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Model: AEG-CUSTOM-L85-1

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by Ryan H. on 2008-10-15 18:33:06
"it's a version 2 gearbox, also known as an m4 gearbox. did this help you?
by brent h. on 2008-10-15 11:07:12
"hey i have been wanting to buy this gun for sometime now but. i dont want to untill i know whats really going on with it. does it take an m4 internal gear box or mp5 or what? if you know what i mean. cuz the description says easy to upgrade but does'nt say weather the internals are compatable with.
by ryan n. on 2008-10-08 15:22:45
"i bought this gun a while back and its great, my front grip also wobbled but to fix it all you need is a metric hex key
also when i ordered this gun evike sent me the pre upgraded version and has refused to reply to my email about the problem
also the barrel is vary weak
i hit it on a wooden post runing and it bent but was easly bent back
by Thomas Q. on 2008-09-27 23:14:52
"david engelhardt, my front grip wobbled A LOT when i got it too. the mount for front sight wasn't really secured onto the outer barrel. i had to rig up some electrical tape in front and back of the sight mount on the outer barrel, and then wrap wire in a criss - cross pattern around the loose sight mount. it works perfectly now. it is very sturdy to my surprise. the wire i used was a little thicker than wire used for a clothes hanger so bending it was a little bit of a pain, but it is better than having the front of the gun sliding foward and back. hope that helped.
by david e. on 2008-09-21 17:31:32
"great gun shoots very accurate, removing and peicing the handguard to hold the battery in place is a pain.

the front handguard on mine wobbles, which is pretty annoying has anybody encountered this problem and have you found a way to fix it?
by jonathan c. on 2008-09-16 00:07:25
"yeah dude, this only sells at since it is a evike custom gun.

i think that u are talking about the the non upgraded one for $159.99

so we really dont wnat to save $20 and get a down graded verion of this gun

it is you who have spent $30 extra when you can buy it for #160
by Nate p. on 2008-09-15 21:40:20
"Really? I'm not sure your talking about the right one. this is custom, I think you're talking about the non-upgraded.
by nick l. on 2008-09-15 19:24:55
"well i got this gun it doesnt shoot 400 it shoots more 360 and to answer your ? there are mounts on top it is extremly acurate and has great range the blowback is cool but it drains the battery but u can take it off. i got this gun at some site for $190 (which is $30 more, should have gotten it here at evike or pay a few bucks more for this upgraded version with the G&P piston and higher fps.)
by Ian B. on 2008-09-15 18:14:14
"I was wondering what type of sling I should buy for this
by Lanzer M. on 2008-08-09 06:57:53
"I have to say I am very impressed with this gun. It is usually impossible to find a gun like this on any site, let alone one like this. Just one question about it, is the scope any good? I saw one review with the scope mentioned, but not really anything else about it. Just want to know if the scope is worth the extra $165.

This thing looks 6/5 to me :)
by Colton M. on 2008-08-09 03:46:20
"A+! I love this gun. Great rate of fire, Hits HARD. And its good FPS. Very back heavy though. Takes a little getting used to. But its 100% worth it.
by Matt K. on 2008-07-30 17:51:23
"Great Gun, Just love these types of guns, but mags don't fit in this thing. Compared to an m16 its much lighter, just about as accurate. although it lacks development. would be nicer if the hand guard could hold bigger batteries. and some mags just don't fit into this. some are a bit short so they don't click in. Be nicer if it had some rails besides the top one, and thats not even one really.
Compared to an M4, its very back heavy, but when spraying, this tends to focus on target than fly everywhere else. But an M4 does have alot more features.
Once Upgraded the bolt action that is suppose to occur doesn't really happen.

Excellent Gun, You'll love it once you have it. its great if you aren't looking to upgrade right away. because hopefully in the near future, there will be addititional features to this.

Althought its a nice gun to customize on your own, i have built in my own rails, extended the barrel. New motor and spring, and it works marvilously! i might even say it works better than an upgraded M16, its accurate as heck, and has an insane rate of fire. its range is crazy. Also great for CQB, its limitless potential will help you dominate this game!!!

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 42 reviews)

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