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G&G Top Tech GR16 Full Metal A3 Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

25 Customer Reviews

by Aidan F. on 09/17/2016
"This gun is just simply fantastic. I've put about 8 high-caps through it and it's shooting great.

I bought this after owning an Echo1 Stag-arms M16 for about three years, and this thing just makes me smile every time I shoot it.

The Blow-back feature is like the Icing on the cake, this gun shoots maybe 380 fps, Give it maybe an m120 spring and you'll be shooting about 400-420 fps. Just make sure the motor is up to it, I haven't owned the gun for too long but maybe you would have to change the motor.

The only thing I don't like about this gun is the wiring for the battery; it feels very flimsy compared to what I used to run with.

The gun is overall great, except I believe this is a bit overpriced, I would say that this gun is probably worth maybe 280 U.S.D and I'm saying maybe worth that much, I still have to use the gun a little more but I would say the price is a bit high, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Overall a fantastic gun; I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a high quality AR platform that has a longer barrel, with that fixed-stock.


Excellent build quality
Above average FPS
Great feel
Looks Great


Poor wiring
A bit overpriced
by Brendan W. on 09/01/2016
"This is my first AEG review, but I am EXTREMELY pleased overall with this gun. I have been a fan of G&G since I started playing airsoft This gun holds up my expectations very well.

-Sturdy build with high quality CNC aluminum and nylon fiber.
-One of the most accurate guns I've ever fielded (partially because it comes STOCK with a 6.03 mm inner barrel).
-Dead reliable (first game I used it in, I put no less than 3000 rounds through it. I only had misfeeds a couple of times. This was found to be due to a poor magazine lip though).
-Some quirky features such as a spring release for after prolonged play, or the affixed receiver pins for takedown/cleaning.
-Fuse included
-Unlike some other reviews say, the hopup chamber WILL stay open if you pull the bolt cover back and hold it, then pull the external release outward. Simply press it again to close it.

-Stock hopup is sub-par at best. (Easy fix with an aftermarket unit).
-Hard rubber pistol grip gave me fatigue after hours of play. (Easy fix with cling camo or electrical tape).
-Blowback creates a lot of noise.
by Kris K. on 12/28/2014
"I have owned this gun for over 2 years. It is still shooting like the day I got it- fantastic. I have used many different mags in it- it can be picky with the full metal receiver, but I have found both hi-caps and mid-caps that work well. It is very accurate- you can use it for a sniper rifle with the benefit of full auto firing, and high capacity. You can us it for a squad support weapon with a box mag, or severl of the G&G 450 round hi-cap mags. Mine has consistently shot around 390-400 fps with .25 bb's. The externals are great, and durable. The internals are great and durable. The only thing I have changed is the pistol handgrip (put a magpul MOE one on as it was more comfortable in my hand). I own about 8 good airsoft guns, but when we are playing a serious game, a MILSIM event, or a game where I want to reach out and touch people that think they are far enough away- I reach for this G&G Top Tech M16. I have also mounted a 4X vietnam era type scope on it and sniped people that thought they were a safe distance away. I have measured off distance to see the length it will shoot accuratly (man size target- not a small ring), and it will reach 175-190 ft depending on wind interfering. (no exaggeration). Plus- I got this with a 20% off coupon so I paid about $240 then for the gun- a steal in today's market. I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking about this gun. It looks plain versus the hi-tec, railed, add on guns all over the websites- but there is no substitute for quality build and performance when you are on the field.
by Nick B. on 07/01/2013
fast ROF
amazing range
very accurate
good hop up
fps around 330-360
looks cool
gearbox is very good

(mine had faulty wiring)

I have had this gun for about a year now. I bought a 9.6 4000 mAh battery with it. My only problem was that the wiring couldnt handle the battery. I out in stronger wires. Its been shooting a lot better ever since then. I have used it in games about 10 times since. I would suggest buying another mag to go with it if your like me and spray
by Jake Y. on 04/17/2012
"Fantastic AEG. I've had it for well over a year and I have no complaints. G&G produces some high quality products, and this AEG gives credit to their name. It is accurate and has a good rate of fire. For a battery, I am using a 9.6 nunchuck (great ROF on and 9.6). The gun has a large tamiya connector, so I got a adapter for a small type. However, I believe that there is enough room in the stock for a large type 9.6. The barrel has absolutely no wobble, and for the time that I've owned I never had to tighten it. Everything is high quality metal except for the stock, pistol grip, and hand guard which are a very tough plastic. This AEG is solid.


