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FN Herstal Full Metal SCAR Light STD Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC (Color: Dark Earth)

32 Customer Reviews

by Warren C. on 04/13/2010
"Probably the best SCAR out there, I love mine!
The only thing that i hate is the very small battery space, its hard to get the battery and wires to fit, but other than that its an amazing gun well worth the money.
by tom p. on 02/19/2009
"ya, you should use a 9.6 1500 mAh battery. (1500-1600 will work,) it will push tha ROF up a little, but i talked to a professional and they said it would be fine...
THe Review,,,,

Just got enough $$$ for this beast. purcasing very soon, like 2marrow, will review after that....

spelling, sorry!, not my best subject!)
by Justin C. on 10/16/2008
"Omar u need to put through hell i hit it wit a hammer on my bed or use a pillow or sumn like that so yah dont bend it then get sum pliers or sum channel locks. should come right off. if not im sure you could get that thing out of there
by Justin C. on 09/24/2008
"this is an update from my last review i found the problem it being im a dumb ass the battery died they do that from time to time i was stoned and forgot. so could anyone recomend me a good battery? i use a crappy 8.4 1100 mah. But all nonsense aside the gun is simply amazing every spec short of a few grams of the real deal, including the striping. Upon stripping I noticed there is no wires to crimp or mess up. also the fact that it carries an actual dummy bolt instead of a piece of metal to resemble one rely turned me on about it. And it comes with an on board sight ajust/hex key located on the gas port. Not to mention it shoots hard as shit, as my budy learned the hard way when i accidently shot the poor soul in the jaw it kinda even looked like i shot him with the real one with out the death. this bad boy is a must for any serious player. if you got the money do it

by Justin C. on 09/24/2008
"this is by far the best gun ive ever owned . however id like to question the firing a bit its been like 2 weeks since i got it and i was firing it today and it started to jam and it just stopped it sound like its trying to fire but it just makes that pre firing whining noise every gun makes if anyone can help lend an idea that would be awesome
by linda e. on 09/21/2008
"this gun is a half to have. out of the box it shoots around 350fps and has great hop up so it gets really good range. the gun has a good rof and looks and feels great my only problem with it is that you will eventually have problems with the wiring it is verry flimsy but over all great gun
by Richard S. on 07/13/2008
"Simply the best gun out there. It feels great, it is the best feeling rifle I have ever held whether it be RS or AS. It is light, but not cheapo light, since it is only off by 3 grams of the real gun. There are some problems with the gun, in its stock form, but most guns do. The hopup is simply amazing. The only thing I am dissatisfied about the gun is the fact that I didn't get in tan.
by nicholas t. on 05/29/2015
"I've had this gun for about 6 months now. out of the box, the gun is great for the intermediate players. this disappointed me due to the fact that the grand total was ~$400. regardless, out of the box, the gun is well constructed. the external finish is incredible, and some of the internal parts were desirable parts. however, the piston rack was plastic, and stripped after moderate use. that was not a problem as I had a metal rack piston laying around. the wiring used for this build seemed to be 14 awg wiring and not the best quality. it did its job, however wasn't fast enough for my cqb fields. this was replaced by a nuke fet. with a metal rack piston and any mosfet really, this gun will run great. on an average 9.6v 1600mah battery, the gun ran 20rps (this is after the piston and mosfet upgrade). PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GET IT TWISTED. this gun is wonderful. other than the wiring and piston this gun has good internals. the compression was outstanding clocking at 395 fps, and the motor was of decent torque (though also replaced by a G&G high torque). the gears are a good idea with the self shimming concept. the gun has little problems with mags. it will fit G&G, VFC, Elite Force, and any stanag magazines. this is the go to gun for anyone who is tech savvy, and not afraid of upgrading the rifle. if you are afraid, the please save yourself the cost of upgrades. to sum up the gun, I love it. there isn't a better scar out there IMO. the range is above the average airsoft guns range ( im guessing 180. although I installed a tight bore the first day). if you want a killer rifle, then do not be afraid of buying this gun. just be prepared to fix the piston eventually, and buy a 0.9mm hex key for the selector switch.

