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by Jeremy G. on 2010-09-22 16:08:48
"Yea just wondering what is the voltage of this battery
by Pedro C. on 2010-09-12 01:05:55
"i bought this gun a couple of months and its a beast! now that i have my custom L85 im unstoppable xD th hop up and rate of fire is amazing, just the it saids 330+ right out of the box.

I also wanted to know if anyone would know (also asking the specialists from evike) what upgrade parts would i need to turn this L85 to 500 fps??

great rate of fire
very reliable
great distance accuracy
full metal body
no wobbly parts

after awhile semi will not work and will only shoot full auto
small pin from dust cover may loosen and fall

thats basically it!!! nothing serious is wrong with the weapon. it is good all around very reliable in all situations and will last for a very longtime.
by Robert O. on 2010-03-27 07:32:18
"this gun is amazing, i just got it a couple weeks ago and i used it in a game last weekend, i tell you it destroyed the competition, i have a 9.6 nunchuk in it and the fire rate, mixed with power and accuracy makes it better than my friends sniper rifle
only problem, the pin in the mag catch fell out but i just took another pin and bent it to keep it in place
love it
piece of advice, get a few extra mags, i have 3 450S and 1 300 and i still ran out of ammo
5 stars, if i could put 6 i would
by Max Z. on 2010-03-06 17:55:38
"I received this gun a few days ago, and it is awesome! It is pretty compact, but still packs a punch! The sights are a little different than my MP5 SD5, but they're easy to get used to. It is also a pretty quiet gun! Compared to my other AEG and gas guns, it is very good. Has amazing accuracy out of the box.
The only thing is that it requires assembly of the handle and front scope. Also, in order to out the battery in, you need to take apart the front grip, which is a pain. But once it's in, the battery's port can easily be reached. This gun is a bit heavy, mainly because most of the internals are in the back of the gun, hence the bull-pup design. I'm not sure if it's just my gun, but i was having a problem a few times with the magazine release lever: the pin fell out twice, but is easily put back in, and now it stays in.
I recommend getting the M16/M4/L85 85 round Mid-cap mags (they come in a pack of 10), because they click in well, and release well. Another cool thing, but could be a problem for some, is that to insert a mag, you need to press it in till you hear a click, or you could tap it in. I find it adds to the realism.
The gun is mostly metal, just like it says, and the tip, which is also metal, can screw off counter-clockwise, to add on a silencer. :) So this gun is pretty legit. I highly enjoy it, and will soon be playing with friends, so i will probably put another post or something on here about how it preformed.

If you have the money, buy this gun! It is great to add to any collection!

NOTE: The SUSAT scope in the picture does not come with the gun! Only the handle/rear scope and the front scope. You need to buy the SUSAT separate, or purchase some RIS rails that are meant for an L85/L86.
by stephen c. on 2010-01-10 23:43:58
"The blowback makes it the coolest aeg to fire EVA! incredibly accurate, amazing fps, and if you upgrade the large type battery the ROF is amazing, though its still decent with the stock 8.4v 1100.

The only drawbacks are jamming on semi (fixed by firing a shot or two in auto) and the battery replacement is pretty ridiculous (I keep the battery in the gun, open it and charge the gun but changing it out is a chore).

The piston is upgraded so you dont have to worry about the blowback wearing it down like it ordinarily would. Even without the SUSAT scope its beautiful. I highly recommend it, especially at $210 it can't be beat
by Ben R. on 2010-01-06 16:04:54
"I love my L85. This gun has great accuracy once you adjust the hop-up correctly. The only thing i suggest is switching to an external battery because the ROF is not great. I have done several custom upgrades to this gun including installing a rail under the battery compartment (yes it is possible, just takes some Ingenuity and requires you to use an external battery). The only 2 drawbacks are the fact that it tends to misfire in semi (This is of course easily fixed by switching to full auto and firing then switching back) and that the blow back feature WILL break. It is better to just disable the blow back if you plan to use this as a primary weapon. All and all a solid gun for the price.
by Dave J. on 2009-09-25 17:37:39
"After i buy my L96, i'm getting an M14, and THIS, i absolutely love the RoF on this gun, it's wicked.
by adam z. on 2009-03-26 20:22:27
"GET A NEW HOP-UP ASSEMBLY. I just got this in today, along with the Madbull fishbone bucking and Madbull tightbore. I also have an ACOG scope for this gun. The hop-up assembly is garbage, that is why everyone has issues with it double-feeding, and impossible to get accuracy. Get a metal one, w/ a Systema hop-up bucking. The fishbone is too small in diameter where it counts, and cannot possibly put enough pressure on the BB for adequate range and accuracy. My S-System is more accurate, and has better range right now with a stock JG hop-up and a tightbore. The work Evike did on this gun is AWESOME though! Back-to-back w/ the stock L85 this custom job kicks butt! Extremely powerful, and that's why you need a new hop-up assembly. I'm going with the Systema hop-up assembly, due to the fact that when I don't I always regret it later! (bucking.) The tightbore has yet to prove itself due to the assembly and new bucking not doing the trick, but the craftsmanship is flawless, so I have high hopes! Very light too! The sound of the gearbox compared with the stock version, is amazing! I can't wait to fix the hop-up assembly issue to get the full potential of this gun. I'd also advise more mags, as this thing is a monster! For the price, I recommend this gun any day over the G&G. And don't even think about any cheaper L85, you'll be throwing money away trying to get it to perform like this gun!
by dennis g. on 2009-03-26 16:01:43

by Caleb S. on 2009-03-25 16:13:04
"Would not recommend this gun AT ALL! I bought it and it showed up, first thing i noticed is when i got it out of the box is it was amazingly heavy and realistic. I went to shoot it and it shot great. Nice and straight and had great range. But all of this matters not. Problems, well it sticks on full auto and semi is useless because it works like once or twice then just wont shoot. Also the mag will not lock well. You can be running and your mag falls out, The mag problem also causes some jams and is very annoying and not worth it. I tried STAR L85 mags and that doesnt work. No mags work and this gun is no good. If you can get past the mag problem its a great gun
by Jordan B. on 2009-02-11 20:33:49
"This gun is INCREDIBLE. With the hop up adjusted it shoots at least 30 yards, straight and level, and it just sounds throaty and mean. It's weighted like a real gun, and the trigger is solid and has a good weighted pull. The only pitfalls with this gun are that it is impossible to switch out batteries in the middle of a firefight, you have to pop open the hatch and hold onto an external battery. The other is that semi-automatic occasionally jams, but it can be fixed by switching to full-auto. (With quick individual pulls of the trigger full-auto functions as semi-auto). Other than these minor flaws this gun is the most solid, most powerful AEG I have ever fired.
by Jill E. on 2008-12-25 15:58:29
"I really think this gun deserves 5 stars its just pure....POWER! i got the gun the battery installation was a little hard but once you get the battery in and you need to charge it theres a little hatch that you can open to charge the battery also i know the clips like 400 bbs but buy like 2 more because this thing gullzles it up and spits it put fast with accuracy the only thing that i dont like is that when your shooting and you whin the clip up and if you whine it up to much (whick i do alot in the heat of battle) it will jam the only thing IS THER A DRUM THAT FITS THIS!!!!

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