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Evike Custom Shop Class II Full Steel Metal Body R85A1 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Scope

46 Customer Reviews

by Matt K. on 07/30/2008
"Great Gun, Just love these types of guns, but mags don't fit in this thing. Compared to an m16 its much lighter, just about as accurate. although it lacks development. would be nicer if the hand guard could hold bigger batteries. and some mags just don't fit into this. some are a bit short so they don't click in. Be nicer if it had some rails besides the top one, and thats not even one really.
Compared to an M4, its very back heavy, but when spraying, this tends to focus on target than fly everywhere else. But an M4 does have alot more features.
Once Upgraded the bolt action that is suppose to occur doesn't really happen.

Excellent Gun, You'll love it once you have it. its great if you aren't looking to upgrade right away. because hopefully in the near future, there will be addititional features to this.

Althought its a nice gun to customize on your own, i have built in my own rails, extended the barrel. New motor and spring, and it works marvilously! i might even say it works better than an upgraded M16, its accurate as heck, and has an insane rate of fire. its range is crazy. Also great for CQB, its limitless potential will help you dominate this game!!!
by Kevin m. on 07/17/2008
"Finally got mine! Love the feel and look of it. The body is full metal and the ABS parts are very solid. The scope is really nice and the gun is very very very accurate. The magazine is behind the grip so the inner barrel is longer than a M16 length for this gun that is also compact to run around and jump into CQB actions with.
by dane k. on 07/16/2008
"I just recently bought this gun. It's really good, shoots far, good fps, the little bar on the side blows back! I may have got a lemon because the front handguard is wobbly and it wont stay in place. The battery is pretty hard to get in, its annoying. I asked if the drum mag fit in it, someone said the hero arms one does and i bought it. It is a little to short so it falls out and wont feed. If anyone knows if a different box magazine or drum fits in it then please tell me. [email protected]
by George W. on 06/25/2008
"I believe the first batch of this rifle is already sold out. I got one and its super nice! Full metal, very accurate and I love bullpup design because you can operate it single handed. This AEG is probably one of the most realistic airsoft rifle I ever ran into. Was going to get another one for my friend but Evike said the manufacture had a big delay due to the earthquake in asia. They should have it in a week or two. I just called.
by Jacob K. on 01/18/2018
"FYI this weapon is an A1 not an A2 like what is currently used by british forces but a replica of the weapon introduced in the 1980's
by adam z. on 03/26/2009
"GET A NEW HOP-UP ASSEMBLY. I just got this in today, along with the Madbull fishbone bucking and Madbull tightbore. I also have an ACOG scope for this gun. The hop-up assembly is garbage, that is why everyone has issues with it double-feeding, and impossible to get accuracy. Get a metal one, w/ a Systema hop-up bucking. The fishbone is too small in diameter where it counts, and cannot possibly put enough pressure on the BB for adequate range and accuracy. My S-System is more accurate, and has better range right now with a stock JG hop-up and a tightbore. The work Evike did on this gun is AWESOME though! Back-to-back w/ the stock L85 this custom job kicks butt! Extremely powerful, and that's why you need a new hop-up assembly. I'm going with the Systema hop-up assembly, due to the fact that when I don't I always regret it later! (bucking.) The tightbore has yet to prove itself due to the assembly and new bucking not doing the trick, but the craftsmanship is flawless, so I have high hopes! Very light too! The sound of the gearbox compared with the stock version, is amazing! I can't wait to fix the hop-up assembly issue to get the full potential of this gun. I'd also advise more mags, as this thing is a monster! For the price, I recommend this gun any day over the G&G. And don't even think about any cheaper L85, you'll be throwing money away trying to get it to perform like this gun!
by Peter B. on 11/15/2008
"I just got one of these guns and used it in a skirmish. Fps is 370-380 on .23 bbs and I'm very happy with the fps. Im very dissappointed on the accuracy (extremely hard to adjust the hop-up) it's either the bbs are only going down or up at 75ft. I reccommend to replace the hop-up backing and the inner barrel. I am hoping this will solve the accuracy problem.
Good fps
Good weight (heavy on the back)
Fun to shoot with blowback
Safe for leftys while blowback is on (won't hit your face)
Good looking gun

