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Model: AEG-KWA-M4A1

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by Jason Z. on 2008-10-23 19:33:39
"Just go to internal parts ----_ hop up ----_ m4 hop up. You should find what you're looking for there. Next time check the forums if you have questions.
by michael e. on 2008-10-22 04:09:26
"what kind of hop up will work with this gun please help................................
by matt b. on 2008-10-15 15:18:03
"this gun looks good but does anybody know if my JG/Echo 1 mid caps will work with this beast
by Andres E. on 2008-10-12 23:23:40
"great gun its beast with systema high torque motor, m130, systema duracon piston head, tight bore barrel, jbu aluminum piston. only get lipo if u like to work on/fix all the problems u will have. this gun is amazing if well maintained. if u dont know what u are doing use a 9.6. otherwise great gun
by Gart S. on 2008-10-09 09:53:16
"this gun is very good stock, so dont upgrade it. when it was upgraded it was beast. for about a week then it stopped working. just get a tight bore barrel and new hop up bucking and 9.6v battery. thats all you need to have a gun that can absolutly dominate.
by Alex L. on 2008-10-02 20:12:04
"This gun is so sexy!!!! The only downside is the the package only come with the gun and the magazine. I haven't upgraded anything besides the externals, but I plan on getting a better barrel and a better hop up unit. All you need is a 9.6 volt, and your ready to go... ONLY GET A LIPO IF YOU PLAN ON REPLACING SOME INTERNALS WITHIN THE NEXT 3-4 months. It does really nice with the 9.6, shooting at around 405 fps and about 950 rounds per minute. The accuracy is o.k., but for $295 KWA could've put a nicer barrel and hop up unit in the gun. No wobble anywhere, virtually no plastic, and really nice look and performance. Overall a must but if your gonna get an M4. Save your money for this and nothing else.
by linda e. on 2008-09-21 23:01:33
"great gun if your going to replace the hop up. it has a bad hop up when it is stock so just replace it with a systema hop up and it will be great it does shoot 400 fps out of the box but when you wear the spring down somw it shoots like 380 but it is a great gun and is one of the higher quallity guns that out of the box has a great rof and shoots 400
by Ad K. on 2008-09-20 19:51:35
"This is the highest quality stock AEG besides Systema made weapons. This gun consistently shoots 400 fps, right out the box. It comes with a top quality magazine as well. This can handle Li-Poly batteries, but I would advise not to. First of all, it will shorten the life of your gun. Second of all, Li-Poly batteries are not as safe as normal batteries. Thirdly, you will run out of ammo extremely quickly and semi-auto is a 3-rd burst most of the time. I advise getting a 9.6v nunchuck battery. It will still have a crazy ROF, don't worry. Overall, great gun, totally worth the money.

-Full Metal except hanguard and stock
-Detachable Carry Handle
-Comes w/ great quality hi-cap mag
-400 fps out of the box
-Crazy ROF!!!
-Very quiet (could be seen as a con)

-Hard to fit a mini type battery in (the type I purchased)
-Hop up isn't the greatest
-May need a precision barrel
-I don't like the texture of the grip
-Expensive (but worth it!)

Although there are quite a few cons, they are minor and if you are considering buying this gun get it or the RIS version.
by Garrett G. on 2008-09-19 18:21:32
"A friend of mine has this, I've used it in a few games... hands down the best M4 I've ever used.
Nifty side note, if you get the 11.1v Lipo battery the ROF is 1300rpm, sometimes even higher if it's alittle warmer out. Scares people at events on full auto.
by Alex L. on 2008-09-19 17:21:55
"thanks so much man, i ordered it today, and hopefully it will be here soon. i also ordered a 9.6 volt batt. Do u think thats enough, because i heard that a Li-Po decreases the guns life the 9.6 enough???

thanks so much again
by Andy H. on 2008-09-17 23:28:19
"Alex, this is simply one of the best M4 to get. It has currently the most reliable gearbox and the gun shoots smooth, straight and good range.

If you want an M4, get this one! Lots of people will vouch for this rifle. I have a S-system model but the internal is the same, its a great gun! I abuse the hell out of it and it never failed me.
by Alex L. on 2008-09-17 21:40:07
"I've been looking in on this gun for a long time now, and I think I've set my mind on it. So can someone tell me about his gun in detail before Saturday??? PLEASE!!!!???

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 87 reviews)

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