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Snow Wolf Custom Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle (V.2 Gearbox)(Package: Black / Long Barrel / No Scope)

14 Customer Reviews

by Michelle M. on 12/29/2016
This gun looks absolutely amazing out of the box, somethings are a little off like the carry handle, etc.
It is not 1:1 scale but it is very close.
All metal which gives it a great feel.
(If you buy the scope) it is all metal and has a couple features which makes it worth the money.

All metal and sturdy build.
Easily upgradable.
Metal mag with a high capacity.
Weight-if you like the feel.
Looks damn near the real thing.
Easy to access battery compartment (pin is a bit tricky to pull out first time)
Comes with bipod.
Scope is impressive (would recommend buying scoped version)

Cons: Bipod is annoying because it doesn't stay in place sometimes.
Its very heavy-around 16-17 Ibs.
The carry handle is a little off from real thing and gets in the way sometimes.
Muzzle break is a bright orange pumpkin (would buy the metal muzzle tip)
No iron sights (buy the scoped version)
Doesn't come with battery.
by Jaime c. on 11/14/2016
"Closest thing you'll get to a barret thats not really expensive
by Joshua C. on 05/20/2016
"This gun is incredible, almost exactly as I expected and it met all my expectations. As said in other reviews, this gun is not a 1:1 scale, but it's fairly close. The only thing that is off with this gun is the hand guard, which is just an inch or two short.

Out of the box, this gun is shooting fairly decently but will need upgrading if you plan on using it in the field. The reason I say that is because it is heavy, about 16 lbs, so this is going to be a gun that you will want to find a spot with good cover and just lay down fire from your bipod.

Two things to be aware of; the muzzle break and the bipod. It is federal law that you cannot ship or sell a gun without an orange flash hider, but if when you receive this gun you wish to use a metal M82 muzzle break, be careful with removing the stock one. It's on there tight, and I tried both the boiling water trick and the hair dryer trick but to no avail. I ended up just taking a hammer to it on one side until the metal pins inside the muzzle break broke so that I could just hammer it off. The bipod connector I've heard is very weak, so be careful when setting it down quickly in a game. It holds the gun's weight just fine, but if you fall to prone and drop the gun on the bipod it probably won't hold up. I have yet to break mine, but I know several people who have had theirs break.

Heavy (could be a con, but I like the weight)
Looks incredible
Carry handle (can actually take the weight)
Uses a V2 gearbox, so upgrades are readily avaiable
Takedown is easy

Mags are expensive
Must use the G&P Vietnam style mid-cap mags to convert the high-caps barrett mags to mid-caps
Says bipod is adjustable to multiple levels, but can only do the full extension or none at all
by zac r. on 07/13/2012
"this is a great replica of a berret, its not 1/1 scale completly but unless you spend time with a real steel, you will not see a difference (the body is slightly smaller, but the barrel length makes up)

i suggest only getting this if your displaying it or upgradeing it to all hell.

i put about 350$ into upgrade on this and i can out shot any of my bolt action guns

this gun is mostly a platform, only buy it if your going to upgrade it, its your best option for a airsoft barret, the socom is twice the weight and cant hold as much ammo, this is very skirmishable if upgraded.

so if your content with spending an extra couple hundred dollars to make this work. buy this gun.
by eric h. on 06/27/2012
"i bought this gun about 3-4 months ago and i have got to say its really nice!! its a bit lacking in power but once i get the new springs in it will be perfect! the carrying handle comes in handy allot and it does weigh 18 pounds but its accuracy and full auto firing capability make up for that.

looks beautiful
full auto
take down is easy ... (one pin in the back then slide the upper receiver and barrel off the lower)
folding bipod
carrying handle
full auto
hi capacity winding mag
bipod is ajustable
reinforced gearbox

price without the 18% coupon there is no way i could of afforded it
extremely hard to get more mags
by cameron k. on 09/17/2010
"looks cool, but does anyone know where i can get a spring mcmillan tac 50 model?
by Patrick B. on 02/02/2009
"this gun is awesome and definatley plan to put it on my list hopefully i can do some talking and get one for my graduation gift in a year
by caleb d. on 10/19/2008
"I just got this gun at the Evike walk-in store today. It is the best!!!!! I fired it and it chrono 400fps. Once i brought it to my house i fired it at a target 5 times from 225 feet away and it hit the target everytime. It is a great gun and you guys should buy it. AND CALI S NOT A REDNECK STATE.

seriously, buy this gun ITS AWESOME
by James T. on 07/17/2008
" was sold out on this until last week! Been caling them. Here is why someone will buy it for 2K.

- If you really want a Barrett
- If you really want a Barrett Airsoft Rifle

Then you don't really have a choice but to get this since the VFC one is discontinued.

This rifle is a very big furniture and it has fantastic details on it. I bet it must cost evike a grip of money to ship it into the USA, go check it out at their store!
by David K. on 07/07/2008
"Since it is a M4 internal, the "performance" is really up to the owner however he/she wants to customize it. Due to the detailed finish on this M82 replica, it is a dream come true for many serious shooters and collectors. This sniper rifle is simply amazing and cool. It's rare to see one of these on the field, but it is a very impressive piece. The price is not for everyone, but its worth the money for those that want something at this caliber. I got the complete version because I wasn't sure if I will be able to complete the kit. Did not want to find out so i'd rather pay to have the complete one. It has a G&P gearbox inside and a tight bore battery already installed. Shoots pretty accurate.
by Terry W. on 10/19/2015
"Out of box and on the game field the rifle looks intimidating. Firing it on the range not so. With a .28 BB it could barely reach 150 yard.

Using this as a sniper rifle you will want a little more distance. At least 200 yards with some accuracy. In a game because of the rifle size and weight, if you let your opponent get with the range of this rifle I must say you will be dead meat. You just can't get up and change cover without being notice. Maybe the shorter barrel version would be better.

First fire at 50 ft. in an indoor range, the rifle was fairly accurate. Out doors at 150 ft. it was left and right, down and up. After about 100-200 BB thru the barrel it go a little better. I don't know why this was? I had to play around with the Hop Up to get the BB to fall where aim.

I would hate to use a .20 BB in the rifle, maybe I'll try to get the upgraded gearbox and let you know if that's better.
by Michael N. on 12/20/2014
"Great looking gun, however the gearbox broke and i had to order a new one for it. the barrel came bent so I had to straighten it at home, and the dang thing is extremely hard to open up to get at the inner workings. Also if you do get this gun, be careful with the bipod (Its got horrible welding and will most likely be the first thing to go.)

Looks 5/5
Range 5/5
Inner Durability 2/5
Outer Durability 3/5

Over all the gun itself is OK but if you plan on ordering this, its got a v2 gearbox so I recommend having a backup gearbox just in case.

I wish I could give it a 5 star rate but for me, my money was wasted.
by Chris Y. on 10/26/2008
"Somebody at the bottom made a post saying that for 2K you can buy a firearm M82 Barrett. Whoever
said that I think you ought to look on and try to tell me the M82 costs 2K.
If you're good at bargaining and you have a yellow card you might be able to convince their dealers to sell you one for 2K off the price. MAYBE...
by Zachary S. on 05/15/2015
"The gun itself feels somewhat cheep, the mock charging handle broke simply by pulling on it, and getting the battery in can be a pain.