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G&G M14 Full Metal / Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Stock - (Package: Rifle)

4 Customer Reviews

by Caleb W. on 06/28/2016
"love it love it love it, had it for about three years and it still shoots just as good. it has a low fps, but it makes up for its accuracy and range. the reel wood makes the internals more muffled and quiet. only problem(s) i have had was the front site got knocked off (that is what happens when you run in the woods and smack the barrel agents a tree) the other issue is when i tried to use a real M14 de-threader, i broke all the little notches on it. so all my issues were 100% my fault. recommend this beast to seasoned players.
by John R. on 07/18/2011
"This AEG is amazing. The rifle is very consistent. I put a 130 spring and a 11.1 LiPo battery into it (I keep it off of auto, just to be safe with the LiPo) and with .35g bb's it is very accurate at 150-175 feet. It is heavy with a scope and bipod (around 10-12 lbs) It is the cadillac of DMR's, if you can drop cash on it, you should. G&G rifles are the bees knees.
by Will T. on 03/19/2010
"amazing. positively the most beautiful airsoft gun ive ever seen let alone owned. i love anything with real wood plus i just love the m14.
real wood
beautiful attention to detail
long barrel (amazing range)
great power
great rof
shoots like its been upgraded right out of th box
awsome sound wen racking th bolt

10 lbs (pro to some ppl)
at close range with the hop up an th windage all the way down it still shoots above th sights
battery is irritating to put in (large type)
by Colin C. on 02/12/2012
"I got this gun just 3 days after ordering it, kudos to Evike on that. When I opened the package, I noticed that it was packed in very cheap plastic. I started playing around with the gun, and tried to bolt out.

It was a huge hassle to pull it back. You have to twist it up, pull it back, twist it back down, pull it to the end, twist it back up, then let go, or use the bolt catch. The whole bolt assembly seems super loose, and you cannot pull it back straight, you have to do the dumb twisting to get it to work. I think I just got a dud, because in all of the video reviews, the bolt looks fine.

Another problem was the silver L on the bolt. After playing with the bolt for a little while it flew off. I recovered it, but I was not attached very securely. Not too much of a problem. Also the heat shield is very bad plastic and I'm looking for a real fiberglass heat shield to replace it with

The final problem is the piece that you attach your scope mounts onto. The screw that connects the piece of metal and the part you put the scope mounts onto is very small. Today, the piece of metal fell off. Now I'm not sure if the screw broke, and left part of it in the screw hole, or if there was no screw hole and the screw was not tight enough and fell off. If it was the latter, then that is very bad design, and it was the first, I'm screwed (no pun intended) if I want to put on a sight, which I was planning on doing.

I'm going to see if I can return this to Evike and get a replacement, but because I received it a little less than a week ago, and it takes them 2-3 business days to contact me about my problem, I'm not sure if I will be able to replace it do to there only being a seven day warranty.

Besides these problems, the gun shoots extremely well, and the wood is amazing

Gun shoots very well
Good RoF
Good heft, but not too heavy
Very realistic
Wood is very good quality
Metal is very solid and good quality


A huge hassle to use the bolt(might just be a dud)
L piece falls off easily
Scope mount screw is weak and broke, won't be able to attach a scope

I'm giving this a 3 because for a 300 dollar gun, I would expect quality from both the externals and the performance. The performance is fine, but there are too many problems with the externals