It's long? What do you expect though, it's an M16.
by Susan P. on 12/17/2010
"Out of all of my guns in my vast arsenal, the G&G GR16 A3 has definately proven to be a superb tool. However, this should be more of a Specialist tool. I say this because, and I know you're saying so what, the gun is VERY limited in CQB, alot of the combat I personally run into. Otherwise, this gun has amazing accuarcy just in stock, ordefault, version. The weapon itself is relatively light for the length and with a 9.6 Intellect Large size, it fires very fast and hard. This is one of the best guns I have ever gotten.

+ Accuarte, light for the size, fits very good for me, very good range
+ A high quality G&G mag comes, too
+ Very durable G&G plastic, actually more like G&G STEEL!!
+ Perfect for the sterotypical camper from CoD to Snipers who want a little more firepower.

- Gets to be a little cumbersome after prolonged periods, but it's not bad.
- A low profile scope ring set attached with any rifle scope is a little non-ergonomic, as you must bend akwardly.
by chris s. on 09/19/2010
"Before I get to actual review of the gun, I want to mention that this is my 5th gun (Jg M4, E1 M4, TM P90, E1 Hk416, AGM 416, and finally this) and that I bought this a little more than 6 months ago from the date of this review.

Ok, so I've gotten plenty of field use since buying this and I'm very satisfied. G&G's stock 6.04mm barrels really make a difference in long range accuracy (in addition to the M16's longer barrel) as opposed to chinese or even japanese stock barrels. Additionally, the gearbox quality is much much better than any of my previous guns (the e1/agm models seem to be dumped in grease before being shipped) with mostly reinforced parts and stronger materials. Stock FPS was about 410 when I first got it, however, 6 months later its closer to 350 but that's to be expected given the time. Range peaked at roughly 150-170ft with .20g, low wind, and optimal hopup performance which is amazing considering its a stock gun (targets were man-sized, though I beleive i did a 25ft test once with 1-3 groupings). The build materials are awesome - 0 wobbles so far- and I really think I could beat someone to death with the gun without doing much, if any damage to the rifle. Finally, another good aspect of the gun that most people skip in reviews is the power usage. I use 8.4v batteries mostly (I prefer the one-shot-one-kill strategy versus the lets-waste-all-of-our-ammo-on-one-guy strategy) and the rifle puts out maybe 11-14 BPS consistantly in a full day of play without changing the battery (most people really over exagerate this).

Range: 5/5
Power: 5/5
Accuracy: 5:5
Durability: 5/5
Age Resistance: 5/5
Overall: 5 outa 5

other notes:
-The only thing I don't like about the g&g m16a3 is that the charging handle is non-functional
-this isn't a great CQB weapon (not meant to be) so I recomend a smaller secondary (i use a KWA MP7 and a pistol style m203)
-If you're considering buying a JG or similar brand because they're cheaper, think twice! When it breaks you'll be wishing you went with higher quality! :p

hope this helps!
by chris s. on 04/19/2010
"First I'd like to say that this my first G&G rifle that I've owned; prior, most of my guns were Echo 1 or of similar quality. When I first pulled this gun out of the box I could already tell that it was a much better investment than an Echo 1/JG, the reciever is full metal with a very nice finish all over and the ABS parts (stock, pistol grip, hand guard) are the best quality that I've ever used without a doubt. Internaly, the gearbox (V2) is extremely well-crafted (unlike chinese gearboxes which always seem to be dropped in a bucket of grease before they're placed in the gun) all of the parts are reinforced so you could easily install a spring upgrade if you wanted. Blah, blah, blah... It's a really good gun.

