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G&G M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Black / Rifle Only)

38 Customer Reviews

by Will T. on 03/19/2010
"amazing. positively the most beautiful airsoft gun ive ever seen let alone owned. i love anything with real wood plus i just love the m14.
real wood
beautiful attention to detail
long barrel (amazing range)
great power
great rof
shoots like its been upgraded right out of th box
awsome sound wen racking th bolt

10 lbs (pro to some ppl)
at close range with the hop up an th windage all the way down it still shoots above th sights
battery is irritating to put in (large type)
by Spencer H. on 09/24/2009
"All I have to say is wow. I do a lot of airsofting with organized teams and events, and I've tried a lot of guns, both high and low quality. After using my friend's G&G M14 that he modified into a SOCOM M14, I loved this gun so I had to buy my own. I kept mine full size though. This is an amazing rifle. Crazy good range and accuracy, especially for an airsoft rifle. I can hit targets at 150-200 feet easy. And this is all stock! After getting this gun, now I don't understand why anyone would waste money on a lesser quality product than G&G, especially since G&G's come with upgraded internals and a tightbore on all of their guns STOCK. Absolutely amazing! I won't buy any AEG other than G&G (or VFC) because of this!
by kevin k. on 09/17/2009
i am wondering is this is a good gun and if you know what kind of scope mount that it can use?
cause the G&g one is sooo expensive _._ and also if it has a low cap spring mag?

Webmaster: It is a good gun and it ships with a high cap mag. Low caps are available. Here is a link to mounts.
by David W. on 02/18/2009
"this is my first real aeg and I'm impressed. the rate of fire is crazy and the fact that its still accurate while doing so is super although a little bit on the heavy side i didn't mind because the weight is as much as a real steel rifle. the magazine is annoying how ever because of the lack of a wind key.

i would recommended a good sling since it doesn't come with one, a barrel clip bi-pod and if your going for a dmr you will need a weaver rail attachment and a scope of your choice

heres some links to rails and items mentioned above
by Dustin C. on 01/31/2009
"I bought this gun through a local store, and i need to say this gun ROCKS, but like any other gun there are some bad things about it

PROS: Accurate to a good distance, great feel, excellent ROF, Hurts like hell

Cons: larger 9.6 volt batteries take some time to put in(in other words dont make any plans), the magazines for those who dont know are DIFFERENT FROM TOKYO MARUI, does not come with scope mount

As bad as these cons sound they are minor compared to the sheer combat ability of this amazing rifle

If you want a long barreled m14 i have to say BUY THIS GUN

Webmaster: G&G / CA M14 mag works. (Cheaper than Marui M14 mag). To easily put a 9.6V inside, use a nun-chuck type, 9.6V 2300~
by Patrick S. on 01/30/2009
"I love this gun. It's probably the best M14 on the market for less than 300 dollars, and far superior in both finish and function to the TM M14. The internals are pre-upgraded, so it shoots great right outta the box.

-Best faux-wood finish of any M14, incredibly realistic, and made of very tough plastic. It'll never break.
-Everything that can be metal is metal
-Great ROF, even with weaker batteries
-Great range and fps, mine's steady at about 380 fps and it'll reach out to about 200 feet with the hop-up properly adjusted
-Simple to use dial hop-up
-It's solidly built and weighs about 9 pounds (realism factor)
-Working slide and bolt catch

-It weighs about nine pounds (it gets heavy fast)
-Doesn't accept TM compatible mags, which sucks balls because G&G/CA mags are like 30 bucks
-Also not compatible with TM internals and the TM real wood stock upgrade (G&G/CA makes one for it, but it isn't sold on evike)

Overall, the only M14 on the market that has better internals is the M14 Veteran for 100 bucks more. The only difference is it has an M130 spring built in already so it shoots 400+ fps out of the box. If you truly want an M14, I suggest you get this gun and an M130 spring because it's cheaper. Even without a better spring, this gun is THE BEST. Period.
by Craig B. on 12/28/2008
"I've had 3 skirmishes with this gun so far and im rating it out of the box.

