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Model: Vest-001-OD

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by Christian S. on 2013-08-31 22:51:42
"Best vest ever!!!!
Everything is amazing perfect
Size everything
What it says you will get
It fits anyone!!
by Nate T. on 2012-07-21 17:20:26
"Ive had this vest, in black, for about 4 years now. It has seen several battles and has held up no problem. The pouches are primarily meant for m4 type mags, but my g36 mags fit no problem. I usually carry about 7 mags with me, so i had to buy additional pouches, but they fit on very well along with the dump pouch i added. This vest carries (with the additional mag pouch and dump pouch) 7 g36 mags, 2 m9 mags, an m9, spare battery, radio, binoculars, the always needed electrical tape, and a knife.

Fairly durable
Hydration pack pouch
Good assortment of pockets
Easy to add additional pockets

Only carries 4 rifle mags
Zipper will come down when i run sometimes
Not very easy to go prone in
Pistol in the holster hangs out a little

Overall this is a decent vest for the price. I give it 4 out of 5.
by Rhett B. on 2012-06-22 09:58:58
"I really like this vest! For the price it is very good, but I did have a few problems with it. The magazines for my M14 (which are a little wider) have to squeeze to get in the mag pouches. Also for some reason there are more magazine pouches where my holster should be. And I found my holster velcroed on to the back. And it cant be fixed because the pouches that are in its place can't be removed.

-Fits most sizes well
-Plenty of magazine capacity

-Mag pouches are a little skinny for my taste
-Holster issue
-Zipper is a little "ehh"
by Jaydon B. on 2012-05-11 18:38:47
"I got this vest as a gift from my parents for my birthday and it is awesome!
Light weight
Holds all my gear
Webbing on the back for pouches or any thing else you can attach
You can switch out the holster and put on 2 more mag pouches (included)

The holster hangs out a bit when you have a sidearm in it
I had to take the belt off of mine because it didn't fit comfortably

NOTE: This vest will not work for snipers. It is hard to lay down in, especially when you have mags in it.
by Liam H. on 2011-12-28 00:05:23
"Just got this vest a couple days ago and did 6 battles and it holds everything from magazines to pistols, to shotgun shells to molle webbing on the back. I love this vest. Durable. Use full. Great for it's price. Great buy. Get this vest.
by Tammi B. on 2011-12-23 19:56:21
"I got this vest almost a year ago and the only problem i have had is the zipper it is sometimes super hard to zip it up but overall it is good vest for beginners and intermediate players. it is very useful there is about 4 or 5 mag pouches i have a scar and the pouches fit my mags which are m4 mags 2 perfect and the pistol mag pouches fit my sig sauer mags pretty good also if you a pistol the holster works good but does add on weight depending how heavy your pistol is and last thing if you do not have enough mags to put in the pouches like me it is good for putting water bodels,flashlights and other useful stuff
by Emmanuel R. on 2011-12-13 20:03:28
"While browsing the Evike Vest and Armor section I quickly came across the "Deluxe Spec. Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches (OD)" for $39.99 and instantly decided to buy it. It is as described on the website, it included everything they said, and as warned about on the website, how it exactly looked varied from the pictures shown on the page. But it was no big deal, the vest was just a lighter shade of what was originally shown and the "Padded Sniper Shoulder Vest" was not black like in the picture, but the same color as the vest. I had read that the vest kind of ran big, but that was a benefit for me being that I'm a heavy large framed 5'11, 235lbs. male. The vest is very comfortable and does not ride up or move around while you crouch or turn, it's comfortable and in no way or form does it comprise your mobility . The only issue with the vest was that it smelled like gasoline or something when i got it. It might have just been the one vest I got but the smell was so strong "like give you a headache strong". So after I washed it and the smell remained I took it to my cleaners where It was explained that it might had been stored away for a long time and that's why it had smelled that way, which may had been the case. But overall this is a great vest, i would recommend it to anyone and for $39.00 it's a steal
by Andrew O. on 2011-12-06 18:28:32
"Very nice Tac vest. mag pouches are perfect.
Fits very nicely
make you look awesome

Pistol holster droops off when you have a pistol in it and is very clumbsy
i lost a pistol that fell out of the mag pouch

very nice vest 5/5
by Alex C. on 2011-10-13 17:01:44
"I just received this from Evike and i really like it. It is a larger tac vest but it still fits my sides well, shoulders are a bit loose but not a big deal there. The mag pouches work great and you can put extended pistol mags into your M4 pouches if you have them. It is well ventilated and has alot of pouches which is nice. I got the "sniper shoulder" version with the radio pouch and its pretty nice.

Very light
Cool (temp and looks wise)
snug fit
place for hydration pack

THEY DIDNT GIVE ME A HOLSTER!!!! (being shipped atm)
bit loose on shoulders but no biggy there.

All in all id say for a beginning or medium level airsofter this would be a great buy. =)
by phillip e. on 2010-12-29 08:38:00
"this is a must buy for the price, its durable and has plenty of pouches for mags, a radio, bbs, speed loaders, and whatever you want to put in it.



lots of pouches

has a holster

completely adjustable

shotgun shell holders

and has a belt that you can put even more pouches on.


if your a little small (like me) you might have to get used to it being a little loos (not a problem)

over all 5/5
by Jan M. on 2010-09-12 12:48:22
"i got this vest but i havnt been able to use it in a battle yet. So far its great for the money. Right now i only have a sniper rifle and a co2 m9 and it can hold almost anything. I know ak47 mags can fit in it but im wondering if you can fit g36 magazines in it because i want to buy one for christmas and if they can fit im getting one. I got the version of the vest that comes with the two padded shoulders and i wanted the one that comes with the radio pouch. O well its a fun vest and makes you feel like a pro 5/5
by Todd G. on 2010-09-03 12:33:25
"I am really suprised with the quality of this vest. While it is a mesh vest, it feels very solid and uses thick fabric where it counts (mag pouches, belt, holster). The vest I received came with two M-4 magazine pouches that you can put in place of the holster in case you need more ammo or don't carry a side arm. I also received two extra pistol magazine pouches that were velcroed to the back of the vest. The only downsides of this vest are the cheap clip on the belt, and the fact that your gun will be jelous of how much time you spend with your vest once you get it. Six stars!

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