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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - Woodland

36 Customer Reviews

by Christian M. on 10/04/2017
"Great vest especially for beginners, has everything you need and more. Although the picture makes it seem a lot brighter of a color when it's not which is a good thing I like a darker woodland but even the right shoulder on the vest is black in really life but in the picture it's tan. Overall great vest definitly buy
by Jackson M. on 08/30/2017
"a VERY good starter rig, but if you KNOW your going to be playing for a while, go ahead and spend the extra money on a MOLE harness and build onto that. otherwise this is an amazing buy for the beginner airsofters.
by Nathan T. on 05/29/2017
"I bought this vest before my big trip to Berget and I never regretted it. The vest works great and is very durable. It is light weight and is easy to move in I love how many ammo pouches there are, not only that the holster on the vest can hold many types of pistols. The only problem I had is the pouches are very unreliable for sniper mags like mine.
by matthew L. on 05/20/2015
"This vest is awesome!
can fit m4, ak, aug, mp5, and most other mags that are about as high as those
couldn't think of any
by Deann R. on 01/05/2013
"This vest is very good. It fits me a little loosely but im only 120 lbs. Theres alot of room for extra magazines and the pouches on the inside of the vest are great for carrying extra ammo for longer games. The holster fits my kjw 1911 tactical fine and can fit most pistols...not sure if it would fit large frame pistols like a desert eagle though. the mag pouches can fit 2 m4/m16 mags each easily.

pros: great price, alot of pouches...holds everything you need.

cons: the pistol mag pouches will not fit hi capa mags..and barely fit speed loaders(the one on the holster will though) you cant take the pouches off or add more because its not molle...but its cheaper than alot of molle vests that dont have pouches so that makes up for it.
by Joe O. on 12/26/2011
"This vest is the best,i am a really big guy and it fits me to the point were it about to fall off anybody that is big and stocky i say get this vest
by Mario C. on 10/02/2011
"Just: "Awesome vest!!!"
Remove pistol holster and install extra set of mag pouches, now I can carry six hi-cap ak47 mags with ease (yeah!!!).
Also five CO2 12 grams canisters, flex unjaming rod, extra battery, tools for in-field repairs, radio, "dead" rag, woodland camo camelback and dump pouch, speed loader for pistol..........
by julie i. on 08/14/2011
"this vest is really good for light weight style airsoft.

Pros, light weight
you can cut off the elastic on the mag pouches so they can carry 2 mags per pouch
a lot of pouches-pockets

Cons,you cant take off mag pouches
pistol holster can come off easily (happened to me in a war)
that's it
all around a good starter vest.
by Andrew T. on 06/07/2011
"I absolutely love this vest. A few things you should know is that while it says it only has three rifle mag pouches, there is a fourth pouch on the left side that is the same size. I use it for my grenade. Also if you have a G36 mag, or something similar in shape, the pouch can only take one. However, I am sure two M4 mags will fit easily. The radio pouch is great, will fit any comunications set you may have. The pistol holster is nice, the only problem being that while running around it is easy to hit the mag release button accidentally. Overall, a great vest.
by Antonella C. on 03/14/2011
"I just recieved this vest today and I am extremly impressed. Its very durable, the zipper works great and has plenty of room for magazines. You could probably insert two magazines for each pouch on the vest. A little small, so I would suggest wearing a few extra layers to make it fit snug. I would also suggest buying extra magazine pouches if one wishes to remove the holster.(Does not come with extra)
Overall, its a very good vest. I highly recommend it to any tactical player or squad.
by tim t. on 11/03/2010
"This was a very good vest while it lasted the one problem I found with it is the plastic zipper which got shot through probly the second game a played with it causeing it to be impossible to unzipped when I finally got it of and got it unzipped it was fine

Lots of pouches for any thing I need
Radio pouch
Velcro for patches
And just makes you fell awesome while wearing it
And great protection

Plastic zipper was the only thing wrong with this vest
by Tristan G. on 10/29/2010
"An awesome vest, especially for the price. It can hold just about anything you would need. It has a holster, radio/walkie-talkie pouch, 6 pouches for pistol mags or a speedloader on the belt,holster, and 3 under the radio puch, 4 AEG pouches, a sniper shoulder pad, two big pockets on the inside, and some velcro to put a patch on. It fits just about everybody. I see a lot of people wearing these at the airsoft field I go to. (Poco Loco, in New Hanover Pennsylvania)

Durability: 10/10
Value for Price: 10/10
Carrying Capacity: 10/10
Looks: 10/10

Overall: 40/40

by Brian M. on 09/23/2010
"This vest is AMAZAZING!!!!! its very durable and has tons of pockets for all your gizmoes and gadgets. most of the pouches can me taken off and switched around or replaced with other things that stick to Velcro. relatively light, but some of the mag pouches on the side might be kind of hard to get to. definitely will want a dump pouch with this thing cause those side pouches will be annoying if your trying to put your empty mags in there when reloading. definitely advise getting this vest especially if it's your first one.

5/5 definitely
by eric e. on 05/23/2010
"THIS VEST IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!! 1,000,000 stars rating!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY and i cant say it any more.......BUY IT!!!!!! I have had this vest for 5 years and finely after taking a million shots to the chest the zipper chipped and now i have to buy a new one. Can you guess what chest rig im going to buy?

______________THIS VEST IS WHAT IM GOING TO BUY AGAIN____________________

-Cheaper than ASGI, Shorty, Hobbytron, and Airgun depot by at least 15 dollars
-Great for people who are big/medium/small
-Holds enough hicaps to never run out of a whole day of air soft
-3 speed loader holders
-map/twinky holder

-my zipper broke :(
by john b. on 03/28/2010
"i really love this vest its perfict for what i use it for and it also comes with 2 extra mag pouches that can be replaced with the holster.