is extremely bright. great for taking the fight out of anyone without a light to shine back at you!

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)