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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 G&G Top Tech GR25 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle w/ mock suppressor - (Package: Rifle)

10 Customer Reviews

by karen m. on 11/07/2008
"its about 400 it has a m120 if im not mistaken. bla blaa 50 bla
by Gerald J. on 10/28/2008
"what is the fps because with a converter it says that it is only about 300 fps
by karen m. on 09/24/2008
"sorry about the 4 reviews i pressed it once and it sent 4 but wat ever
by karen m. on 09/24/2008
"this gun is amazing it shoots very accurate and powerfull rihgt out of the box. the trigger reponse is very good u can fire it almost as fast as a crapy auto (haha if that makes sense, but u can fire almost 5 rounds in 2 sec) there is plenty of room to fit a 9.6. the rails on this gun are very sturdy and wont budge the body itself is very sturdy and the stock is nice abs plastic. the silencer doesnt really do anything but look cool. the only flaw i have is, my magazine doesnt stay in my mag well very well i can pull it out wiht no prob and i dont even have to hit the mad release. i tried to tighten the mag release button( push it then take the longer part on the other side and turn it to tighten it) but that didnt work so if uk how to fix it please reply. and if u have the money and are a sniper this beats all spring snipers a
by Michael L. on 09/22/2008
"It takes large..any gun with a full stock pretty much does
by karen m. on 09/14/2008
"does this gun take a large type batery or a small type??????????????????
by Clark M. on 06/04/2015
"This gun is great gun. At the beginning this gun's gears would jam and i would need to take grip off and spin the gears again.(stopped for me after two fixes) Turns out you can unscrew the barrel right behind the gas block.(you need a heat gun to melt the glue though) With the short barrel it looks really sexy and I put a shorter 6.03 madbull with a 2GX bucking. Honestly I would get the KWA sr10 instead because you can do the same stuff with it. I got the GR25 because of the Sr25/7.62 body and it still has the version 2 gearbox.
by Will G. on 01/05/2018
"Lower the price please?!?!?!!?
by derek h. on 05/19/2016
"The gun shoots really far and is accurate with heavy BBS, but the gear box jammed the first round I used it.
by Austin H. on 06/03/2015
"It's alright I guess
It's some what accurate, it has a solid trigger pull.
The upper and lower fits lose so it's got some good slop
The silencer dosnt fit unless you sand off the paint. and the mags are all really hard to pull out and put in and with the stock mag it dosnt stick out much so it is really hard to get out
I did buy a couple of G&g high cap mags
They don't fit worth a ..... And I broke one the fist time I used it
But I guess it is a toy so over all it's ok