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G&G Top Tech Full Metal TR16 A3 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle

8 Customer Reviews

by Jonah J. on 12/03/2010
"OK, so I got one of these. . . Has to be about a year and a half ago now... Amazing gun from the stock to flash hider. The "plastic" parts almost seem more like fiberglass than any sort of plastic I've ever encountered, and are very high quality. Highly upgradable, being an M-Series.

I don't really like how the stock is attached to the body. The Buffer Tube on this gun isn't part of the Lower Reciever, it screws into it. Made attaching a single point sling adapter difficult.

Everything. It's strong, sturdy, reliable, highly and very easily upgradable. It's an M4 which means replacement parts are everywhere. It's pretty nicely detailed. Looks great, even stock. The web-page says it has an Aluminum reciever, but I have to say BS on that one. It's way to heavy to be Aluminum, I'd have to guess Magnesium..? Has a good weight to it though. The 450 round Hi-Cap is a nice extra. PLENTY of room in the full stock for a wide range of batteries. IDK, I'm a little biased I suppose since I have one and have it heavily modified so of course I love it.

OH! One last Con I should mention - IT'S ADDICTING!!!!! Once you get one, you can't help yourself from wanting to get it upgraded and modded and personalized... It burns through your wallet, billfold, or even purse VERY quickly. Here's an example

My set up at the moment
-G&G GR16 A3 Carbine
-UTG 2 Piece RIS Set
-Matrix M160 Gearbox W/ Rear Wiring
-Matrix Long Type Magnum Motor
-Matrix 11.1 4000 Mah Li-Poly Battery
-Matrix Barrel Extension Set (the one that has the 1, 2, and 4" extensions - I'm using the 4")
-JBU Matrix 9.5" Mock Silencer
-JBU 550mm 6.01 TightBore Barrel
-Matrix L300 Green Laser Sight
-ICS JBU Full Metal Sponge Covered Vert. Grip
-See-Thru Tri Rail Scope Riser Mount
-Leapers 3-9X50 Red/Green Illuminating Scope on low rise rings
-Matrix "Force Bull" Single Point Sling Adapter
-Condor CBT Tactical Bungee Sling

And I think that's about it at the moment. But to put it bluntly. It hurts. To be shot with, and to carry. This thing gets heavy after a while. It starts out decently heavy anyways, but after heavy modding. . . Ouch
by Jacob C. on 04/24/2009
"it looks SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! mine is not the grey-ish silver like the one in the picture, it has a flat black paint job and it looks 10x better then the one in the picture. its only plastic parts on the outside are:
1. Stock of the gun
2. Pistol Grip
3. Heatshield
but don't think just because of the plastic parts its crap. far from it. it feels very durable and strong.
my only complaint is that my mag is a little loose so when i tilt/shake/ move the weapon it rattles a little bit. ill probably just get more mags to fix that.

overall, great gun.
by Cheineng M. on 04/10/2009
"This gun is GREAT!

High ROF
Full Metal

It's very light, my brother has a Echo 1 M4 Commander and that is alot heavier than this gun.

It will not let you down.
by Ian R. on 02/05/2009
"I would reccommend this rifle to anyone.

I like the carbine becasue it is shorter than the regular. The 9.6v battery took some effort to get in, but when I got it in, this thing screamed.

The rate of fire on this gun is insane and the price is right for the quality.

by Michael W. on 01/20/2009
"I just got this gun today. Havent tested it yet, due to the battery charging.

But the gun feels VERY VERY solid, ive shot them before, and they are AWESOME shooters.

The gun looks beautiful.

Evike shipped it next business day, This is my first time ordering from Evike. my experience was A++++++++++++++++

i really reccomend Evike. There a great site in my opinion!

but overall this gun is probably the only gun that compares with the Systema M4A1
by Timothy D. on 01/12/2009
"I have had this gun for almost a year now and have nothing bad to say about it. I, as a rule, am VERY hard on my guns and this is the only one (out of four) that has withstood my brutality. After at least 100,000 rounds (most of them on auto), my gun still shoots like new. The ROF on this gun is amazing. It actually shoots faster than my friend's SAW. I have fallen on my gun three times and I am constantly throwing it (literally) around. If you want a gun that will stand the test of time, GET THIS GUN
by Michael A. on 06/11/2008
"This rifle is amazing i owned a ICS m4 before i got this and it dosnt compare to this gun the gun is accurate, quite, and an insane rate of fire and its a lill tight fit for my 9.6 battery the look and the feel of this gun is amazing as well but all in all great gun will definitly get another when i get the money :)
by Timothy B. on 09/13/2010
"I bought this gun a couple of months ago, and so far, it's friggin' amazing. My only complaint is that pulling the bolt back doesn't open the dust cover, so adjusting the hop-up is a pain. Also, almost every mag wobbles. I love the gun, but if cheaper guns have functioning dust covers, why doesn't this one? I only wanted a little extra realism. Overall, great gun, but I had to warn people, in case such things would disappoint them as well. Happy hunting.