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Mil-SPEC MRE (Complete Meal Ready to Eat) - ONE MEAL

19 Customer Reviews

by Bryan H. on 12/05/2010
"This was so good! It was so cool! It had a little microwave inside of it! It was this pouch with these rock things and once you add water to it which the little rocks are in a pouch giving room to put your meal in it so it can heat,it heats up and like boils it! It's so cool! Not messy at all. It comes with a really delicious meal,healthy meal btw,grape jelly,crackers,coffee ,and more.

Cool Features which you're never going to see
Doesn't use much water

When I got it there was a lot of disgusting bugs on it. Just kidding hahahha no Cons.Everything was a pro even the plastic spoon that came with it.Everything was awesome no cons. I wish i could give it a 20000000 stars.
by Wesley B. on 03/17/2009
"Being in the US Army I can say these MRE's are better than the rations of days gone by, these are pretty good tasting and nutrious meals!

I highly recommend the MRE's with chicken, they come with M&M's, i've seen basic trainees sell these for 20 bucks!
by Simon K. on 01/06/2009
"All i can say is that the food was great! The package came with all the that you would need in feild. Whats great is that you can take for camping or some kind of trip.
by alex b. on 01/01/2009
"lol one MRE is the equivilant to three meals carbs calories sodium sugar etc. wise in one meal DONT EAT MORE THAN ONE A DAY YOU WILL GET FAT LIKE I AM( i have a different reason lolz) and this is only one not twelve
by Aaron V. on 12/30/2008
"To the guy below, lol thats pretty funny.

I was surprised at how good this was. When i got mine the first thing i saw was a small packet that said "peanut butter" on it and i thought oh crap, its gonna be that tasteless gritty stuff that pops likes. but i was wrong, it was actually good, creamy type peanut butter. I was shocked. The rest of the meal was pretty good too. I got some sort of thick beef stew or somethin, but i was surprised at how good it tasted after i cooked it in the heater bag device. granted i probably should have left it in there a bit longer as parts of the food were still a bit cold, but it was good none the less. The only thing that was less than satisfying was the instant coffee, but then again, im not a big coffee drinker so it doesnt matter. all in all this is a very good product.

if you want to experience what the WWII fellows had to chow down on, theres plenty of spam to go arround, or you can try those vienna smoked miniature hotdogs that come in the can, they are pretty close too
by Ben H. on 12/18/2008
"just wondering, whoever said it was $10 for a dozen, it says one meal. i think $10 for a single MRE makes it seem pretty damn tasty dont you think?
by Mathew D. on 12/13/2008
"ok dude who keeps saying there are like twelve meals in one order READ THE PRODUCT!!!! "Mil SPEC MRE (Complete Meal Ready to Eat) - ONE MEAL" ONE MEAL ONE MEAL ONE MEAL lol dude you got to read before you post a review. the dude got ONE MEAL! and it was chicken noodle soup. Which i guess is pretty beast. These our good if ya get really hungry a lot and desperately need food in places or in an airsoft game. Nothing like saying "support is on it's way... let us just finish our chicken soup"
by Michael S. on 10/09/2008
"the person below who did a review said they got chicken noodle, were they all 12 chicken noodle?
by Johnny L. on 10/07/2008
"Description says "ONE MEAL". If its $10 for a dozen, I wouldn't buy it because it must suck!

These are pretty good, I take one with me each time I go fishing or snowboarding. There is a fast food next to where I airsoft, fresh burger still taste better! But as a backup emergency food, these are the best out there.
by Michael S. on 10/07/2008
"How many auctilly come when you buy this? does it come in a Pack of like 12 or are you buying individual packages?
by Matt M. on 10/03/2008
"these are asome im going to try and buy a nother dozen at lest realy handy for airsoft and for emergence suplies
by Jason K. on 07/01/2008
"MRE are very useful. I bring a few for every snowboarding trip. Its good warm food when you need it and its very easy to store and carry. I leave a few of these around as back up food. If you are going to be in the middle of no where and want a good hot meal in your backpack, these are highly recommended.
by Marc Z. on 06/30/2008
"You know I'm actually thinking of buying a few of these. I've got a 24 hour war coming up this summer and its supposed to be authentic and so that means camping out in tents (more like setting up an encampment and waiting for the enemy) and so I thought what better to make this real then some real military rations..I'm actually going to buy these when the time comes.
by Brandon N. on 09/20/2009
"These are great! But I think the only downside is it's way over-priced..
I know you guys have great prices, but I think this isn't onw of the good ones.
How I know is because my dad is in the Marines currently dealing with the government money.
He brings mre's home all the time.
by David C. on 07/21/2008
I just got chicken noodle soup...very thick of course, considering all the stuff they put in, you'll find out. i was too scared to use the heater that came with it, especially since it supposedly releases hydrogen gas after i had it cold...well, it did come with 2 fruit bars that are UBER cal ....i guess i'll save these for when i really need them =)