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Model: Gloves-Nomex-TAN-S
Location: U4-292

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by austin m. on 2014-05-09 23:34:42
"These nomex flight gloves are the BEST gloves you will ever own period. They are extremely comfortable and precise.

Easy to load airsoft handguns and do other tasks that require more precise actions.

Tons of sizes for all hands.

They stay warm and pliable even when wet or soaking.


The sheepskin leather can be damaged over time from winding the gear on a airsoft gun mag but if you're careful you wont damage it.

This is a con and a pro, the gloves have long cuffs unlike most gloves but once you get used to them you will love them, they fit under your jacket so while you move your hand around your wrists will not be exposed at all, the cuffs are easily folded up if you don't want them however. Also look up a military glove chart and find out what size will fit you best.

So in the end I recommend buying these gloves over ANY other glove, I personally own two pairs (original green and desert tan)
by Denny L. on 2009-01-08 19:57:03
"These are THE glove. My friends in the special forces wear these. They are the same as black hawk gloves but nicer.

Made with real leather.
Looks nice. These are true "tactical gloves" used by real military personnels
Very comfortable.
Long enough to cover your wrist but not get in the way or annoying.
Good air Ventilation.

Cost a bit more than other gloves sold here.
But you get what you paid for. Similar gloves are sold for $30~$60.
by T.J. L. on 2008-11-17 00:34:10
"These gloves are great. They are a little too tan but once you dirty them up a littly they look awesome! They are very comfortable and are very grippy.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)