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Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Mark A. on 06/12/2014
"Pros: lots of pals webbing, affordable, has kangaroo pocket for storing wallet etc. , has side panel pouches, easy to adjust to body type, great overall protection when paired with evike sapi plates.

cons: thick material can possibly overheat you quickly. trying to put it on the first few times can be tricky as the cumberbund can easily get away from you. shoulder pads are really stiff and flat so you must bend it in order to follow your shoulders shape. otherwise your shoulders will hurt or go numb from the weight of the vest and anything else you attached.

overall: great vest would buy it again for anyone whether dealing with real or airsoft related guns.
by Jacob G. on 01/09/2014
"- Personal Background
I am 5'9'' 190lbs. I have owned this vest for over 4 years. I am not a airsofter, I am a military simulation paintballer.

- First impressions
Well built, Short/compact(as expected), nice weight

- Initial cons
The vest as it came, the cummerbund did not fit me, it was to big. The problem comes as when you adjust the cummerbund smaller than it's standard size(can adjust longer using the shoelaces on the back of the cummerbund) Then the velcro on the front doesn't contact the full amount. This causes the sides of the front to be loose.
What I did to fix this, also made the vest more comfortable, realistic, and it made it easier to lay prone with magazines on the front of my vest.
I took two large cardboard boxes and some packing tape(can use ducktape, any tape that is high quality) I started to cut out plates to insert into the vest. Idealy, you want 4-6 layers of cardboard on each plate. This will not only protect against more impact, but also help keep the plate carriers form.
- How this fixed the issue?
The inserts make the carrier a bit bulkier(Of course) this made the cummerbund fit near perfectly on it's shoestrings shortest adjustment. (If your not a cummerbund person, you can always just remove it and use the buckles on the side.)

- Initial pros
Everything you could expect to find on a standard vest is on this vest. This was and still is my first plate carrier, I couldn't expect anything more out of condor outdoor.

- After a number of years
The vest still fits well, nothing has broken on it.

-Accesorie compatability
If you are planning on adding large molle such as a camelback please keep in mind that this vest is designed as a compact carrier giving you more maneuverability. With this in mind, the bottom of the vest is missing 2-3 inches that you would find on a standard vest. This is immediately noticable from the pictures as well, you can see on the cummerbund. A standard vest is 4 layers of molle on the cummerbund, this vest is 3.
If you are getting large molle items, be aware not all will fit perfectly(Such as camelbacks) You will need to find specs for the sizing before purchasing, otherwise you'll end up with a camelback that sits 4 inches without molle on the bottom of your vest(Which is uncomfortable) I have heard that Modular Assault Packs fit nicely on this size, I have no experience but I will be experimenting with it. RAP4 also sells some camelbacks, I believe I have seen they're camelbacks fit this size as well. The best way to find sizing is to address customer support for the dimensions.

- Size review - Personal fit and estimations (This is a commonly asked question)

This plate carrier will fit any small-average height. This plate carrier is designed to be compact, it has 2-3 inches cut off from the bottom of the vest meaning the vest doesn't extend down to the belt on a 5'10'' individual. This makes it easier to flex and maneuver your body according to your individual needs. Sizes m-xl should only affect the cummerbund size, rather than the vest height. I'm 5'9'' 190lbs the bottom of this vest sits 1/2 of an inch above my belly button. This vest should fit everybody within 5'2''-5'+'' If you are shorter than 5'5'' plan for the vest coming down to your belt, but don't be fully expected of it. Since i'm not short, I cannot speak for the fit on a 5'0'' individual, but this vest will fit on your body better than a standard length vest. (I have read comments that 4'8''-5'2'' wear this vest without issue)

5/5 stars. Condor outdoor outdid themselves on this carrier.

Recommendations for buyers.
Do extensive research on this or any plate carrier that you buy. You can't let 100+ dollars go down the drain and not be satisfied. If this carrier will not suit your needs find another. If you don't research you won't know if it will suit your needs. I hope my review answered most common questions. Don't take my sole word for this either.
by Ryan R. on 12/07/2013
"First plate carrier, and will most likely my last, because this will last me forever! Nothing wrong with this. Kinda stiff, but that can be fixed by using it in a few wars. I have put a admin pouch, evike patch, two M14 double pouches on the front and they all just fit! Every satisfied with this. One thing I did see with this is that the back will rise up out of weight difference, if you run a hydration pack, and/or a scabbard this won't be a problem Overall 10/10, thanks to this the only thing I will need to buy now is new pouches when I wanna change up my rig.
by Albert B. on 07/15/2013
"For my first tactical vest I love it. I'm 5'2 and 180lb and it fits comfortly. With this I bought a dump pouch, hydration carrier, and two phantom double mag pouches. It's very easy to put a one point sling in the shoulder pads make easier to sling my gun. With all this on there I still have plenty of room for later add-ons. It does get a little hot inside but that should be expected when you're wearing a vest outside. Overall I love it and don't regret buying it.
by Eli H. on 06/01/2011
"This is one of the best vest I have ever owned. I didnt buy from here but its exactly the same. The mesh on the inside allow the vest to be very breathable. And the buckles allow you to quickly get the vest off when it gets to hot. If you are looking for a high quality vest for a great price this is the one. I give 5 stars.
by Paul M. R. on 04/09/2010
"I honestly bought this vest from here for Real World operations believe it or not. I knew what this vest was capable of and I found it here for a great price. I love the fit, very manuverable, and it you can have pouches going all around you, from front, side, and back. This product is NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) approved, which means feild tested in real world operations. It fits Standard Ballistic plates, and if you want a lighter feel, sides are removable.

Now the one problem I have faced and noticed that someone else on here has brought up. Was the fact that when you adjust it smaller, the front doesn't line up with the velcro, which causes it to flap. What I did to solve this problem was to use a Mag pouch to hold it down. Just slip one pal on the flap and the other pal on the vest. It holds it in place. The thing is now you cant use the flap to take it on and off. I just slip it on anyways, like a shirt. I have mine to the perfect adjustments. I've seen a seal with the same problem and what he did was buy a velco panel to put insignias/labels on and put it right where the velcro meets.

Great Vest and Great product.

U.S. Army
by Matthew P. on 03/06/2010
"this is a decent plate carrier/vest. i like it becuse when it has plates or what not inside of it it fits pretty snug. the length is not so great but im not to worried about it. im 6 foot give or take an inch so anybody shorter than me should have a better chance of useing all of its capabilities.

but for now im using it as a real plate carrier i have kevlar, or a flak vest thats already in it and it holds it very securelly. the velcro isnt crappy either, just as long as you dont keep taken it in and out, youll eventually wear out the velcor. so overall its worth it if your gonna use it for more than airsoft. but if your just gonna get it for arisoft id just recommened your basic vest like the matrix molly vest, or somthing of the sort.