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A&K Full Metal M16 SPR MOD-2 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

79 Customer Reviews

by karl e. on 09/21/2008
"ok this is one cool m16 every one on my team had ether a m4, m16 or an mp5 a4 i am the only one with a g36c one guy has this and puts it in a drag bag he has a scope that is the same size as the one on the picture the thing is so heavy that he dose not always use it insted he uses an m40. this gun can not take out a tanka m700 and the range is not the best but looks so cool
by Brendan M. on 07/04/2008
"This is a fairly well put together gun and a good FPS but its not that great for a sniper. Since it comes stock at 400 FPS and most spring/gas snipers go from 400-550 FPS, this has some serious ground to cover. Its good at closer ranges but needs a spring upgrade (preferably an M160). The ROF is OK, shooting around 12 rds/sec, and other M4/M16 mags dont fit nearly as well as the one it comes with. If you really want a sniper just buy a gas or spring one, springs are about $100 and a good gas such as the KJW M700 is $200 like this gun.
by Jaden A. on 03/11/2015
Good feel and weight

Havn't got to use it yet cause something is wrong with cable on either the gun or the battery

Got the Matrix 9.6v, the one that it says other people baught with the gun.
by Michael G. on 11/03/2008
"Can this and the A&K model use standard M4/M16 mags?