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Model: AEG-M249-MKII-BK

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by Kevin C. on 2015-12-05 09:24:37
"After figuring things out and maintenance on the box mag it shoots great. When we received it we charged our batteries and plugged it in but it would not shoot. After investigating I learned that a fuse was unplugged. Not sure what caused this but once we plugged things back up it was great. As long as you take care of the mag by oiling it a bit it will work just fine. Great gun overall.
by Timothy C. on 2015-08-21 16:12:22
"Great gun, until it breaks. I was not rough on my MKII in any way, shape, or form - and one day, mid-game, the trigger stopped working. The battery was fine, the fuse was fine; I field stripped her and found a gearbox jam that I un-jammed easily with the cool hole in the side of the gearbox housing (genius idea). I thought the jam was the problem until I put it back together and found it doing the same thing - just clicking. The problem is the trigger and I have read about many other people that have run into this issue. The trigger unit is a little fancier than it needs to be in my opinion. It was also lovely that this happened right as my warranty expired on it, it has been gathering dust for a few months now -_-

The gun was worth 5 stars if it didn't have this problem; it was a battlefield pwner (but how do I give a gun that won't last 5 stars?).

*Anyone who complains about the weight of an AIRSOFT saw is a fool.
by Nash G. on 2015-07-02 11:55:39
"I've had my gun for a few weeks now, Its been fantastic! It is very heavy, Be Warned! Over all, it is as discribed, Heavy, rugged, Scariest thing on the field!! I would suggest the Para for younger audiences however for I am 6' 1" and it is very tall, so its hard to run with if you are shorter than 5' 8" Thanks for the gun!

(side note, it comes in cheap wrapping, but is still great! IT DOES NOT COME WITH A BATTERY! YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN)
by ANA S. on 2015-06-17 21:41:28
"This is a good gun.

When I received this absolute beast my battery was still in shipping, as I ordered it from amazon. So I decided to stick in my M4's 8.4v, as that was the highest voltage battery I had. To put it simply, this gun shreds. Even with an 8.4v, the gun was shooting a solid 15 rps. The range is not incredible, but it is quite adequate. Anything, or anyone, inside 160 feet will be decimated. All in all, you will not be disappointed with this demon of a gun. Huge intimidation factor.
by Trevor W. on 2015-04-23 16:24:07
"If you're a support gunner and you don't own one of these, you're gonna have a bad time. This gun is a BEAST. From my experience, the gearbox is stellar quality, but it needs a few minor adjustments. I personally installed an o-ring air seal nozzle (m4 type, and yes it'll work,) 509 mm Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel (improves accuracy (debatable) and definitely adds range,) a REAPS bucking for improved range and accuracy (needs a bit of fine tuning to shoot straight,) a steel tooth strip polycarb piston (optional; the stock one lasted me 6 freaking months while running an m120. Link to steel piston:,) an m120 or m125 spring (the stock spring snapped after 2 months,) a bore-up cylinder, metal cylinder head, and piston head (,) a lipo battery (optional, but recommended,) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU USE A LIPO, GET A MOSFET (i recommend the MERF mosfet made by gate:

My only complaint is that the body is made of a softer metal (zinc alloy,) so the sockets for the screws get stripped real easy. Also, when taking the stock off, don't remove the pins in the stock (it'll wear down the stock over time). Instead, remove the whole stock assembly by removing the fat pin on the back of the receiver and the threaded pin just above it. Be very careful when removing screws, and make sure not to over tighten when putting them back in. Also, you should definitely get at least one MAG brand box mag. The stock box mag features sound control, but the winding mechanism jams far too often. The only other products I'd suggest are an upper RIS ( and a new motor (I personally love the lonex series). Just make sure if you do get a new motor that it's short type, because it won't fit otherwise.

After that huge list of parts is installed, you'll probably have spent around 500-600 dollars on this gun, but it's well worth the money. My gun personally shoots 420-430 FPS at 22 RPS with a range of around 190 ft, weighs around 17 pounds fully loaded, and best of all the gun itself has literally never jammed on me after almost a year of use (only the original box mag has).

