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A&K Full Metal M16 SPR MOD-2 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

81 Customer Reviews

by josh s. on 10/05/2009
"i orderd this gun about 4 months ago and it shoots bout 370-380 right out of the box. this is by far the best gun i won, i would recomend .25 or .28 with this gun. very nice buy
by Joshua B. on 09/12/2009
"Just got one of these babies. just put a scope on it sighted it in. and is awesome. hitting pie tin sized target every time from 100+ feet. (using .25 & .28s) still really good with the .20s as well.
by Murray W. on 04/11/2009
"This is really a wonderful Gun, and I highly recommend it to anyone.
It's basically a M14 based into and M16 with higher FPS.

-It is great on semi automatic.
-It has a great body to it.
-It is an amazing inner barrel.

Gun Rating: 98/100!
Highly recommend it to ANYONE!
by Ed D. on 03/06/2009
"I am very pleased with my perches of this gun. Shipping was great! I ordered it Monday around 4 and got it
Friday! Just as they said it would be in. I ordered a couple other things and they got everything right. The gun is really nice, I love the metal. The plastic on the but stock is a little cheap but other then that its great. There is no squeaks at all. The gun is very solid. I have only shot it a few time and have yet to test it in a match but as far as I can tell it is going to perform very well. Over all I am extremely satisfied with all of this. I have had some very bad service from other sites but really seams to have everything figured out. Thank you and hope this review helped.

PS. The bipod it comes with is amazing! Its very durable and it came Free! so that was a plus. It also comes with a battery so that helps cut the cost to!
by David H. on 01/12/2009
"to cayman i use this gun with a m190 spring a mad box 10mm gearbox and titanum piston titanum piston head with carbon cylinder carbon steel gears and a 6.01 inner barrel with steel spring guide it shoots 644 with 4g with 3g 678 with 25g 698 and with 20g withch spin up in this gun a wooping 756fps and i love it 5 star gun point and shoot. this is what you want it to be sniper or marksman it is more of a sniper
by Mona H. on 01/09/2009
"Correction: This is a sniper basically doesn't matter what it says its MODIFIED with SPR PARTS. Range, Accuracy, Fps. Still the same as most snipers so its a Special Purpose Sniper Rifle.
by Abby M. on 12/26/2008
"Overall this gun is great. This gun is almost made of all metal, and it is heavy! I think it weighs around 16 pounds. The only part that isn't metal is the stock. The stock is very flimsy which is annoying. It shoots pretty good, I think a little bit under 400. It does have those few shots though that do go straight into the ground after 50 feet, which is annoying. It takes standard M4/M16 magazines. I would not reccomend a 300-500 round Hi-cap. I would use some 100rd Mid-caps. I wouldn't use the magazine that comes with it, it dosen't feed well, and only feeds half of the magazine the first wind. The magazine only holds 180rds to start with so I would find some other magazines. This gun is deffiently NOT for CQB, its ment for closer range sniping or spotting. Its max range would be about 150.(MAX)Great gun I would say buy it if your looking for a long range electric gun. 4 1/2 stars
by eric l. on 12/26/2008
"This gun is the best gun ive owned. I want to know what milimeter silencer it needs and if its anti-clockwise or clockwise?

Webmaster: 14mm negative. Anti-clockwise.
by Karl G. on 12/20/2008
"WOW talk about insane ROF i hooked this up to my custom 12volt LIPOLY battery very custom and my modded 15000 round back pack mag using .4gs with a customed m160 spring and tightbore psg-1 6.0001mm barrel for absolute accuracy and for better seal a aluminum air nozzle with shark bucking for the hop-up and a systema magnum motor making my ROF 2000rpm and my fps 450 with .4's so that way as long as im continuously holding down the trigger on this gun and shooting my modded 3 way revolving grenade launcher i cant miss!
by Cayman P. on 12/19/2008
"as you have done joseph, i shall correct you. this is an SPR. Special Purpose Rifle. it is NOT intended to be used as a sniper rifle, but as a designated marksman's rifle. there is a very large difference between the two, a sniper should be just as effective with a pair of binoculars as with a rifle, but a designated marksman should stick with his squad, and provide long range accurate for for those "hard to reach" places. besides all that mess, i would like to express that i believe this is a fine rifle for the purpose it was made for.
by Joseph C. on 12/05/2008
"Well where to start, all these negative responses and NOOB statements Like will a BOX mag fit cause I want to dominate. Apparently some of you dont play realistic skirmishes or scenerios. A sniper should be accurate realistic in weight have a mid cap or standard cap magazine and there should be no issue with ROF cause its designed to be a SNIPER not a CQB where ROF is important. All of you NOOBs talking about box mags and ROF go buy a short RIS M4 made for CQB, this is a SNIPER if you didnt hit him with the first shot you shouldnt have wasted the time firing in the first place. For the cost of this AEG you can easily create a really well balanced sniper rifle a few upgrades and you should be able to shoot with the best of them. Also remeber this is a DBoy (Boyi) AEG its a well made cost effective knock-off of the more expensive versions. I currently own 3 DBoy AEG's and it consistantly out performs my more expensive Classic Army M4. So to those of you who actually know what you are talking about good luck out there in the field, and remember a SNIPER does not understand the phrase "Spray and Pray" . A sniper doesnt worry about ROF just FPS!
by Mathew D. on 12/04/2008
"Accuracy- AMAZING!!! its a sniper but just with the capability to go full auto so its dead on.
by Shanus M. on 12/01/2008
"i dunno what you guys are taking about? Shooting 430 fps heck no it doesn't shoot even 400. Im running a lipoly 11.1v and i get 26 RPS but at about 360. Thats without downgrading or anything I UPGRADED The battery and it shoots less thatn 400 so no it doesn't have good range but its a decent assault and a ok close range sniper. So if you wanna snipe get a ghillie suit and hide in some bushes. Then you can pop up and scare some people and lite em up.
by Paul G. on 11/26/2008
"this gun is awesome my friend has it by far the best and coolest gun in is very accurateand hurts like crap!!!!
by stacey s. on 11/23/2008
"Oh yeah Trudy............... the box mag should fit it. get the 2nd one. the $6ollar one. it shoul fit fine. If you want to be a sniper i recommend the 400 round clips they're more stealthy( more stealthy). hope this helps you.