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UHC UA938 6" Full size Revolver Airsoft Pistol - Silver

8 Customer Reviews

by Alison B. on 04/04/2012
"I got this a while ago. Let me tell you, This 938 is better then my 150 Dollar Colt M1911 Gas blowback and it's also better then my KWA PTP M9 gas blowback. It is amazingly accurate and very easy to use. It is a very sturdy plastic and some of it is metal. It comes with 8 plastic shells. it feels great in you're hands. All I can say is 5 outta 5. I love this Revolver
by brad c. on 12/13/2009
"This is the coolest airsoft gun I own. I just got it yesterday and it i amazing. The price is unbelievable! It hits hard and is so realistic. It comes with 8 shells(the cartridge hold six, they just gave you 2 extras), a red barrel plug and a small pack of blue bbs, and instructions. This is by far the funnest airsoft gun I've gotten. I love it and give it 5 stars!
The grip is also plastic

Pros: Realistic
easy to reload
very fun
cheap price

not a big ammo capacity but it is easy to reload
all plastic,but the plastic is very hard and durable
by Walter W. on 06/14/2008
"Most spring powered revolvers are pretty low fps. However, that makes it perfect for the Russian roulet game! The wheel spins and holds one bb in each realistic looking shell. Very cool!
by Harrison R. on 06/29/2008
"the quality of this gun is quite great ... very sturdy ... only problem is the barrel tends to come off if dropped ... but i put mine thru alota abuse so thats to be expected ... ... altho i do love this gun its accuracy isnt great but it makes well as a last ditch but id recommend this gun more for a movie prop or somethin like that over something to be used in skumishes ... but still an amazing gun for its price n so much fun to use ... over all ... its totally worth buying this gun
by taylor a. on 06/13/2008
"like the other guy said, the gun is very very awasome.....does not shoot as hard as i would likeit to but tis cool!
by Alex D. on 08/26/2015
"I just got this gun. It is pretty cool and can be operated with just one hand, but the fps is insanely low. From 10 feet away this gun has trouble knocking over a completely empty coke can. If you aren't planning on playing with this and just want it for looks, then buy away.

After about 20 feet the hop up becomes insanely inconsistant sending some bbs flying 5 feet up, some to the left, and some straight down.
by Nicholas M. on 05/05/2008
"This Gun is very fun. it is 260 FPS and uses shells. Do not buy extra shells for this gun! You just have to push a bb into the back of a used shell while its still in the gun! you never have to take out shells. Its not that accurate and is uneficient. Good for plinking, but dont use it in a real Skirmish of OP.
by Nick V. on 07/21/2015
"My friend had one of these. I would like to start by saying that I honestly love this brand. I have their m1911 springer and it is amazing. However there are a few problems with this gun

60% of the time, it shoots every time.

It must have been made by Bob Marley because it is always jamming.

Again, I highly recommend getting this brand but not this specific gun. The m1911 they have is $18 and works much better. TSD, UTG, and UHC are all the same company.