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UHC MAGNUM Style Spring Revolver (8" Barrel) - Silver

19 Customer Reviews

by Juan Diego T. on 01/30/2017
"Wish I could give this product 4.5 stars. Very nice and definitely worth the money. I got this in black and it looks and feels very nice. Accuracy is not superb but isn't as bad as people say it is. Great for short range games like infection. I got trucked and dropped the gun, after that I would fire and bbs would just dribble out the end. To fix this I had to press the barrel for the bbs to shoot. After a couple of days the gun fixed its self. Although the handle is now kinda jiggly. all in all great gun but not a primary but definitely a good backup.
by Tim R. on 07/25/2012
"Out of my entire order, this and the bayonet were my favorite. It feels quite sturdy, and while it isn't the heaviest, it still has a nice weight. If you want to adjust the sight, you have to unscrew it. This is definitely an awesome gun!
by Angel B. on 05/13/2012
"This gun is absolutely amazing. It's powerful and easy to use. This is a gun for backyard games or even a backup weapon. It's rof is only held back by how fast you can cock it and for me I emptied out all 6 shots in like 5 seconds

Ease of use
Good rof
Fair fps
Feels sturdy
Good weight
Spare shells
Metal where it counts

Cons:lame range
Lame accuracy
Mostly plastic but you get what you paid for it right?
by dvir b. on 11/02/2011
"i recommend this thing for 5 stars.really great gun it's all platic but works great and fell like it's all metal.the shells not falls and saftey and so on.
really professional revolver and i love it.
by ryan d. on 10/13/2008
"so um not to be a noob but how DO you cock it?other than that looks tottaly BA!!!!!!!
by Isaac W. on 09/20/2008
"It is good as everyone says.
Press the bb into the shell with a tabletop to insure that it is properly located for power. and the rear sight is adjustable.
by David C. on 09/14/2008
"Very Very fun to play with...shoulda bought more shells for backyard skirmishes...IT IS NOT DOUBLE ACTION at least mine wasn't and there weren't any loose parts insided. The plastic feels like a cross between abs and pvc...can't quite tell, but it doesn't matter, because Mr. Miura used to be Androxx's math teacher.
by Joe C. on 08/13/2008
"This would be a great weapon for a game that me and my friends play. In the game we we shoot if we see the enemy and they see us(like regular elimunation) but if they don't see us we capture them and take their guns for the game and keep guard of them. If I got captured, I would pull this bad boy out out and win the game.
by Chilton E. on 09/14/2013
"This gun, is, AMAZING. I ordered two of them for my CQB loadout and they preformed well. They do occasionally jam, but the de-cocking system works when that happens so you'll be able to work on whatever jammed it.
Low cost
Good weight
Looks cool on the field
Easy to operate
Good CQB starter side arm

Mostly plastic
Accuracy lacks
No speed loaders for it
Shells are plastic and can wobble in the cylinder
Your'e getting what you're paying for

Over all, I'd give this gun a 4.5/5 . If you're just starting to get into airsoft in a CQB environment, be sure to pick one up. You can't afford not to!
by Sam H. on 08/03/2013
"Alright I wanna start this review with, HOLY POO! What a gun! You lood and feel like a total bad booty! I mean sure it's not too powerful and the accuracy isn't that amazing, but ya know it's only $25! So now to the pros and cons.

Feels amazing in your hand
Has a good weight to it
Very realistic
Good Price
Lots of badbootyness!
Cocking hammer has a great resistance but not too much

FPS is only about 260 w/0.12 240 w/ 0.20
Accuracy is a little shabby
Wish the shells were metal

Well over a great buy for me personally! O and probably a good idea to get extra shells but your call!
by Garrett C. on 12/27/2010
"First off I would like to say this gun is mad fun. I used it in a little 2 v 2 today (springers only). It was inaccurate and not too powerful. It is made of fairly cheap looking plastic but felt fairly durable. The shells fall out easily and are easy to lose, so be careful or also order the spare shell pack. :)
by Christian M. on 02/18/2009
"This is a fun gun. It's HUGE! It's badass haha. I've had it for a couple hours now and I agree, it's not very accurate. Funny thing is it was more accurate for me when I was not using the iron sights.
You can't spin this gun if you were thinking of doing that.
You can reload the gun without taking out the shells.
by nyle f. on 10/16/2008
"you pull the hammer back to cock it lol _'-'_
by nyle f. on 10/16/2008
"this isnt the best revolver you can get but if your the revolver type this is a fun gun just to have in little air soft wars.
by Brian O. on 08/13/2008
"It is no better than any other plastic springer in terms of quality or accuracy or power. The only redeeming thing about this gun is the fact that it being a double action (you pull the trigger and the hammer goes back on its own) you dont have to recock it inbetween shots. i have two for just messing around with friends and last resort guns.