pro :
ambidextrous and all the parts are sold here on evike incase of a damaged part
right under 400 fps
gorgeous externals
good angle of engagement ( after the new piston )
self shimming gears
decent torque motor
realistic and easy takedown
consistent range and accuracy
trade marks
robustness of the paint on the metal ( very scratch resistant)

cons: this is what makes or breaks a gun
jank piston ( for 389.99 should have installed a metal rack)
high resistance wiring
difficulty in installing aftermarket wiring
lose hop up wheels ( the hop up unit can take G&G aftermarket wheels/dials)
battery space ( you will need a nunchuck!)
the bolt assembly does not like fingerprints (turns a purple tint from finger oils on metal)

im sorry for how picky I am. I just want to cover everything for the next buyer to learn off of
by Dustin D. on 04/20/2015
"I recieved this gun a little over a month ago and Ive been able to actually play with it a couple of times since then. Like most people will and have said, this gun is incredibly light. Of all the AEG's Ive handled, this is by far the lightest. The externals are what anyone expects from VFC which means your going to get the highest quality available. Internally unfortunately this gun is much to be desired though functionally, this gun will likly outperform most stock AEG's. Mine has been pretty accurate and was shooting right at 400 fps with .2s with very little variance. Just like others have said, the biggest drawback externally to this gun is the battery housing for the stock. DO NOT USE A STANDARD MINI TYPE BATTERY! I had to modify my 9.6 T-eng Nimh to fit in the stock whereas the nun-chuck style battery I have fits with little effort. With a big automotive style fuse and fairly fragile wiring, you really have to be careful about collapsing your stock and good luck getting it to collapse the entire way. After my last game, the positive connector to my fuse has aready broken off and Ive always been very careful with it. The wiring snags on the collapsing mechanism all the time. If the mechanism used to collapse the stock was better designed many of these wouldnt be an issue. I wouldnt run a 11.1 on this just because it isnt neccesary. This gun should be used more as a sub-DMR field rifle and not as a CQB weapon despite it having a folding stock.

- Incredibly light, great for all day events
- Externals are what VFC is known for

- Stock and battery housing could have been better designed
- Wiring could be better as well
- Only Nun-chuck style or maybe some lipos will fit
by James O. on 07/30/2013
"I have had this gun for about 9 months and used it 4 times.

great rate of fire.
feeds great with just about any mag I have used.
not too weighty.
nice markings.

the wiring is a little week.
the Motor connectors kept getting disconnected from motor. had to solder the wires to some tiny washers and used the motors hood screws to fix the issue. but worth the effort.
by Justin C. on 02/02/2013
"This gun is awesome, but it has many flaws for being a 380$ gun. Some of these problems are personal issues but some are not. To all of the cons there a many Pros and i will be sure to address them in this review.
I gave this gun a 4/5 star review because the cons are things that shouldn't be happening to a 380$ gun. I have owned this gun, sent it back to Evike because of a broken wire, and i have now received it back.

Cons (most of them have to do with the stock)- Wiring
-Butt plate
-cramped battery compartment
-selector switch
-front, bottm-rail, screw doesnt screw in into rail(which causes outer/inner barrel wobble)
-length of wiring

Pros-ROF on 9.6v(20bbps)
-gearbox quality
-charging handle bolt lock feature
-realistic disassembly
-iron sights
-beautiful gun sound
-free black metal flash hider
-FN style Stanag type magazine

by Riley L. on 08/29/2012
"When I first got this gun the both shipping and actual gun box was heavily damaged. But the gun was still in tact. The gun has an ok fps if using .25 the range is great

Fps/rof if using 9.6 nun chuck
Built quality
Good weight not too heavy not to light
foldable stock/calapisble

Lower receiver is plastic but high quality
Charging handle doesnt lock into place sometimes
Small battery compartment
Hard to put and take out the battery
Fire selecter is a little annoying it doesn't do semi auto if u don't put it on full auto first
But plate is annoying
by Omar A. on 10/04/2008
"Hey how did you take off the flash hider dude???can anyone tell me???
by Miles S. on 12/18/2014
"Overall this gun is good. I wouldn't pay almost $400 though. The gearbox itself is great, and the gun seems to do well with a 7.4 lipo. However I have 3 major problems with it. First off the battery compartment is small. To top that off the fuse box is huge for the size of the wires. Basically if you aren't using a lipo you have to have the stock fully extended. My last complaint is that the hopup that comes in this gun is crap. Its made of cheap plastic and it actually resets itself when you fire the gun. Literally I have watched the dial turn when I fire the gun. Either way love the gun just not worth the money your just paying for the name.
by Michael B. on 05/11/2008
"perfect replica rock solid.every thing is perfect except my luck.the flash hider came glued on the std barrel for some reason and took alot of work to remove.i cant use the flash hider it came with due to the removal but thats ok i bought a special flash hider for it so i didnt need the one it came with.also my piston broke after only firing about 300rds,the one metal tooth broke and all the pistons teeth were grinded.took a week to get the new piston also bought alot of upgraded internals so i dont have to change them any time soon.overall 3 out of 5 for an extra 10 bucks vfc could have put the deep fire piston w/titanium teeth(so i wouldnt have to),also have to say the accuracy and fire rate with this gun is amazing before and after i upgraded it.