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Gen 5 UTG APS2 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod - ACU (Package: Rifle & Bipod Only)

30 Customer Reviews

by dylan s. on 12/03/2008
"but u should test difrent weights on it becaus to heavey wont go far.notheavy enough wont hert as much and less accuurate k. bye XD
by dylan s. on 12/03/2008
"mitchell it depends u could get .12,20,25,30,35g heavier the beter.or u could get deforinte glow in the dark,metalic,bio degradeable even paint balls for airsoft guns XD.if u dont belive me go to bb and gas its above accessories
by Mitchell M. on 11/23/2008
"what kind of scope should i get??????????? and what bbs?
+ P
by Kipp S. on 11/15/2008
"I just got this gun for my birthday yesterday, along with a scope, new glasses, lube, and .23 bb's.
This gun is absolutely incredible. I left a huge welt on my friends from at least 100 feet away! I promise you that you will not find a better gun for the price. Its incredibly accurate with the .23's im using. It has some incredible power, your enemy will feel it.
The bi-pod this gun comes with is pretty nice, it dosnt seem like anything special but it will do its job, it definately works for airsoft. Be sure to buy a scope with it also. The sling seems pretty sturdy, I dont use it though, It just gets in the way for me.
Overall you will not get a better sniper for the price. As far as upgrading goes I have no idea, but I do not plan on upgrading it anyways. If your into that stuff you may want to consider the JG BAR10. If not though this is your gun.

-Great paint job
-Comes with decent bi-pod
by sam s. on 11/05/2008
"I'm tryin to decide whether to get the l96 sniper rifle or the utg m324? can one of you guys help me out. And also are the m324s on the website the generation 3?
by Liam C. on 08/07/2008
"this gun is the shit its got accuracy, range, and power. My friend got this and has like 10 head shots. and my brother did great with it before my mom ran it over. I would recomend this gun to anyone who wants a great sniper for a great price
by Logan b. on 02/24/2014
"I've had this for a year or more now and it hasn't had any thing it came with break. It's shooting a around 410 with .2s and I use .28s so it's like 370 now.

Decent FPS
Fun to shoot
Easy to pull bolt

body and bolts feel cheap
Plastic, low capacity mags
Scope rail always needs retightening
Too much oil in the gun, I still get oil on me and it's a year old
by S. C. on 03/18/2013
1. Affordable
2. Nice and heavy; realistic
3. Comes with a very nice bi-pod
4. Accurate and powerful

1. Cheap screws
2. Cheap plastic for trigger guard
3. No scope included (not the biggest problem)
4. Plastic magazines
by Nick A. on 01/31/2010
"I bought this gun and it work fantastic esecially with .36g bb's and hop up 3/4 up but then after cleaning it thoroughly it seems to have lost some power or was over lubed.

Accurate with .36
decent fps

rails come loose easily
by Alex C. on 01/22/2010
"this gun is a really good gun overall. its lightweight and easy to cock. its kinda hard putting it together but that's the only complaint i have about this gun everything else about it is good and anyone who says differently is just jealous. for how good the gun is its a really good deal money wise. i still haven't used it in an actual air soft war but its pretty accurate and nice because its so light you can carry it around for a long time before getting tired so i recommend this gun to any air softer from beginner to intermediate.
by Blake D. on 05/22/2009
"I bought this rifle for plinking in my backyard. It has exceeded my expectations! Itis a pretty accurate lil' gun. One time I shot my friend for about 70 ft away while he was on his bike, and he had a huge welt. You NEED to buy a scope for it, and get .2-.25 gram bb's for it. High grade only.....
I like this gun, and I recomend it, and it is gret for games too.
by Jack L. on 03/27/2016
"First off this is a very good starter airsoft sniper rifle. It really gets the job done and gives you a good feel for airsoft sniping. But I have had 1 problem with this gun and it is a pretty big one. About 4 months after getting the gun ive only taken it to 2ish games but the rails on the top and bottom warped and would not fit on the gun anymore and the thing is, their aluminum and it probably warped at a 20 degree angle and literally pulled the screw out of the gun. Besides this it is a very good useable gun.

Solid Construction
Easy assembly
Easy disassembly
Accurate (.2's were to light, i used .28's and it worked like a dream)
Not very Heavy
Comes with bi-pod and an extra mag

Warped Rails
Rifle body lacks

All in all 3/5 because it is almost rendered useless without a scope (no iron sights either)
by Michael B. on 03/08/2010
"well this deal is very good for the price that its offering, its a good weapon but did not acceed my expextations.

Nice Bolt, Inner and Outer Barrel
Non slip sling, spare mag,
Decent wieght, adjustable hop up
Easy to dissasebmle

Range isnt the best, tends to whip with 20g bbs
Accuracy isnt the greatest either
Upgradeable internals are rare.

its not a bad gun, but i dont entirely recommend it.

for only ten bucks more you can by the type 96, i have heard a lot of good reviews on it

so overall not a bad gun but i do not recommend it for serious airsofters.
by Zach B. on 12/07/2008
"PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!. Go with the jg bar 10. way better. only $100. It is an amaziing gun. This one sucks.
by Max G. on 12/02/2008
"SAM DONT BUY THIS GUN IT IS A WAY BIG WASTE OF MONEY. it is pure crap. my friend has this gun and it shoots 300 fps with .2 which is horrible and i know it isnt a gun defect cus it even says 300 fps. u would be better off getten the UTG L96 its way more powerful and more accurate. watever u do dont buy this gun. its worth about 20 bucks