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Win Gun High Power M9 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Silver

33 Customer Reviews

by Peter A. on 12/07/2008
"for people wondering when to change the Co2 cartrige, i'd say once it stops shooting is a good time to change it.
by CAGE W. on 11/16/2008
"is this gun accurate and how do you know when it needs a new co2 cartradge and is it hard or takes a awhile to put in a new one?
This gun it very accurate it shots very far and straight the fps i would say is a bout 385 also the gun can withstand alot of abuse
You can tell when it needs a new cartradge when it has a dramatic decrease in power and range.... it doesnt take awhile its a quick unscrew popout popin a new one screw it in and ur ready to play

OVeralll proably the best gun i ever bought evr
by Devin B. on 10/20/2008
"is this gun accurate and how do you know when it needs a new co2 cartradge and is it hard or takes a awhile to put in a new one?
by Sam R. on 10/14/2008
"This is a really good gun for a great price. I had mine for about 6 months before the mag broke, and it survived every time i dropped it, even on concrete it didnt even get scratched. I would recommend getting another mag because they are a little hard to load, and the spring wears out after a while. This gun has a nice weight also, and the Co2 cartridge lasts about 6 or more mags because it is so efficient. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GUN!!!
by Ben P. on 08/07/2008
"This gun is the perfect back-up gun. For 40$ it will save you in the game. The entire thing is made of hard plastic. it is a little heavy but is is easy to get use to. The rail mount on it too should be noted. You can put a flashlight or laser on it. all in all it is a great buy for $40
by Edric C. on 08/02/2008
"When i picked up the case from the little box evike sent me, i thought the weight was mostly the case. I picked up the actual gun and it was pretty heavy. I loaded a Co2 cartride i bought with my order and took it outside. It is louder than i expected but not that loud. The only problem i found is that the trigger pull is really hard to pull back and you have to pull it back pretty far.
by Gayane H. on 07/30/2008
"This Gun is very durable, Iv worked with the silver and the black one, Both amazing speeds and Very high power, Pierces through both sides of the can and still has enough power to go through a piece of cardboard and damage the home wall. For the review left below mine, The spring does not get stuck you must push the little pointer at the bottom it little up towards the surface of the magazine. Amazing gun, Highly recommended.
by nick b. on 07/04/2008
"THIS GUN IS AWESOME!!!!!!! ok so this gun shoots really really hard and its so cool when u shoot it a little puff of gas comes out the trigger. the case is awesome too. this is a really good deal
by Justin M. on 03/06/2012
"This gun if quite a special thing. The FPS is astonishing, it feels like lightweight plastic but thats good if you keep it in a holster, looks cool, and is extremely loud to the point where you shouldnt shoot it for fun if theres people around.
i just cant find the hop up and the construction isnt spectacular but its good
by Nathan T. on 03/27/2010
"Well, this gun is a beast, fires hard, fast, and is very nice and durable.
My only issue was the accuracy.
So for a little review its quite simple to say its good, the gun is some type of plastic on the outside, and lots of metal on the inside, its quite heavy, can get dropped and still fire, and its a simple 1-2-3 step kind of weapon.
My issue was the accuracy, either due to the higher FPS, or just a bad lemon it below decent accuracy, not all bad, because some rounds fly straight, but other times they just fly off.
This could be due to a bad apple, but in any case it is a SIDEARM, and for that matter sniping somone from a mile away is out of the question.
It is extremly good for whippen it out and bustin a couple caps in people when your trying to reload, and that is what a sidarm is.
Extremely Nice looking, looks even better then the pictures.
High FPS Around the 400 fps zone
Very durable.
Easy to use and maintain.
Heavy, feels real.

Accuracy issue, probley just a bad batch,

Get it, its worth 40 dollars, and it will perform for you.
Nuff said.
by tim t. on 08/23/2009
"i got this gun its ok it messed up 1 day later thought i had take the gun completely apart to fix it but other wise its great.
by Edric C. on 02/21/2009
"I really like this gun. It is very accurate even at long distances. I would recommend .20's with this gun because higher weight bb's drop due to the lack of a hop up.

+High power
+magazine holds 15 rounds

-no hop up
-very long trigger pull can mess up your aim
by Byung Min N. on 11/22/2008
High FPS 390
C02 powered
durable body
Gas efficient
professional looking

plastic body
can't be disassembled
short clip

overall, its a pretty good gun. The best gun you could find at this price.
by Peter A. on 10/11/2008
"one more thing, mine didnt come with the speed loader.
by Peter A. on 10/11/2008
"very good gun. extremely realistic, heavy, and easy to use. it didnt have the range i expected but still is pretty powerful. overall great gun.