Reviews: 0.25g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB by Matrix - White (QTY: 4 Bags / 20,000 Rounds)


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Model: BB-M25-5KWx4

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by alex c. on 2016-10-04 16:28:24
"good bbs. they do what they are suppose to do and they do it well. they dont jam or break easily
by valentine t. on 2016-04-05 08:48:11
"best bb's i've ever purchased ever. absolutely love these bbs. very high quality for a low price.
by Mark O. on 2016-01-18 06:24:53
"These bbs are great and have really good quality and shoots perfect on my gun, no jamming, no issues, nothing.

by Andrew R. on 2015-10-03 11:54:55
"Matrix match grade ammo is the best deal on bb's I can find. They're mid-line quality but for the price of $20 for 10,000 they can't be beat. There's really not much to review here; all I can say is they're good and very inexpensive. Most field ammo I buy is about $20 for 5,000 and other brands of bb's are in the upper $30 range. So if you shoot a lot like me, go ahead and pick up these bb's!
by Scott A. on 2015-04-10 23:53:20
"Ive Been Using these BB's Since 06' They have ALWAYS Been Reliable and Consistent, No Damage has been Done to my AEG's.

Best Value and Quality!

Also Brand I Would Go with is KWA Perfect Shot BB's

.20 and .25's is What I Use for Regular Engagements
by Dakota P. on 2014-02-12 22:32:31
"Good bb's, awesome price. They work, and they are good quality. If you want good bb's and you use a lot of them get these.
by Eric C. on 2012-11-04 16:23:02
"Two words: Best bbs

Credential: I have fired almost a quarter million rounds of these thru my tight bore barrels.
by Saline J. on 2012-09-01 17:38:43
"These are some of the best BBs I have ever used. 5/5

I reccomend these to anyone looking for reliability in their ammo.

I have been usinging Matrix BBs for a year now and have experianced no problems with them.
by george b. on 2012-03-05 21:29:19
"Every time I need BB's I always go with these, then again I haven't tried a lot of brands. I have never found damaged ones out of the bag. These are the cheapest BB's that I can find and the set of 20,000 is a few bucks cheaper than the set of 10,000 when you do the math. I have tried a variety of weights and have used them in stock and tight bored barrels. I get good range, accuracy, and velocity with these BB's and I haven't seen them shatter a whole lot on impact so people using iron mesh shouldn't worry a whole lot while on the receiving end of the BB. I have notice that the bbs start to shot gun spread after a certain distance but the are little round projectiles so you cannot expect real steel accuracy and precision.

-great quality
-nice accuracy

-The BB's sometimes shot gun spread at greater distances while on full auto but not often and it's not a major factor if or not you will hit your target.
-For semi auto use you can probably get better quality bbs.
by Victor M. on 2012-03-01 09:01:11
"A good bb for the price. I have used 40 to 50K of these and have only found I think 2 deformed bbs, and rarely have a "flyer". not quite as good as airsoft elite, but priced much better, and if you go through 5 to 6K in a day like I do then the price is good.
by Blake C. on 2011-02-02 11:55:18
"All I got to say is LOVE IT! Best price, best quantity, and quality. For the price you cant go wrong, because I use these with my M249 saw and they seem to hit what it is that I'm aiming at. With the amount that you get is even a good amount for the players that play every weekend or twice a month, it will seem to last.

Good quality
Good quantity
Good price

I don't have enough money to buy the 60 pound potato sack full of these bb's.
by Jacob B. on 2010-09-22 13:32:18
"i just got a new gearbox in my g&g GR16 A3 and i have to use these. high quality!

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 30 reviews)

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