Battery installation needs some practice
Stock battery is garbage
Gun sort of heavy for small players
Stock accuracy is dissapointing

Overall, its a fun to shoot gun and cheap price for the quality.
Little hard to release the mags (for leftys)
by Joe C. on 11/02/2008
"Hey does anyone know if the g&g l85 gear box will fit in this l85 if it does ill get it because no one in michigan that i know of had one of these airsoftguns.the other reasong why im going to get it is because it uses m4/16 mags and if you find the lmg barrel for it you can echange the barrel and put a c mag in it to make the lmg version of the rifle!And sense its a evike custom its the upgraded version meaning more rate of fire and less wear and tear cause of the tune up reshimmed internals.
Also like crazyNCman off he loves it and you can use it wiht one hand all day because all the internals aer in the back also mean you have a freekishly long barrel although i have heard the semi sometimes shoots more then one at a time so that might be a small problem.This aeg is a great buy because its cheaper than most classic armys and g&ps and g&gs so if your gonna buy a aeg get this and a battery puch to mount on the out side of the hand gard so you dont have to unscrew it in the middle of a skirmish.Im only giving it a 4 out of 5 cause i don have it yet lol if i get it and i love im giving it a 5 out 5 and i might out a review on it on youtube if i get the chance.And yes it can use star mags so buy a bunch guys.
by Alex M. on 10/29/2008
"I'm Sorry for asking a question on the review area, but I need to know, what is the effective range of this gun (the upgraded one) and would it be good for CQB games??
by brent h. on 10/15/2008
"hey i have been wanting to buy this gun for sometime now but. i dont want to untill i know whats really going on with it. does it take an m4 internal gear box or mp5 or what? if you know what i mean. cuz the description says easy to upgrade but does'nt say weather the internals are compatable with.
by Jason J. on 07/23/2008
"Good gun to me. Fires well. Threads are not 14 CCW but 14CW, which I found out the hard way.
by Matthew A. on 07/16/2008
"its a great gun but its has a few more problems than you would expect for the price tag. nothing wrong with the way it shoots or anything just a few easy to fix problems. you will need to tie the fore grip back to keep it from sliding up, put a single piece of electrical tape around the mag to make it fit snugly, and to answer another persons question most drum mags dont fit into the gun the mag well is too deep, the stock mag will be fine you will only need to wind it once per round unless your playing respawn games
by Taylor H. on 07/02/2008
"well ya the guns nice... well built... pain to put the battery in tho... and also unhook the blowback cuz if that little hook breaks itll fall into yur gear box and your gunna have to preplace that... other than that its a great piece of work...
by Pure R. on 06/23/2017
"High quality gun, great range and good realism. But then there's the first problem i ran into. The susat scope is gorgeous and has a lighted reticle and everything. It is very easy to get on the rail and easy to tighten up.
Then i look down the scope and shoot the weapon and the cross hair is to the right of where the bb's are traveling and i adjust the sight to the middle of the scope perfectly aligned to the gun. still to the right of the bbs. i make it go all the way over as far as it can and it cannot align with the bbs. it actually cant b an accurate scope. Then i just decided to use just iron sights. and then i look for a safety.
Then the safety stick POPS out the gun. so now there is no safety and the extra 80 dollars i spent to get the scope with it is worthless. I will try to get a refund or replacement to the scope to make up for this.
But i do reccomed the gun entirely, it shoots wel despite the scope and i cant complain any further
by Caleb S. on 03/25/2009
"Would not recommend this gun AT ALL! I bought it and it showed up, first thing i noticed is when i got it out of the box is it was amazingly heavy and realistic. I went to shoot it and it shot great. Nice and straight and had great range. But all of this matters not. Problems, well it sticks on full auto and semi is useless because it works like once or twice then just wont shoot. Also the mag will not lock well. You can be running and your mag falls out, The mag problem also causes some jams and is very annoying and not worth it. I tried STAR L85 mags and that doesnt work. No mags work and this gun is no good. If you can get past the mag problem its a great gun