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Matrix KART Full Metal EBR M14 RIS Custom Sniper Airsoft AEG (Black)

24 Customer Reviews

by john l. on 06/16/2008
"this gun comes with everything you need unless you dont buy the scope and bipod. i really recommend the bipod this guns way to heavy! i love it for the price though. its good accuracy and yet i have found no cons to it but its heavy and putting the battery in is kinda werid cause it requires screws. very good sniper weapon cause it goes full auto. i really want you ppl to get this gun its cheap and good accuracy. but its very heavy and it comes with sling battery, charger, and necessary screwdrivers
by Angela S. on 03/29/2010
"i love this gun
i got it about a week ago and only had a chance to fire it yesterday. after a bit of messing around with the hop up i got it to fire almost perfectly straight on semi

pros: more acurate than most AEG's ive seen, looks awesome, high fps

cons: heavy, a lot of sharp edges (it doesnt sound to bad, but when your running it can cut you if you dont have sleeves)
by Paul R. on 10/07/2009
"Bought this gun but in Silver as my first airsoft gun. I love it but it is EXTREMELY heavy. the other reviews dont give it the full amount of credit it deserves. It is a cheap gun but u get more then your moneys worth. However if you are not used to playing with heavier guns and only use M4s and types of that weight, you may be surprised. I upgraded my spring and motor and added a scope and new battery and a bipod and mine is weighing in around 18lbs. This is a monster compared to the mere 6lbs which is about what a standard airsoft M4 weighs. However with the bipod it is perfect to set on anything, walls, fallen trees, the ground, and the sling helps when moving around. So it is managable and a great gun for the cost, just very heavy.
by dustin e. on 11/23/2008
""the heads of the screws are very soft"
i totally agree with that, man. the screw on my front-sight-post is stripped, so until i can find a replacement im without one for a time.

but, overall i dig this gun. weight's not so bad, length is alright, and accuracy is awesome.
by Marc E. on 11/21/2008
"I got mine yesterday and i have to say, overall I am very pleased with it. The heft and durability of the EBR are amazing. It's very acurate and I can't wait to use it as my sniping platform. That being said...there are a few things I was displeased to see. 1. The latches that lock the stock in place would not come back up. I have to manually pop them back into place. 2. I didn't find this out until I went to put the battery in, but the heads of the screws are very soft. One head was already stripped and I stripped the second one trying to take it out. Kart needs to put sturdier screws into their guns. Maybe I'm the only one who's had this problem, but it's quite an annoyance..
by David B. on 09/23/2008
"I have to say the build quality is very good.

There are no trademarks on it nor are there laser ingravings on the rails. But it fits a 9.6v nunchuck in the grip.

The accuracy right out of the box is questionable, but I am going to be upgrading the barrel anyways so once that is finished I'll be able to comment on that.

For a $150 it isn't a bad deal.
The front sight isn't removable unlike the standard 14's. But you can adjust it for windage, and I replaced the top portion with the HK SOCOM front sight I had on my old UTG 14.

The bolt doesn't fully open when you have the battery tucked inside the grip because of how they set up the charging handle, but a little work with some sheet metal and I should be able to fix that.

All in all, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 on the bang for the buck factor.

I have not had a chance to chrono it but I'd be willing to be its a good 325 minimum.

Foregrips are not advisable seeing as to how you'd be fully extending your arm unless you are in CQB with the stock retracted.

When I got mine I had to tighten the screws on the stock to keep it from wobbling. Other then that its solid.
by john l. on 07/30/2008
"well i know almost everything about the gun now i opened it to the spring. the gun is very heavy. around 14 pounds in my perspective. it looks real nice as well but its weight is not its only con. one other con is that the gun can break very quickly if your thinking on upgrading it. i downgraded it so i could play cqb with it and playing cqb is a very bad idea with this gun so dont call me dumb i already no. you can upgrade this gun by yourself if you have a allan wrench kit and phillips head screwdrivers. if you can just mentally map out the gun after you take piece by piece apart its relatively easy. i dont recommend it but i was able to do it and ive only opened 1 ics 2 piece gearbox before. the gears are all metal bushings arnt though so no hope of lipoly which should not even be in your mind at all. the accuracy is good as well the barrel is longer than an m4 and probably a m16 i dun wanna be a liar. since it is full auto the mag does serve a good purpose for holding 200 its an ideal amount. the guns price is nice as well as well as its looks. i recommend going to the store to buy this gun truthfully. you cant tell unless you feel it. also its pretty quiet as well. the hopup i dont have problems with and so it works. you can get a tight bore for it which will make it a great sniper. if you wear a full face mask this could be a problem. you cant look throught the scope and so you should just wear googles with a neon mask or wtf thats called. it does shoot 380 which is decent. i like the price a lot though. one reason why i bought it lol. the gun it self is very simple my only problem is that its freakin heavy... without a bipod you have no option of proning its just too heavy. i havent tried it in field yet so theres not much i can tell you.
by kevin p. on 06/30/2008
"ok so its a pritty good gun. but be VERY careful wen you buy it to make sure all the screws are completly screwed in!! they give it to you with everything half tightend. and wen i orderd my gun it came with a broken mag!!! so im working on getting that fixed... but the gun is really well put together and i have no douts of it falling apart. it is a heavy gun so if you are amaller you should look at other options. it is a great gun that is why i put this rank.
by Kyle W. on 09/28/2009
"This gun has both very good things about it and also very bad things about it. Performance wise it's an awesome gun - chronoed 400 on the dot right out fo the box. This gun is also extremely accurate and has an awesome distance 150+ ft accurately. The gun is full metal which is a pro, but in my case it wasnt. The metal used to cast this gun was so frail that out of the box I had a piece on the side of the ejection chamber already cracked and when i tried to mount something a scope on the ris, it broke off. Overall this gun is very good performace wise but very frail.