Reviews: A&K Full Metal M16 SPR MOD-2 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

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Model: AEG-AK-MOD2

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by Troy L. on 2010-12-29 18:46:38
"this gun looks like a sr25. its basically a sniper rifle and it shoots hard and its accurate.

pros are
lots of metal
high fps

lower rpm( but hey its a sniper rifle)
the battery goes in the stock and it rattles around in their and the mag it came with broke
by Ethan C. on 2010-12-18 12:41:25
"I got this gun last year and its absolutely AWESOME! I love it because of many things. One being that there are so many ways you could customize it... I gave mine more of a sniper look with a scope and suppressor. I also bought a red dot site and dual drums for a gunner look. These just are some of the ways you could customize it.
As far as accuracy and range it it also great. I put a matrix tight bore barrel in it and its shooting around 175-220 feet. It's shooting 410fps with .25's and very accurate. Out of the box it shot 400fps with .20's. (I think... give or take a little) It's a great gun and shoots a very sight pattern out of the box. I do recommend getting a tight bore barrel but it's still a great gun. I also like it because it is all metal except for the stock. My stock broke off but it was an easy fix. It is a little on the heavy side but its quite alright as long as you don't plan to run for miles and miles. I love the back grip also... If you're a lefty then you won't but the feel of it is great. Overall its a great gun and is great out of the box. It also is a great price for something of this quality.

good fps
great range
sturdy body
great for the price

The plastic stock (but the real m4 has a plastic stock so...)
by Kris K. on 2010-09-16 17:52:16
"i have not bought the gun yet and i already love it. But i have to ask does it come with a scope?
by Francis S. on 2010-06-08 14:21:57
"I just got one put the 30.00 A&K 5000rd Drum Mag for M4/M16 Series A.E.G. and I love it.

-It has a great rate of fire
-It is for more of a rifleman/Support gunner(I AM)
-It Hasnt shown any weakness in battle
-I fires like no tomorrow

-NONE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
by Ryan W. on 2009-11-15 07:46:53
"I ordered this gun about 4 months ago. Its the only gun i own at the moment as im getting back into the sport. I picked it up with a fifteen percent off deal so i paid a little less than 175 (160 ish, 155?)

Overall i have no complaints, i can confirm it shoots close to 400 fps out of the box. It doesnt shoot more than that though, but it is slightly upgraded over stock. My friend has the Dboy M4, with a tight barrel and a gaurder sp120 he shoots about the same as this rifle stock, to give you an idea of what your getting. I just picked up a tightbore for it, and plan to run through some of the internals just to make the weapon more of a dedicated sniper. The spring will probably stay though. I only had a few complaints.

VN type mag doesn't feed as well as standard 30rnd size high caps
Gun also seems to be able to out run the tension on the vn type mag when on full auto (not necessarily a bad thing)
Compensator and front sight were on crooked when i got the gun.
DMR/SPR motor grip is annoying, i like to shoot from what ever hand requires it...

Overall i'm happy with my purchase. I came from the old days of CA and TM when VFC and G&G first came around... Its good to see some nice quality cheaper stuff these days. I already plan to buy again, and the dboy ak74s with wood.
by josh s. on 2009-10-05 19:01:38
"i orderd this gun about 4 months ago and it shoots bout 370-380 right out of the box. this is by far the best gun i won, i would recomend .25 or .28 with this gun. very nice buy
by Joshua B. on 2009-09-12 18:27:08
"Just got one of these babies. just put a scope on it sighted it in. and is awesome. hitting pie tin sized target every time from 100+ feet. (using .25 & .28s) still really good with the .20s as well.
by Tony B. on 2009-05-24 11:04:17
"I got this gun about a year ago and it shot great. I used this in many wars and the rate of fire was amazing it was so fast.

the rate of fire is great
fps was clocked around 405-410

i dont use this gun anymore bcause it was just to heavy to carry around all over the battlefield. After awhile though u start to get used to it and it starts to become lighter.

This gun would work great with a box mag or drum mag that is electric because it is like a turret with the bi-pod.

the reason i give it a 4 out of 5 is because it is heavy and hard to rush with.
by Murray W. on 2009-04-11 18:35:40
"This is really a wonderful Gun, and I highly recommend it to anyone.
It's basically a M14 based into and M16 with higher FPS.

-It is great on semi automatic.
-It has a great body to it.
-It is an amazing inner barrel.

Gun Rating: 98/100!
Highly recommend it to ANYONE!
by Ed D. on 2009-03-06 20:47:11
"I am very pleased with my perches of this gun. Shipping was great! I ordered it Monday around 4 and got it
Friday! Just as they said it would be in. I ordered a couple other things and they got everything right. The gun is really nice, I love the metal. The plastic on the but stock is a little cheap but other then that its great. There is no squeaks at all. The gun is very solid. I have only shot it a few time and have yet to test it in a match but as far as I can tell it is going to perform very well. Over all I am extremely satisfied with all of this. I have had some very bad service from other sites but really seams to have everything figured out. Thank you and hope this review helped.

PS. The bipod it comes with is amazing! Its very durable and it came Free! so that was a plus. It also comes with a battery so that helps cut the cost to!
by David H. on 2009-01-12 20:41:55
"to cayman i use this gun with a m190 spring a mad box 10mm gearbox and titanum piston titanum piston head with carbon cylinder carbon steel gears and a 6.01 inner barrel with steel spring guide it shoots 644 with 4g with 3g 678 with 25g 698 and with 20g withch spin up in this gun a wooping 756fps and i love it 5 star gun point and shoot. this is what you want it to be sniper or marksman it is more of a sniper
by Mona H. on 2009-01-09 19:51:41
"Correction: This is a sniper basically doesn't matter what it says its MODIFIED with SPR PARTS. Range, Accuracy, Fps. Still the same as most snipers so its a Special Purpose Sniper Rifle.

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