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by alex e. on 2012-06-18 10:49:11
"GREAT GUN! I just got mine in the mail this morning and I was blow away by how solid it is. I orderedd an 11.1 LiPo battery with it and god does it handle it well. this gun is really nice weight and is just all around amazing

Great rof
good range
good weight
accepts most of my mags

The handguards are a little tight and rough to take off
other than that non

Seriously consider this gun as you're next, it tops my G&G, ICS, ECHO 1, AND Airsoft GI custom gun by miles!
by Kevin S. on 2012-06-05 18:51:59
"Wow, just wow. If you feel like your ready for this gun then, by all means, get it now. I have rhino flip up sights and Magpul hand guard and AFG on mine. I also run a 9.6v battery in it as well. It's a tight fit but well worth it. Soon I'll invest in a lipo, KWA even gives you a card inside of the box telling you to get one. Everything is amazing in this and I prefer using .25's over .20's. I get better range and better groupings. At first the groupings weren't good, but then again tightbore's take some time to kick in. I can't wait to take this out into the field.

Great buy
High ROF
High FPS (just enough for field's, probably not CQB though.)

Though very minor I still wanna state them,
Tight fitting battery for a 9.6, use a LiPo for better fit.
Very picky with mags. Only the one it came with works out of my other 10 mags.
by Monique M. on 2012-06-04 13:38:09
"THIS GUN IS FANTASTIC!!! it shoots so fast at such a high performs flawlessly every time. my only complaint isnt much of a valid one but i can barely fit a 9.6 butterfly battery in there. but thats because it was built for a lipo to be put into it.

Amazing ROF
good FPS
externals have a good hard feeling
no wiggling of the mag in the mag well
mag feeds perfectly

can fit 9.6
by Damian V. on 2012-05-27 11:10:41
"Excellent gun!!!!!! i recieved it broken, but i took it back and got it good as new :). i used .25s during a battle, i say it shot at least then i used .20s and it shot at least 400+fps, haha excellent, everypne thought it was just a normal AEG but it scared the heck out of them with the rate of fire, i use 9.6 battery. overall excellent (extra mags recommended)
by Perry I. on 2012-05-18 21:50:24
"This gun is the best quality gun so far that I had fun feels like a $500 gun. Shoots 23 bbs a second with a 11.1 lipo which i highly recomend and about 400fps. All around excellent gun!!!! Only thing is the bbs could get tighter groupings so I got a 6.01 tight bore madbull 509mm and a silencer this should be the best gun on the field;) another thing is the mag is to tight And hard to put in and out.

-realistic weight
-Chrisp shots
-lipo ready out of the box
-high rate of fire
-great field gun
-full metal except pistol grip,stock,and hand guards
-solid v2 gear box

-Non so far
-Hopefully the barrel goes in fine!!
by Tyler D. on 2012-05-11 05:07:32
"I received this aeg a while ago and have used it on mainly field events, no cqb. This aeg has better range than I thought, and can reach out farther than most people on my time. I run .25s and recently chrono'd at a steady 360+ fps. I run a 9.6v 1600mah nunchuck that is an extremely tight fit. The front doesn't quite close all the way. There is a tiny gap that is hardly noticeable and does not affect performance at all. THe ROF is great on this thing though. I highly recommend this aeg. I have had only one problem with this aeg feeding ever, and that was with the dboys mag, not KWA mag. After tinkering for a couple minutes it was feeding again.

Full Metal
Real weight

Upgrade-ability (As all KWA's are hard to upgrade)
Does not come with battery

All in all this is a great out of the box gun. You'll be better off than a lot of people from the start.
by Chris K. on 2012-05-06 21:37:31
"This is a very nice gun, it feels great, looks great and performs amazingly. The accuracy is decent you can easily buy a inner barrel for like 30 bucks to fix that. It's full metal every where except the hand grip, hand gaurd and le stock. Shoots very very fast and has a good fps of 400fps. I have used it in a couple battles and worked just great. Right now I have the fast shooting gun compared to all of my friends. The hand gaurd wobbles a little bit and is a pain to battery's in. Only 8.4v brick battery's fit in it. A9.6v nun chuck won't fit. Mags is nice and ones you get from thee holy cow deal, which you should get, are nice as well. Mag wobble very very little. The hand gaurd btw doesn't seem to be very high quality plastic com pared to hand grip but it's still nice. It's a field gun for sure but it can used in cqb I only play in woodland battles so I would know for cqb.

Rate of fire
General feel
Looks cool
field striping is easy too
Amazing gear box best out there

Hand gaurd sucks for battery's, And isn't the nicest plastic
Accuracy kinda sucks but easily fix able
by Kevin S. on 2012-03-14 18:14:31
"I just got this gun today and it is amazing. it has great range and great rof(scary fast). if you have the money i would definately spend it on this.




internals are top notch


by tom g. on 2012-03-11 13:12:16
"This gun is awesome. It has great range and accuracy. I use a 9.6v and the trigger response and ROF is great but i would recommend a LIPO. KWA deffinatly is one of the best brands.

full metal body
sick accuracy and range
its a kwa

cant think of one con
by Payton H. on 2012-03-09 10:46:50
"This is the most amazing m4 I've ever used!

400 fps
long lasting
full metal
comes with 3 mags!!!

occasional hop up jam (but easy to fix by turning it upside down
by Michael S. on 2012-02-21 00:11:04
"This is an incredible product made by an incredible brand! Those who purchase will be satisfied and all those who encounter it will be converted! The KM4 is great out of the box and ready to dominate the field providing you with a high fps that is within legal limits of most fields (400 fps) mine specifically shoots 380-390, a stock tight bore which is accurate and precise, and the reliability and dependability KWA is known for. I've used the KM4A1 every Saturday for the past 2 months and I love it!

Using the Holy Cow deal and purchasing a 9.6 2000mah battery you are more prepared than 90% of starting players! I recommend this AEG to all of my friends getting into airsoft, because I want them to have a great time playing and keep playing and that's why I recommend it to you!
by jacqueline s. on 2011-12-22 19:09:27
"This gun is amazing.

Rate of fire 23 bbs with lipo a little hard fitting the brick type
fps 400
gun full metal and abs plastic
fits 9.6 nun chuck
holy cow you get three mags


gun is long lasting and kwa includes a 45 day warranty and will fix it even after the warranty with a price.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 87 reviews)

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