Reviews: P-Force Airsoft New Generation Innovation Propane Adapter (New Version)


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Model: AD-1111

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by Zach W. on 2008-12-01 13:20:44
"perfect product, works great however im going to second the last review, it does smell like ass, but this is because propane contains methane gasses in ammounts proportional to that of a fart
by Jared L. on 2008-11-19 19:25:09
"They work great...nothing else to say. I like the plastic ones because they provide a better seal around the valves than metal ones would. Just shoot a quick burst of silicon oil into the top of the cylinder and your in business. The only downside is that propane smells like but! Terrible smell...anyways I love propane vs. green gas
by John W. on 2008-11-16 06:40:33
"Had this for 6 month now. Works like a charm. No problem at all. Does what it is suppose to do.
by Nicholas M. on 2008-07-22 17:51:59
"Converts propane into green gas. better than metal ones because it is easier to use and it doesn't mar the o-rings.
by Michael K. on 2008-07-11 02:18:33
"Buy this over some of the metal ones. The metal ones can potentially damage your valve on the gun if not charged correctly. Where this one won't
by Dave M. on 2008-07-10 16:18:23
"This is the greatest thing out there. Now I don't need to buy those shitty green gas tanks that will puncture if dropped. My green gas tank was dropped onto a brick and the thing was leaking like crazy. Luckily it didn't blow up, only half full. This adapter cuts the price of green gas and all you need are those $2.97 propane tanks from Walmart. The Coleman ones. The adapter goes on fast, doesn't seem to be weak enough to snap, and is absolutely the best thing out there for your money.
by D. M. on 2008-06-19 01:41:03
"The best propane adapter for your money. Very easy to use and works great! Fits the propane tank from K-mart perfectly. No more buying airsoft gas!
by Junro C. on 2008-05-10 23:26:17
"Very good propane adapter. Don't get the metal ones because they are harder to use. My friend have a mad bull one and propane leaks everywhere, which is why all the retailers discontinue it now. Nothing to complain about this one.

Displaying 13 to 20 (of 20 reviews)

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