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Model: GP-WG-CO2-M9-S

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by Alex H. on 2014-07-22 13:25:19
"This is a good pistol for the money. I was disappointed that the real safety did't work, however the gun does have a built in safety in the body. The fps is very impressive but after about 40 feet the bb starts to do weird things.

Heavyweight construction (due to metal weights)
High fps

Low magazine capacity
Plastic body
by gage m. on 2012-05-17 14:37:46
"i got this gun at christmas last year and it is very good.but it is bad at to about 40 ft. the bb then drops.but this is a good gun for starters in pistol wars.......

loved it
by Justin M. on 2012-03-06 17:26:21
"This gun if quite a special thing. The FPS is astonishing, it feels like lightweight plastic but thats good if you keep it in a holster, looks cool, and is extremely loud to the point where you shouldnt shoot it for fun if theres people around.
i just cant find the hop up and the construction isnt spectacular but its good
by brandon s. on 2012-02-04 14:05:10
"first id like to say this gun is made from all plastic besides the internals and magazine, the plastic is not very strong. it has a nice paintjob but scratches easily. and i would recommend buying 2 more mags because they only hold 14 bbs.i has alot of power but not much accuracy or range. there is a hopup unit but it sucks. DONT drop the mags, they will make barbs and the bbs wont feed at all.also use .25g bbs

nice look
power +450
good safety
easy to disassemble

cheap plastic
bad accuracy 2/5 40ft
bad range, bbs drop at 30 ft
low mag cap, 14 bbs

good gun for collections
by Nathan T. on 2010-12-23 15:20:39
"I bought this about 6-7 Months ago, great pistol that still works right now.
For 40 Bucks, this is a great starter gas pistol, pretty good accuracy, great fire power, and it's a life saver when your AEG runs out. Dependable, reliable, so yes you can drop this thing dozens of times, in water or mud, and it will still work just fine.
Clean the barrel, and the mag, and you usually won't get a jam.

A small problem is the magazine, if you load it all the way up, and don't slam it into the pistol, it will usually jam the first round, I solved this by just putting 14 rounds in instead of 15.

The readying of the gun is pretty straight forward, put in the C02 catridge, load magazine and insert, take off safety and your ready to fire. Semi Automatic, so every time you pull the trigger you fire. This thing is also LOUD! My fellow airsofters know when I'm in trouble or I'm engaging when they hear "BAP BAP BAP" about 300 yards away. It's intimidating when it's fired at you, I would know.

Cheap 40 Bucks
Ultra Reliable
Cheap magazines
Easy to use
High FPS

Slight Jamming [fixable]
Decent accuracy. [I can still peg you from about 50 yards easily.]
Sort of low mag capacity [15 rounds, not a problem if you buy more mags.]

All in all, 5/5 because of price and performance, just buy ask questions later.
by George L. on 2010-10-04 23:23:54
"This pistol has out shot some of my rifles on accuracy. I have already made this pistol mandatory for my airsoft team the 101 Airsoft Battalion in El Paso Texas. BUY THIS PISTOL. RELIABLE, SAFE, AWSOME!!!!!!!
by Jace P. on 2010-09-26 16:46:39
"is this semi auto so you can go boom boom boom boom through the whole mag
by Terry C. on 2010-06-12 18:00:58
"This is a very good gun and yes you can shoot it fast without it messing up, but there is one lie from this gun and that is the fps isnt 350 to 400 its more like 400 to 450 i watched this guy on youtube do a chrono on it and it first shoots at 452 fps and then it ranges from 416 fps to 452
by Tim L. on 2010-05-19 18:58:09
"Very good gun. It is durable if you drop it and comes out of the box firing.

Great f.p.s. it says 350 on the case it comes in but trust me it's not
pretty accurate
durability in both gun and clip

jams sometimes all you have to do is turn it on it's side and hit it on something hard lightly then turn back right and the bb will fall out
starts dropping down after like 50 feet
by Jordan P. on 2010-05-17 21:37:50
"This my first gas airsoft gun and my first airsoft gun that was not a springer. I just opened it up a few days ago and gave it a test run. It is very accurate and LOUD!!!! I don't think I will shoot it in my backyard anymore for it might startle my neighbors. I'm glad I only had to spend about $52 (including shipping and tax) on a powerful and accurate gun since I am a beginner. Now I can join real high-end airsoft wars with my friends! I'd recommend this gun to anyone who wants a super powerful gas pistol at a low price. This is probably as cheap as it gets!

385-400 fps (.20 g. bbs. DO NOT use .12 g bbs because they will break and jam your gun!!)
Accurate at about 85 ft. max
Is an awesome primary or secondary gun
co2 gas-powered
Should cost more considering how good this gun is!

Everything but the trigger and mag is ABS plastic
All one piece (the slide does not move)
REALLY heavy for a pistol!

Overall rating: MUST BUY!
by derek c. on 2010-04-29 18:19:10
"this is a very good gun i have had one for a couple years it has been loyal there is one thing you want to have an extra clip i recommend it for beginners and for experienced players because of its power and ability to do its job right and its very inexpensive
by Nathan T. on 2010-03-27 14:51:42
"Well, this gun is a beast, fires hard, fast, and is very nice and durable.
My only issue was the accuracy.
So for a little review its quite simple to say its good, the gun is some type of plastic on the outside, and lots of metal on the inside, its quite heavy, can get dropped and still fire, and its a simple 1-2-3 step kind of weapon.
My issue was the accuracy, either due to the higher FPS, or just a bad lemon it below decent accuracy, not all bad, because some rounds fly straight, but other times they just fly off.
This could be due to a bad apple, but in any case it is a SIDEARM, and for that matter sniping somone from a mile away is out of the question.
It is extremly good for whippen it out and bustin a couple caps in people when your trying to reload, and that is what a sidarm is.
Extremely Nice looking, looks even better then the pictures.
High FPS Around the 400 fps zone
Very durable.
Easy to use and maintain.
Heavy, feels real.

Accuracy issue, probley just a bad batch,

Get it, its worth 40 dollars, and it will perform for you.
Nuff said.

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