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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - Woodland

36 Customer Reviews

by grant O. on 03/26/2010
"anyone that says this vest doesn't hold much is a freakin' idiot. it holds 3 mags on the right side of the vest, a pistol on the left, a pistol mag on the pistol holster, has an ajustable belt w/ little cases, a big case under the sniper pad, and 3 cases on the left shoulder. i have this vest and i suggest it to anyone, at any given time, i can have up to 4000 rounds on me, plus more once i get my double mag pouch that easily attaches to the belt. 4.9 out of 5 stars 'cause the sniper pad is for a right handed shooter and I am lefty.
:(.... still a great vest though :) :) :)
by Chase S. on 12/10/2009
"This is a great vest! it will hold almost any mag. it can be adjusted to size. One down fall is it's kind of heavy but not extremely so its managable.
by peter c. on 11/14/2009
"It is the best vest I have hade. I could barely feel that my friend was shooting me with his g36e when it shoots bbs at 360 fps also the vest can hold up to 4 g36e mags the only thing thats different from mine is it's green. It's good for the price.
by brian w. on 02/04/2009
"amazing vest im 6' 4'' 270 and this thing jsut fits around me , it fits me perfectly though , so all big men who want to buy an amazing vest for 40$ that has 6 xtra pistol mag pouches 4 rifle mag pouches utility pouch radio pouch and 2 giant zipper pockets inside GET THIS One its also great for smaller guys too dont get me wrong

pros: pritty light
holds ak clips
fits big men
lots of space to put stuff

cons: price if you wanna stretch it and could use 1 more utility pouch and lose a pistol clip holder cause after all you use your primary and xtra clips more than your pistol your pistol is jsut there so when your reloading your clips you have somthing to fire.

12/10 in my book
by Dale N. on 11/02/2008
"This vest was the best 40$ i have is durable fits all my mags and the pistol mag pouches fit grenades!!!! and the woodland color is perfect!!!! i wich i could give it a 6 star rating
by Nicholas F. on 10/06/2008
"This is a GREAT vest. Fits all 8 of my M16 mags and 6 of my pistol mags. I would recommend to everyone. Great price and great versability.
by Amera V. on 07/30/2008
"This is a great vest. can hold 8 M16/M4 mags 6 pistol mags,has a cargo pouch and a radio pouch its fully adjustable to fit your body size. i wear full od camo and this vest on top and i never sweat even in summertime. i would reccomend this vest to everyone.
by linda p. on 07/07/2008
"This vest is a fantastic buy. I've used it twice and it hasn't given me a single problem. The first time i used it was for paintball. none of the exterior holsters are large enough for pods unfortunately, but it gave me god padding and kept the balls from exploding some of the time. when i did use it for airsoft i had room for all my mags and then some. the camo pattern is useful and i haven't had any problems with the pistol holster too. There is no reason to spend more money on a more expensive vest. if you need more room you can always go to an army surplus store and buy pouches for the belt.
by Robert G. on 06/27/2008
"Incredible Vest. Was way better than expected. It is very detailed and very comfortable. Its a little big by the shoulders but not a problem. Not having the problem where the mag falls out. I rolled around with it on on the floor, no problem with the gun. I would recommend this vest to anyone.
by Michael M. on 06/16/2008
"Great Vest.. Light weight.. Good looking.. And holds a decent amount.. This holds 8 of my mp5 magazines in it!!! IT holds 4 ak47 or m16/m14 mags in it.. Also my cyma glock fits perectly in the holster. It holds four of my mags for it. Holds my walkie talkie, my spare battery. And my speed Loader. The back of it is great too.. YOu can fit any type of pouch or pack on it... A+ vest
by S. D. on 05/20/2008
Mesh allow good air flow, not very hot wearing it.
Lots of useful magazine pouches built in.
Holster built in, rare on most vests. (Plenty of magazine pouch for the pistol)
Great amount of color available to match all uniform.
Come with a very nice tactical belt retailed for $15.
Easy to get ready and setup for quick games.
Affordable. Can't go wrong with $40. Modular vests will cost you big bucks and without gear knowledge you can waste a lot of money.

Con: To many people have it. Black hawk, eagle industries, condor, UTG and all major tactical gear company makes it.
If the magazine catch of the pistol is hit magazines will drop. This happens often in games so I recommend putting the magazine in the pouch (4 pistol mag pouch built in on this vest.)

Overall: A good vest to have. Even if you want to customize your own MOLLE vest, this is still a good vest to use for quick indoor games or hot days.
by Dylan M. on 09/18/2017
"I've had this vest and its fits pretty good its nice and comfy but it does get hot and the pouches are hard to get m4/m16 magazines in it
by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"very odd vest with too many straps, but it is comfy, makes any bdu look good and not "school shooterish" but for like half the price you could just buy the black swat version.
by Dominic F. on 02/09/2017
"Very nice starter vest and has seen me through it all, but don't let anyone get behind you, they can grab the strap on the back and take you hostage. The vest works but kind of labels the wearer as a "noob". I have had it for a year and it can hold 20 lbs of equipment, despite missing a chunk of the zipper. That being said, it is a steal at $40 and is the perfect starter vest.
by Andrew R. on 08/24/2015
"If you're just starting off in airsoft this vest is for you. It's cheap, efficient, and has plenty of room for all your gear. With a $38 price tag it's more than affordable. No need to get vests upwards of $100. I've been playing airsoft for half a year now and this vest has stuck with me since the beginning.

-C. H. E. A. P. Probably the least expensive, toughest vest on evike.
-6 m4/m16 pouches, 5 pistol pouches, 1 detachable pistol holster, 2 tool pouches= more room than you'll ever need.
-Very adjustable. Can fit the largest and smallest people.
-Very sturdy. The polyester and whatever other inexpensive materials used to create the fabric part of the vest are very strong.

-Lots of loose cords, straps, buckles, etc. (especially for me since I'm a smaller guy). They can snag on anything if your not careful. I recommend tying or sewing down loose ends.
-Similarly quite loud and shaky. Can give away your position. Again, tie down anything that moves around.
-Zipper and buckle are quite terrible to be honest. My buckle broke after a couple months, but it can be replaced quite easily. For the zipper, just zip carefully :)
-The woodland camo on the vest was a little bit lighter than in the picture and lighter than the BDU I ordered. Nothing major though, but it hurts my OCD.
No other complaints to speak of. You get what you pay for, a cheap, Chinese-made vest. But DAMN is it a good cheap, Chinese-made vest! Would recommend greatly for all new players.