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CQB Master Steel Threaded Barrel for Marui / WE/ HFC / KJW / TSD M9 Series Airsoft Gas Blowback

23 Customer Reviews

by Carlos L. on 02/14/2017
"Is this Barrel will fit and match with WE M9 Biohazard gen2. full auto?
by Joshua D. on 01/12/2017
"Great metal outer barrel. Wanted to give my original marui m92f a biohazard look so I purchased this barrel and polished it and bought the WE biohazard grip panels and it turned out perfect. This is not a steel barrel but it is still very nice with no issues. The threads are nice and adapter is ccw 14mm threads.
by Eric B. on 02/13/2012
"Good replacement part for the M9 (I have gone through 3 of these already) but don't get fooled by the title, no part of this is made of steel, its all aluminium
by alan h. on 02/23/2009
"Okay guys heres the deal. I was at a friends house for a project when he said he had an airsoft gun. I was surprised and asked him to show me. He brought out this gun.

BOY WAS I SURPRISED. As an owner of 2 Tokyo Marui GBB's, i can say that this gun really wowed me.

Two things in particular.

1)Trademarks. The trademarks are identical to my TM M9 which is identical to the real one. This really got me excited. Very nice realism in that sense.

2)Some parts are functional. You can cock the hammer which will depress the spring halfway like the real gun. The slide catch is actually the saftey (he didnt know). But the trigger parts surprised me..

Oh.. i love LOVE how its a double action trigger. That is a rare aspect in a springer.

Weight is OK. Handle heavy a bit.

Mag has some nice weight as well.

PAIN- Well this really shocked me. I let him shootme pointblank thinking i wouldnt feel squat. I can say as im typing this, i have a nice welt on my back. Boy did it sting.. well it was pointblank.

Accuracy-couldnt tell. Shot it in house only

Really awsome gun. Im not usually in the springer section but this is the exception. Get one!
by steven s. on 02/18/2009
"i was wondering, what kind of gun is shown in the picture? it looks beast.

by Austin H. on 12/29/2008
"Will this fit the KJW M9 elite?

Webmaster: It will fit all existing KJW M9 models
by nick p. on 12/29/2008
"will it fit the kjw m9 without any modifications? is the tip orange?

Webmaster: Entire barrel is black. Fits KJW and HFC easy.
by nick p. on 12/26/2008
"Is the tip orange??

Webmaster: The threaded barrel comes with chrome threaded tip, same color as barrel.
by andy m. on 11/22/2008
"No its just the threades barrel, that guns like over $100
by Brendan M. on 11/01/2008
"You guys cant read all too wel...
It says right at the bottom that it is a CW thread. And kyle, you lie like no other.
This is a good sturdy barrel. Good finish, good metal, and a nice fit. Looks amazing on an M9 with or without a silencer, my friend got it for his and i quite like it. Doesnt add or take away FPS like people assume, its just for looks
by Kamil G. on 10/20/2008
"what type of tred is it CW or CCW ?????????????????????????????
by Nathan Z. on 10/12/2008
Odd i ordered this product and received the gun not the barrel. Kinda odd. Well the gun is worth more so i guess i got lucky.
by Nicholas M. on 07/22/2008
"Great barrel. It lets you use silencers on your gun. The normal gun can't use a silencer without modification.
by Jason V. on 02/01/2012
"Orderd my barrel last week on Wednesday, and received it yesterday.
Completely surprised it would be that quick here in The Netherlands, Europe.
That's one big PRO!

Next up, the PRO's and CONS

-Barrel is matte black, it has no shine finish. Witch give's it a more realistic look on my KJW M9
-How you attach and detach a mock suppressor.

- It did not fit my KJW M9 in one time, as stated in the advert it does need some slight modification.
But being an aircraft engineer, and having a nice Sheet Metal shop at work, the modification was a piece
of cake! For a KJW M9 you have to shorten the side that hits the nozzle by 2 to 3 milimeter. A stand alone
belt sander, and you are done within 3 minutes. Its of a soft type of steel so reworking it with a regular file
goes also verry easy.
-The hole where you put the pin in that holds youre hop-up chamber needs to be drilled out to 2 to 2.2
milimeter to make a snug fit for the pin.

I'll give it 4 stars out of 5, because of the small rework you have to do on it.

Although I mentioned it as cons, the cons aren't such a big deal, and the barrel is a real bang for the buck! I would definitaly recommend it to others who want a mock suppresor on theire M9
by Michael Z. on 12/03/2011
"Just got my M9 barrel, took a bit longer than I thought it would, mainly cause of the holidays. Ill never order during the holidays again lol I just dont have the patience. I like how the threads are removable, for the most part I can leave the threaded end in the silencer so the gun itself still looks standard

My only issue is the pin that holds the outer barrel to the inner barrel assembly doesnt fit the new outer barrel, so I made a pin out of a piece of folded and pinched paperclip until I can solve the problem.