-370 average FPS (with 0 hop-up adjustment)
-Great Rof with an 8.4v 1800mAh (which was still putting out a consistant BBPS after 5 hours of play)
-Accuracy and Range are phenonminal for a stock barrel
-Asthetics are durable and look great
-For what you're getting the price is satisfactory
-G&G High-Caps are the best in my opinion

-Non-functional charging handle so hop-up adjustmant's a be-och
-bolt catch seems to be a bit loose so it clanks a bit, electrical tape fixes problem

Overall, this gun is awesome. Why spend 100s of dollars continuosly fixing or upgrading cheap clones, when you can pop 10-30$ (if that) maintaining or upgrading a G&G? Best M16A3 model on the market.
by Kimberley F. on 03/25/2010
"Stunning. Pure and simple. Great exterior, G&G makes a great metal receiver, durable and lightweight, my friends KWA m4 is smaller but heavier cuz it uses a steel body, this is just as strong at half the weight. the stock and handguard are made of the most durable polymers and are amazingly strong. mine came with an 8.4 2000mah battery, lasts pretty long and for an 8.4 this gun has a ridiculously high ROF. Hop up is really strong and responsive, making this thing accurate beyond 200 feet without a single issue. The magazine it comes with is a great 450 round hi cap, bigger and better than the jg 300 rd hi caps I'm use to. Definitely worth the money, great field gun that has had an outstanding performance. Sniped a guy holding a riot shield (yeah, COD affects airsoft alot; rules had to be made because of how annoying they are) from his side at 225 feet easily. Had some issues with it in CQB cuz its so long, but with practice you can manage without much difficulty. this m16 was made to outperform and it certainly does. A definite must have, I'm adding a new RIS unit and halo sight can't wait
by Tracey S. on 02/16/2009
"Look: This gun looks amazing! It looks so much like the real thing its unbelievable. The paintjob is excellent there is no mess ups at all. The body markings are flawlessly painted on and add a nice look.

Durability: The whole thing is metal! The only platic pieces (pistol grip, hand guard, stock) are extremely durable G&G plastic.

Performance: G&Gs are amazing straight out of the box with high torque motors and tight bore barrels. The accuracy on this gun is amazing!!!

Cons: Something is wrong with my tappet plate because safe= semi auto, semi auto=semi auto, and full auto=safe...

Other than that this is an excellent gun for its price. It also looks very nice as a free float sniper like mine!
by Bob D. on 02/12/2009
"great gun strong power and shoots very straight even in high winds. was shooting in about 20mph wind and still hit my target from about 35 yards. Dont shoot at walls it goes in them.... far.
by Joe C. on 01/14/2009
"Ok where to start, if you are thinking about aquiring this gun you should do it. I have had it for a little while now and this thing is incredible, the rate of fire is awesome and the built in tight bore is very handy the only thing I really have to complain about is the charging handle feels so bad but whatever its all cosmetic anyway. overall this gun is great best gun i have ever had hands down.
by Marques P. on 01/03/2009
"if you read my first review i said it was freaking awesome and it is i have played with this gun more times now and i have added a lithium polymer 11.1v 1600 mah battery and did some internal upgrades so it can handle the lipoly battery. the first time i shot it i was impressed and estimated about 30 bb's per second which is really fast and it was even faster on fully auto so anyway this gun is insane and my friends were amazed. it looks like a regular m16 on the outside but on the inside is where the brilliance happens so anyway this gun is like the only gun brand that is on top of all airsoft. i compared it to the systema my cousin owns and we both decide that g&g is the better one
by Michelle D. on 12/30/2008
"i got this gun for christmas,it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Marques P. on 12/23/2008
"to continue on my review before i'v used this gun in some more games at Jericho and Airsoft Playground and people have been askingwhat brand is that and what kind etc. when i told them it was a G&G they were suprised. and when i told them i was only using an 8.4 v battery they were suprised even more. that is when they told me that they were going to get a G&G instead of a Tokyo Marui so anyway this gun is by far the best gun i have ever used i would get this brand of airsoft guns & accessories most of the time. i would reccomend this to anyone. G&G is " THE TOP OF THE LINE" in airsoft guns and acessories.