Great gearbox shell
Excellent bushings
Excellent gear set
Decent motor
Solid construction
Large stock = a lot of room for a battery
Great ROF with mosfet and lipo
Low maintenance
Quick release barrel

Soft metal body construction
Absolutely NO accuracy without a REAPS bucking
Poor air seal with stock piston head
HEAVY (17 lbs when fully loaded)
Crappy box mag construction
BB usage :P

All in all a great gun after you put a little extra money in it, definitely recommend if you're a support gunner or are thinking of becoming one. I gave it 4 stars because of the mediocre box mag and the poor stock accuracy, but otherwise it's absolutely phenomenal. I absolutely love this thing!
by darcy c. on 2015-03-28 17:51:28
"Pros: everything

Cons: none
by Noah P. on 2014-10-20 18:56:06
"This gun is so much fun to shoot it should be illegal.
by Christian G. on 2014-10-08 00:35:15
-full metal(except for heat shield, stock, pistol grip, hand guard, parts of the carry handle, and the box mag)
-Large battery space for stock
-multi position bipod
-somewhat easy to install box mag
-adjustable sights
-you can use any discount code on this gun
-nearly full travel charging handle
-Compatible with M4 mags (this things picky, it likes tight fitting M4 mags)
-the box mag...within days this thing stopped working so I RMA'd the box mag for repairs, after a 2 week wait I got it back working fine, if recommend buying an extra box mag
-need to buy a railed feed tray for any type of optics to be mounted
Probably my favorite of my Machine Guns, other than the box mag being awful it's a very great buy that u won't regret!
by Shelby E. on 2013-11-28 22:16:41
"I recieved my M249 SAW on the 27th of November, and I was absolutely blown away by this gun. Out of the box, there were smear marks(?) on the stock, but those rubbed off pretty quickly.

It's construction consists of a full metal upper reciever, outer and inner barrel, bipod, ans carry handle. The stock, fron handgrip, motor grip, heat shield, and magazine are made of polymer/ABS (not entirely sure).

I do not have a chronograph, but it shoots hard, fast, far, and non stop.

I pulled it out of the box and was instantly satisfied. If you or your squad need a SAW to keep an enemy position locked down, this thould be your benchmark to make comparisons to. This gun is the most standard and most performance-balanced SAW on the market. Any squad gunner who passes this monster up needs to be taught a thing or two about support guns.
by Nathan K. on 2013-11-22 04:34:03
"This gun is an amazing gun for a player that doesn't move around a lot but if you like to move around you might want to some how attach a fore grip because this gun is really heavy. Besides the fact that it's heavy I think that the metal body makes this gun more durable and the built in bipod is pretty good too.
Metal body
Box mag holds a lot of bbs
Realistic weight

It's heavy
No tac rail included
by joseph a. on 2013-10-19 20:56:48
"I've had this system for a couple of years now, and am very glad to have kept it for so long. I am one hundred percent satisfied with it. after throwing on a rail system with a peq-box to house a lipo, and a para stock, it;s damn near perfect. the factory internals are extremely robust. she can run a 9.6 lipo with ease, and I have no doubt about even higher voltages! the auto-winding drum never missfeeds, and can keep up with it's insane rate of fire (so long as you remember to put the AA's in!). the only problem i've had up to this point was that my front sight assembly was mis-aligned by a hair. but that was easily corrected with a slight tap of a hammer, and she shoots straight and true. this 249 is a dominator on the field. when you open up on the poor sods in your sights, they know it's you. loud, fast, and long range to boot, this bad mamma-jamma is a real force multiplier. the bipod is kinda flimsy, and the feed tray cover takes a bit of finnagling with the charging handle to get it to seat and lock, but those are purely external issues. internally, this thing is damn near a perfect fit for a support role. while it does lack in the precision range area, it's not a rifle, folks. higly reccomended.

-robust internals
-fantastic feed rate on drum mag
-durable durable durable!

-feed tray feels like it needs 3 hands to seat
-kidna piddly range
-semi flimsy feel

all in all, buy the damn thing.
by Alec C. on 2013-10-09 01:26:32
"I have had this gun for almost a year. At first it had a couple problems with the trigger, but that seems common and was fixed easily. On the field in the woods the gun performs like a star. Every time I shoot in a direction of my teammates they duck for cover. The gun is very powerful. I personally nicknamed it Big Dog. The box magazine is interesting because it is split into two parts. The first part holds 2500 rounds which can be fired right away, but a second part can hold an extra 4000 rounds.

Heavy (Good for a guy my size, 350lbs and 6'5)
Painful (Leaves welts)
Powerful (Almost a year and its still shooting 380 with .25s)
Great Magazine Capacity (Part 1 of the Box Mag=2500, Part 2 of the Box Mag=4000)
Durable (I have dropped it on rocks and it still works, mostly metal)
Takes M4/M16 Magazines
Great Battery Space

Heavy (Not good for smaller people and is tiring to haul around)
Comes with trigger problems (Seems to happen to a lot of people, easy to fix though.)
Goes through bbs quickly
Ok Internals (A&K are good, but not as good as other companies like VFC)
Parts for it are expensive

I personally love it. If you want a LMG of medium weight the M249 series is the way to go. I am personally going to upgrade it to a monster.

Oh, and remember to clean the internals for best internals.

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