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A&K Full Metal M249 Para Trooper SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag

52 Customer Reviews

by bob b. on 11/17/2008
"Tammy im pretty sur ethe rof is 16

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by bob b. on 11/13/2008
"Hey dominic the barrels actually are the same lentgh the para's barrel just goes more into the body of the gun
by tammy h. on 11/06/2008
"i was wondering what the rof(rounds per second) on this was ????
by Jeffey T. on 10/01/2008
"I've carried the real version of this weapon for four years and let me tell you if it wasn't for the orange tip i wouldn't feel the difference untill i fired it. It reacts the same way except for the recoil. I do recomend a red dot or acog scope at lest for the first few shots but after that hold on and have fun short burst seem to work best 3-5 seconds at a time to conserve ammo and retain acuracy. if you have the money for this go for it especially if your a serious gamer
by Alex H. on 09/30/2008

This is what you need to do 1. buy the Para Saw 2. buy a longer barrel (cause yes the para are smaller) 3. install the barrel instead of changing the stock (changing the barrel is EASY!!!!!)... And if you buy the other SAW with a standard stock your going to have a bitch of a time trying to install a para stock and your going to have to know how to re-wire everything... cause the SAW with the standard stocks thats where the battery goes into (the stock) and now with the Para the battery goes into the front of the gun... and so yes its not worth it and your better off changing the barrel instead of the stocks... much cheaper and easier.
by Dominic D. on 09/28/2008
"Something I'm looking at getting. Can't decide between the Para model and the full stock model. Is the barrel really the same length between the two models, because there seems to be an obvious difference in pictures. For the most part the Para model looks more intimidating...especially when you think of jumping out of a plane...thats pretty do it with this strapped to you...and you're f!@#$% nuts...pure intimidation. So..barrel length the same or no? If not I may just get the standard stock, replace it with a para stock and throw a ranger grip on it.
by Alex H. on 09/15/2008
"This gun is great/amazing very heavy and if your looking for a gun to upgrade this isnt the gun for you and no disrespect to evike but there are other sites to buy the same gun at a cheaper price... yes this gun does have a few flaws but they are easily fixed the only problem.
by dane k. on 09/01/2008
"Ive had this for about 6 months and ive only had acouple problems with it one putting the battery in is hard so I swapped the stock for a full stock and then i could put a better battery in. The box mag does and will jam, so you need some long skinny thing that wont break, i used a nitting needle (it wasnt mine) to unjam it and it works like new again. This is a support weapon, you have to be fit enough and willing to carry this monster around all day. Dont waste your money with the grip or a scope, this is for spraying and covering your team. Just find a place to mount it and you will have a fun time.
by Joshua B. on 08/04/2008
"This gun is really underestimated. I have fielded this at two large games and it received constant usage for atleast 30 hours. I was able to dump multiple brands and weights of BBs into the boxmag and all fed flawlessly. At the last D-day game this gun was named "The Lawnmower" enemies quickly learned that hiding in the tall grass was a bad idea. The ROF is excellent. Range is great. Finish and quality are amazing.

Keep in mind that this is a support weapon. It is meant to be carried to a position, then fired. This is not a gun to be running around with. Also remember that these mid range guns need to be broken in first. It takes a few thousand rounds to clear the barrel of all debris, then you will see a noticeable improvement.
by allen t. on 07/15/2008
"Dis Gun is the bomb!!!!!! I took out six ppl in 1 game with it. Dont Buy the Echo 1 version, it suks, and it doesnt cun wid d case. it has less range and less fps, so buy this better 1 with d case for 10$ cheaper.
by Robert G. on 06/08/2008
"Incredible gun. this is the very first non brand replica I've ever bought. it really is incredible, i wish i could say everything in this little box. i actually bought mine somewhere else WITHOUT the gun case.
by Jacob R. on 02/19/2016
"The A&K m249 para is an excellent support weapon for those looking for a reasonably reliable, cheap gun that will send large amounts of bbs downrange. It does have some slight problems however, for example: the electrical switch that operates the trigger is a bit too long, and thus the gun will runaway fire. The fix is simple, one can either replace it with a better switch, or bend/cut the last few mms off the metal plate. Besides this small problem, it is a great gun.

The box mag, however, is not nearly as good. It's auto winding mic is horribly mounted, causing it to break immediately. This means you must get a pressure switch, or attempt to play with the tiny switch in order to get the magazine to feed. Furthermore, the metal feed tubes can cause pellets to jam, causing more problems. Even so, one can replace the tubes, and purchase a switch. The m249 also accepts m4 magazines, meaning one can simply use m4 mags instead. I personally recommend G&P polymer m4 midcaps, as they feed really well into the m249.

Inexpensive light machine gun
lighter than many other machine guns
very reliable with limited modification
Easy to upgrade, there are a lot of parts available compatible with the m249

heavier than an m4 (not great for those who aren't prepared to run with the weapon
trigger mechanism can cause runaway fire
box mag is often unreliable
by Tyler W. on 08/03/2014
"The A&K M249 is a support weapon but slight problems with mine. The main being that my outter has become and I am not sure how to fix it or if it can be fixed. Also, over time that the stock will become loose and you will have to go back and tighten that every once and while. Everything else with the gun is ok with me. I give it 8/10.
by Henry K. on 11/15/2011
"I have to say I'm very pleased with this gun so far. I will say that it is not something for new players but someone who has some experience with working with internals as there are a couple parts that could use some tweaking or even replacing. However, as far as gearboxes go, this is a breeze to work on! There is a known trigger problem with the m249 - I fixed it by lubing the inside of the microswitch and sanding down the contacts along with bending the trigger mechanism to its appropriate place.

I do want to clarify to any potential buyers though, despite what all the other reviews may imply, this gun does not come with an aluminum case, muzzle break, or even a 9.6v battery. Its irritating to me that the same product would have varying inclusion of accessories and yet have the same set of reviews. Evike doesn't say that such accessories are included but regardless, the reviews do make it seem like they are included. I was disappointed to receive a "too bad, so sad" reply when I asked Evike to monitor their reviews to dissuade such confusion.

So, what is included is the AEG with short orange tip (not what the picture shows), the box magazine, and an 8.4v battery (Matrix) with a really cheap wall charger. There is no extra midcap magazine either. So all in all, I am pleased with the gun but if you are looking for the best deal, there are other retailers that offer more bang for your buck.


Dear Customer,

I sincerely apologize you may have received an answer which you felt brushed you off. Rest assured we have staff which does monitor all the reviews and generally they are either accepted or deleted as we do not have the time or man power to adjust and/or edit all the reviews we receive. At this time we have a representative going through all reviews dating back to 2008 to try and eliminate the "bad" reviews on the web page. Thank you for your time and positive review on this gun.

*Please note- there are 1,000's of reviews to go through and it will take some time, please be patient as we are doing our very best to provide the best service for our customers.

by Dakota G. on 06/07/2011
"I have had this gun for over 2 years now and is still working very well all my friends hate playing against me because of this gun. The only con is that it came with another muzzle brake and i have no idea how to switch it