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WE-Tech Spare CO2 Magazine for HI-CAPA Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols

11 Customer Reviews

by Vance D. on 07/27/2015
"Great Mag!
Works with all hi-capa pistols.
Feeds well.
I don't really like the bottom plate but that's just my opinion.
Nice and heavy and balances out my 1911 well.
Doesn't "leak"
by Ryan M. on 12/28/2013
"Great mag for my gun, easy to load with bbs and put Co2 in and out of the mag. And to Cameron Q. You can use the bottom part of the mag to tighten the Co2 in.
by Mahnny F. on 12/20/2013
"Had this mag for two weeks now and I'm extremely satisfied. The temperature now dropping to about 50 average and below in my area, green gas and propane does have a hard time to cycle my blowback pistols. With this CO2 mag, I can shoot my Hi Capa WE and KJW pistols being interchangeable with no problem. Because temperature have a big effect on gas pressure, I will definitely revert to using green gas and propane once warmer weather goes back to normal. Good to have on colder days like today. Great buy.
by Ben P. on 12/10/2011
"I was pretty impressed with these mags. In the past I have had some bad green gas magazines so I fuigured that I would try using Co2. I was able to fire off about two magazines on a single tank. It is also very easy to replace the Co2 tanks as well.
by nicholas s. on 11/16/2008
"Will this fit into the we-tech p14 and sorry for asking questions in th reveiw sectiom=)
by Mike K. on 07/06/2008
"This is the standard, non extended CO2 mag, so its the size of the regular WE mag. Holds ~30 rounds, just like the green gas mag, increases power from ~315 to ~340 FPS. Blowback is stronger, cyclic rate is faster when using CO2. Get around 2.5 mags out of 1 12g CO2 canister. Only problem is extra force from CO2 makes gun mateinence extremely necessary and replaceable parts will have to be bought for long term CO2 Users.
by Blair G. on 09/26/2009
"Will this fit a KJW 1911 Tactical Hi-CAPA Series Airsoft GBB?
by Mikhail K. on 01/30/2009
"William, you probably got a defective magazine or the bore just wore out.

Webmaster: P.S. it will fit the WE P14. Generally, the Green gas mag is more reliable, Co2 mags are stronger. Personally, we recommend using the green gas mag.
by William L. on 08/29/2008
"Although it is a good CO2 magazine, the extra power of the CO2 makes routine gun maintenance and part replacement a requirement. Other than that, the magazine has a good weight with a CO2 cartridge in it although it is a hassle to replace the CO2 cartridge.
by Tyler G. on 07/16/2016
"As you'd expect, the power and convenience of CO2 is nice. Until the magazine leaks, that is. After about 5 CO2 cartridges, my output valve would fail to fully reset after each shot. My best guess says the spring which pushes the valve back isn't as strong as it should be. When a single magazine costs almost 30 dollars, simply working as advertised without needing modification is NOT too much to ask.
by Cameron Q. on 10/06/2013
Good capacity

Feed lip broke off (Is there replacement for that or a reinforcement piece?)
Had to use pipe wrench to tighten the cap all the way. (Probably bad mag)

Really on the fence as to whether or not I should buy another one or just a better gun..