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Pump Action Type Air Cocking Airsoft M203 Attachment for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG

12 Customer Reviews

by Will B. on 11/26/2008
"i know the M203 shotgun sucks but it can be good for movie props or design im getting it for my GR16A2 with a G&P M203 Heatsheld for looks
by Michael J. on 09/14/2008
"This is a barrel mount. for RIS mount, get the Matrix Jungle series. Those are good.
by nike l. on 09/13/2008
"is this grenade launcher a RIS grenade Launcher, will it fit my JG M4 614 crane stock
by Connor A. on 10/28/2014
"Nice looking, I'm gonna throw this on the bottom of my m4a1. It's very accurate, and pretty easy to load. Good quality, and a good "sidearm" overall. If someone could help me out, I need some help attaching it to my gun. I have the pieces, but I'm a bit confused.
by Byung Min N. on 12/03/2008
"Lol, i'm just getting this because the bottom of my SCAR looks empty and lonley.
by George W. on 06/25/2008
-Look good on a M4 or M16 +1
-Holds Battery / A good alternative to a PEQ2 box +1
-Shoots...a backup weapon built in on your main weapon. +1
-Its the most economical way to get a M203 on your AEG. Its $29.99 +1
-Its easy to install +1

-Not full metal, don't seem to be very durable. Have not broke it yet... -1

Tip: To make it look more metal / nice, spray paint it.
by Pat C. on 01/11/2009
"Scare the people who are afraid of the good m203 launchers. aim and hit them with that single bb, I WILL LAUGH MY A$$ OFF AT THOSE WHO COWER FROM THIS. there is no reason to cower from the good m203s either but still there are those who do.
3 cuz it could be fun but for a lower price
by benway s. on 10/11/2008
"im not sure about this it holds the battery, but does it shoot grenades and if it does it is a pump so that means no gas or anything? so many questions
by Nick P. on 10/13/2008
"i just bought this m203 and it sucks. it says its one cock shot then why the hell does it have a battery? and it doesnt even tell you how many shots it is, but to me it looks like one only comes out which isnt a tru noob tube. so dont buy this product go for the more expensive ones.
by Alex P. on 06/25/2008
"This thing is not very good. it sucks as a gun, and the back fastener is supposed to go through the hole in the back of the launcher, but it doesn't line up, so you have to just jam it in as far as you can. the front fastening breaks incredibly easily, because it is cheap plastic. the only reason it got 2 stars for my review is that it looks pretty good and it holds the battery so i dont have to use the PEQ box.
by Mark D. on 11/21/2008
"Do not buy this! It's a total rip off. It probably came from the $50 Boyi m4 that comes with lots of accessories. I doubt this shotgun thing costs more than the gun that it's supposed to come with.
Think about it.
Boyi M4 that comes with this: $50
This piece of crap: $30
So Boyi M4: $20?????
So, yeah piece of crap, don't buy it.
by Nick P. on 10/13/2008
"DONT BUY!~!~! i just opened it up it is so un durable and it dosent shoot far.