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Model: AD-1111

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by andres i. on 2011-07-17 15:57:40
"I have owned mine for nearly a year and mine is as good as the day i bought it no problems it saves me so much money just like anything else you have to take care of it
by Alex P. on 2011-04-17 16:20:11
"I got this adapter from my local airsoft shop today. Along with a WE 1911 my I bought from my friend. I used the rest of my green gas can testing the gun out and was disappointed with the low fps. I decided to use the propane next and noticed a dramatic increase in fps. Also I was able to fire more shots with propane than green gas. This adapter costs as much as a can of green gas and it pays for itself over the course of about a week. But as I'm sure you have all heard before, propane smells horrible and don't fill inside. Only outside. Overall, great buy and I completely recommend it.

Light weight
simple design
comes with a cap
does not scratch your gas valve (but it's plastic)
Sturdy plastic

.....Have not found any yet.

If you have a gas gun you need a propane adapter. It saves so much money.
by Marty B. on 2010-12-22 22:25:39
"All right, for starters I had this for like 4 days before I had some issues with it. One thing that I liked about it is that it was long engouf to fill up the we 1911 exthened rubber pad thing.

Supper hard to get off
Mine exploded (kinda)
If you take it off when you need to lube it the spring and noozel fly out ksome times gwtting lost
(Like mine)

Saves money
Buy it
Buy it
The thing I said about it having a long noozle thingy
Umm buy it

P.S. I'm doniing this on my pone so soory for the retarted (mentaly changelinged) spelling
by David S. on 2010-12-02 06:18:57
"I've had this propane adapter for a few months now and I must say that it's worth every penny! It's simply a must-have for every gas gun user, not to mention how effective and economical it is; it literally pays for itself overtime since propane canisters are so affordable compared to green gas. Just remember to take the adapter off and spray some silicone lube inside [from the threaded end - not the pointed nozzle] after every few mags or so to help keep your gas guns in top shape.

Of course, being made out of plastic, it's not indestructible either. Don't assume that it'll survive a drop when installed onto a propane canister. A friend of mine dun goofed and dropped the darn thing onto the pavement while trying to balance it on another (blindfolded) friend and snapped the nozzle end right off! Then again, I don't think even metal ones would be usable after that... Keeping the protective cover on when transporting it is always a good idea.

All in all, I STRONGLY recommend this product. Treat it well and it will most certainly treat you well in return. GOOD JOB!
by Matt B. on 2010-11-05 17:33:49
"I had gotten my propane adapter about 5 days after i first ordered it and was extremely excited when i put it on my propane tank. Which may be why i messed up and- god knows what- did something wrong and my tank froze over. I was afraid to break the plastic when taking it off so i let the tank drain and then i yanked it off (which to begin with is what i should have done) because its all held together by little plastic pieces. In short we waited 15 minutes for it to empty and now i need a new tank but i'm buying a new one tommorow. For the first 2-3 magezines being filled it worked beautifully, so it was just my own fault for what had happened. Four stars. Hope it works better next time. Also a KJW m1911 KP-05 magezine if it matters. If anyone knows what i did wrong please post. Thank you.

Evike Staff: When you press it in, press it firm like you do with a gas can. Takes a few try. Otherwise air can leak before it starts filling your mag and freezes up.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by Charlie D. on 2010-10-08 22:39:43
"Mine broke after about 2 months, idk if i was hard on it or it just broke because its the cheapest adapter u can buy

Webmaster: It is made plastic / ABS so it doesn't scratch your gun's valve, which costs significantly more. If you press it too hard against metal surfaces you could break it, but generally this lasts much longer and it is very affordable compare to green gas.
by Zachary F. on 2010-03-06 18:38:58
"A simple product. Works phenomenally. The odor of propane is a little off-putting but performance and cost effectiveness are grand. Rigid plastic. Durable build. Good quality. Flamboyant color.
Worth every penny.
by Anders B. on 2010-03-04 16:09:18
"GOOD NEWS! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to PROPANE! no seriously, in the long run, this will save you tons of money. Propane does smell bad, but then again all i'm using it for is grenades so i rarely use them.

by zvxcv z. on 2009-04-08 15:04:56
"it seems like it would be annoying to carry around a big propane tank isnt it?

The propane tank is not larger than a can of gas...(Don't buy the HUGE cans, get the portable size)
by Andrew A. on 2009-03-22 14:29:49
"I bought this adapter when the nozzle of my Airsoft Innovations one broke due to careless transportation without the protective cap attached. This one seems to fit a bit tighter and possibly work better, but they both work perfectly. I use it for my Y&P Mk23.
by Gabriel V. on 2009-01-28 22:23:35
"I got this and so far it works great, no complaints. I was just wondering if there was a place to put silicone oil so it mixes it with the propane.

Great item, a propane tank (about the size of 3 green gas cans) is only 3 buks at wal-mart so now im saving a ton of money on that.
by steven z. on 2008-12-10 19:11:29
"Its awesome... but referring to the last "review", neither propane, methane or any of the other natural gasses have an odor. Its an additive that you are smelling so that you don't inhale it unknowingly and die. And that being so, farts smell because of hydrogen sulfide from the digestion process, not methane. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle..........G-I-JOOOEEEEEE

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