The box it comes with is very nice, and the manual is in complete english.

Using the poor mans chrono, the fps is higher than 370 but less than 420

Quiet on semi, sort-of loud on auto

Included Hi-Cap Magazine is amazing, full metal and flawless feeding. Holds 470 Rds

The fake wood was convincing enough to make some people think it was real wood until I told them

Some people say the plastic for the heat shield is terrible crap but I experienced no problems with it.

Very accurate out of box

Easy to adjust hop up, has bolt latch so you don't have to hold the lever back.

Good sights

HUGE battery compartment in the back. Held a 9.6V Large Type 3600 MAH Intellect with 1.5 inches of room to spare.


Front sight flew off after rough contact with a tree in battle, its now lost and I'll just have to buy a scope now.

Heavy at first, but becomes fine after.

Battery may wobble around inside if it's too small for the huge stock

Selector Switch may need getting used too.

No included rails of any sort

Overall a very high quality gun for the price.
by PAUL C. on 12/19/2008
"should i get this or the tm please some one answer me

collin clark
evike rocks

Webmaster: Thanks! Both TM and G&G are great guns! Its really what you like more. Otherwise, both are great.
by James K. on 12/01/2008
"I've had the pleasure of using and firing this rifle. It has a very nice sound and very good accuracy. The tightbore barrel installed in this rifle makes this rifle shoot accurate and far. The stock magazines have a weak loading door/ flap so there is a possibility of the magazine opening and bbs spilling out if you carry these in a pocket or pouch. This will most likely happen if you do a lot of running around. There is one downside to this rifle id you plan on installing suppressors/ barrel extensions. When the flash hider is removed, the front sight comes off along with it. The flash hider is connected to the front sight, so if you plan on purchasing a suppressor don't plan on using your sights. Maybe purchase a rail along with some optics. The rail is very pricey though, around $60.

- Very good accuracy
- Very good range
- Durable construction
- Charging handle moves smoothly
- Nice sound when operating

- Loose/ weak loading door/ flap
- Front sight attached to flash hider
by Cindy H. on 11/26/2008
"I am going to buy this anyways, but can you put a flashhider on this i want to know soon so i can get a flashhider with my order and is ccw or cw (this is going to be my base gun for my sniper it will be awhile befor i buy a conversion kit though) and also im realizing that alot of after market parts say they are not compatable but the details on the gun says it is compatable with almost all after market parts????????HELP PLEASE
by Louise S. on 11/10/2008
"i had the tsd version then i got this also the manager said voltage doesnt matter so a 9.6 volt battery will definetly work in this awesome gun
by Gerald J. on 10/15/2008
"there are some ris adaptors on this page:
by seth d. on 10/13/2008
"got this gun about 2 months ago and i still love it. it works absolutley perfect. the range is very great and the fps it awsome for out of the box. this gun shoots about 400 420 fps. i absolutly love it it is a beast of a gun. pros. shoots great, rpm is very fast, very accurate, 470 hicap clip that comes with it,and its phisical appeal is absoulutly fantatic. this gun it the gun to get.

now im having trouble looking for a ris attatchcment for the gun if anyone can find one plz answer quickly thanks.....
by Christian T. on 10/06/2008
"Insignia, ur friend probably got a defect. I bought the G&G G4 Cqb H and it was a defect. After i returned it and got a new one it was a thousand times better. plz dont give G&G a bad rating, all companies have defects once in a while. Unless your friend treated the gun like shit.
by Michael J. on 10/03/2008
"This is probably the best M14 in the market to get today. Shoots full auto of course like all G&G AEG. G&G guns are very nicely finished, the finsih on G&G guns are nicer than any other M14 out there I have seen including Tokyo Marui! Shoots very accurate and powerful!