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UTG Shadow Op High Power Type 96 Maruzen System Airsoft Sniper Rifle - ACU (Package: Rifle)

42 Customer Reviews

by Blaine B. on 03/21/2017
"I've had this gun for a few months now and am fairly impressed with it. It performs very well for a stock L96. I found the gun to be pretty accurate, and the hop-up unit to be very effective, although a pain to adjust (allen key in mag well), as with many L96s. I never have had any feeding issues apart from the occasional double-feed, which you can expect from spring sniper rifles. The bipod that comes with the gun is very usable, but the sling is definitely not of the best quality. You can use it for a while, but the metal clips aren't sturdy enough to hold the weight of the gun on your body for more than a few hours. and eventually they will bend out of shape. Overall, if you're looking for a beginning sniper rifle that you might want to do some upgrades to in the future, this is a perfect choice.
by Zachary K. on 10/28/2016
"I've had this gun for almost a year now and I must say, it has not failed me once.
this gun is very good, and you may be thinking "but what about the trigger box?" well from my personal experience this trigger box is pretty sturdy (as in it has never broken)

good fps
nice mags! (OMG these are amazing!)
fairly easy bolt pull (it may be a little tough at first, but it gets pretty easy)
nice trigger box (I have put probably 3000 bbs though it and it has never failed)

a little bit wobbly outer barrel
a real wobbly bipod
sometimes it will not feed properly and will double feed
a little heavy (I personally like this)
nothing else
by Dillon M. on 09/26/2016
"I purchased this bolt action almost 2 years ago at the time of this review, and despite a few setbacks, I've never been happier with a sniper purchase. Out of the box, this gun is a little over average in terms of spring snipers, except the trigger box. With the stock trigger box, you will get about 70-95 shots before it breaks. While this may sound like a major turn-off, there is a metal trigger box by matrix that has lasted me the 2 years I've had the gun, and its only about $30-ish dollars. My rifle is still completely stock minus the trigger box and scope thats not included. The stock, although plastic, is very, very durable. I have dragged it through the dirt, dropped it on asphalt, dropped it down a hill {clumsy}, and accidentally hit it with some bb's from a .12g shotgun [dont ask], and it has held up well. While it may seem pricey for a spring sniper, it is completely worth the purchase and I will always keep this in mind should anyone ask for a god recommendation.

Too Long Didn't Read:

*Stock out the box shoots well

*Spring can be hard to pull depending on the shooter
*Does not include scope
[Some people like me have extra scopes so not so bad]
*the weight can be good or bad depending on shooters preference
[Has weights in stock that are removable]

*Stock trigger box needs to be replaced with after market box
by charlie p. on 09/17/2010
"what kind of bbs should i use .20 .25 thank you????????????????????????
by steven k. on 01/30/2010
"i got this gun in september. it is amazing. i didnt buy the scope with it but i should of. it breaks alot but if you are skilled in taking thing apart you will be ok. high fps and good acuracy. need a side arm
by Ian M. on 11/23/2008
"Lets see the cheaper 70-100 dollar version is made by AGM i believe is not nearly as reputable as Well. The UTG distributed gun is the Well version, and really, its not that much more money, and id go ahead and just buy this version if you want it. Ive used ut before and have been very pleased, so spend a little more and make sure youre getting the better of the two versions.z
by Tanner S. on 04/10/2017
"It's a well built gun but accuracy isn't great.

Hits hard

Only shoots 420 fps
Trigger box breaks easily
by adrian v. on 11/26/2008
"when you get this gun does it come with the camo on it or is it al black. and does it come with a bipod
by wes l. on 09/17/2008
"no it will not.......................................
by Chris M. on 09/17/2008
"UTG APS2 Type96 Shadow Op Sniper Rifle (ACU)

Does anyone know if the ACU paint will chip on the gun?
by Chris M. on 09/17/2008
"UTG APS2 Type96 Shadow Op Sniper Rifle (ACU)

Does anyone know if the ACU paint will chip on the gun?
by adam f. on 04/06/2015
"This was a decent gun until it broke within a few uses. It was not misused in anyway or put through stressful conditions. The plastic box that housed the trigger assembly basically exploded and cracked, making it beyond any repair. Quality .30 gram BB's were used so this was not the issue. Overall, I'd say this gun isn't worth it even when it was working. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more to buy a better bolt action or at least buy something different.