Reviews: A&K Full Metal M249 MK II SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag

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Model: AEG-M249-MKII-BK

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by Christine R. on 2009-09-08 15:02:42
"This is an awsome gun the only thing that sucks is that they gave me a half ass box mag that wont wind at all because the whole internal wires were messed up! otherwise a great gun.

Webmaster: If your mag was bad we can replace. All you need to do is contact us!
by Austin S. on 2009-06-13 09:34:52
"This is a great gun for any level or player

Dead accurate 3" grouping when i tested it in burts at 100 ft.
Powerful fps will leave your enemy bleeding.
Awesome look.
Box mag lasts longer than the battery
Capable of taking every m16/m4 mag I've owned (jg/ca,tm ect.)
VERY HIGH ROF- the m16 mags spring can keep up with rof.

People wont want to play you lol
The box mag jams if you get bbs in the battery compartment this can be avoided by simply covering battery department while loading.
by Paula B. on 2009-05-23 11:18:49
"Very good gun
ive had this aeg for a couple months but only used it a few time because i got it during the winter. its a great overall gun
full metal
around 330 fps (.20 g)
m16 mag compatible
box mag
its a SAW!

very heavy(im a pretty small guy but 17 lbs is still a lot)
330 fps (im upgrading mine)
not that accurate
box mag fall out all the time(i prefer m16/m4 mags)
a little pricy but overall worth it
by Preston M. on 2009-05-01 07:56:34
"I have shot this gun and it freakin' rocks, I am the team support gunner all the time and this is the way to go unless you can shell out for an m60 or that crazy minigun. Five stars all the way
by Daniel B. on 2009-04-30 20:13:09
"i got this gun and it is a BEAST!!! i mean the fact that its a SAW and it's so cheap is unbelievable as is but this gun has epic rpm and surprisingly enough, decently accurate for a SAW.
by Travis B. on 2009-04-29 13:35:52
"This gun is simply a beast. After hauling it through all environments, I can safely say its capable of nearly any mission. I recommend a 3-point sling and some muscle though to use this bad boy. The gun itself has never jammed, the drum mag, however, has many times. No worries, filing down the screw supports in the drum's mechanics can fix the jamming problem.

My SAW is equipped with an M120 spring and was chonoed at a constant speed of 396 fps with .20 BBs. Mine came with a 9.6v 1200 battery and once broken in well, it will last a long while.


Gun has a sturdy gearbox
Realistic weight and feel
fast ROF
Decent stock FPS (get an M120 and you'll be in heaven)
Easy to maintain and disassemble
Easy to modify drum mag
Fits almost all M4 mags


Alot of work for your lower back and arms
1st version drum mag jams, but is easily unjammed
by Sean D. on 2009-04-24 16:26:21
"I got this gun to day and i have to say its very good. The only real problem with it is the fact that the box magazine does not load very well at all. For the gun a definite 5/5. Built solid with no wobble whatsoever, decent fps and a max range probably ~50-60 yds. Great gun and i recommend it if you're looking for a SAW.

Solid Build
Good fps
Good range
great price

box mag does not feed well
by Stephen F. on 2009-04-23 15:23:31
"I bought this gun in late Winter nothing really bad to say but the hop rubber should be replaced and also the aluminum that is aligning the bb's into the hop chamber was not coated properly and it oxidized and make a white powder that also contributed to some of the jamming problems. Shoots really hard so i swapped out the sping to up my ROF, but5 never less a good deal with the space in the stock you can put in some serious power with a big high mah battery. 5/5
by Paula B. on 2009-04-04 12:40:02
"Great Gun
I've had it for about a month and it's pretty awesome. there are a few cons however

fps(300-330 w/ .2)
all metal

fps (for some to low)
box mag gets in the way and comes loose, i use m16 mags usually
by Weston S. on 2009-03-20 15:13:45
"AWESOME GUN! best airsoft gun i have ever owned! great for providing heavy support fire. and this also accepts M4/M16 magazines which is helpful between box mags because they take a long time to reload. I have owned about half a dozen airsoft guns and this is the BEST one by far! BUY IT!!! it is a little on the weighty side though it helps with realism. the box mag works exceptionally well and the rate of fire is pretty fair for a stock battery, though I would suggest a 9.6v battery and maybe using the stock battery as a backup. There are a few problems with the finish on the metal parts... some of them look as though they have been scratched or dragged on the ground and there are a couple deep scores in the metal =(... but the ABS plastic parts are very rugged and the scratches on the metal are only in a few places. I personally have not had a jam-up with the box mag and the magwell. a good idea when changing mags would to be to flip the magwell door open and turn the gun sideways so any leftover BBs will fall out. oh also there was someone asking if it uses 6mm or 8mm so just in case anyone is wondering IT USES 6mm BBS. this is better than any other SAW that you can get and it is priced LOWER! this is a very smart buy
by Richard H. on 2009-03-16 18:05:20
"Does anyone know what size battery that this gun comes with?

Webmaster: It comes with a small type 8.4v battery.
by kyle h. on 2009-03-11 14:38:21
"if i want to upgrade the spring, what one should get? also do i need to upgrade the internals then too?

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