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A&K Full Metal M249 MK II SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag

91 Customer Reviews

by Yanni R. on 05/30/2008
"First, off this is an amazing gun. I've just recently bought the 9.6v nun-chuck battery and it increases the rate of fire by a boatload. Definitely buy it. The first point I want to make is how this gun is only meant for certain people. If you are the person that likes to sit in the back and lay down massive support fire, then this gun is for you. On the other hand if you are the person that likes to move up the field then think twice about this gun. This gun comes with the 2500 round auto-winding box magazine. With this you can basically SH$%T on your opponents. My over all statement is that you really need to think about how you are going to play before you by this gun or any other gun for that matter.

by David N. on 05/16/2008
"The A&K M249 SAW blows the expensive CA out of the water. I have put mine through hours and hours of hard use and it still performs like the day I first got it. Very, very reliable and worth every penny. Keep it clean and it will last forever!
by Marc H. on 03/04/2016
"I love this thing, tough for the price I ran into more problems that I expected.

1. Rate of Fire
2. Realistic weight
3. Versatility
4. Externals built very well
5. Can take M4 mags if you wanted to
6. Box mag is amazing, I've ran it through about 3 games and 5 mags total, also dropped it a few times and still working, haven't had a single problem
7. Gear box exterior is well built, also you can take the piston spring out before unscrewing the gearbox so it doesn't explode when you unscrew it
8. Gear box is easily taken out with three screws, then easily slides out the back
9. With the awesome automatic mag you could hold down the trigger, but keep it to a maximum of 30 second burst, unless you keep around a lot of spare fuses...

1. The motor broke in the middle of the first game, the connection snapped and it burnt through two fuses, replace the motor right away to save you a game
2. Since some models they put the battery in the fore grip it comes off during games and it's quite annoying, I fixed that with gorilla glue.
3. Plastic flash hider, not really a big problem but it takes away from the intimidation
4. The charging handle has a spring in it so you charge it like an M4 which was weird, though I don't have that much of a problem with it.
5. Though it rarely happens sometimes the box mag will fallout of the connection though it will still shoot, and it still works
by Trevor W. on 04/23/2015
"If you're a support gunner and you don't own one of these, you're gonna have a bad time. This gun is a BEAST. From my experience, the gearbox is stellar quality, but it needs a few minor adjustments. I personally installed an o-ring air seal nozzle (m4 type, and yes it'll work,) 509 mm Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel (improves accuracy (debatable) and definitely adds range,) a REAPS bucking for improved range and accuracy (needs a bit of fine tuning to shoot straight,) a steel tooth strip polycarb piston (optional; the stock one lasted me 6 freaking months while running an m120. Link to steel piston:,) an m120 or m125 spring (the stock spring snapped after 2 months,) a bore-up cylinder, metal cylinder head, and piston head (,) a lipo battery (optional, but recommended,) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU USE A LIPO, GET A MOSFET (i recommend the MERF mosfet made by gate:

My only complaint is that the body is made of a softer metal (zinc alloy,) so the sockets for the screws get stripped real easy. Also, when taking the stock off, don't remove the pins in the stock (it'll wear down the stock over time). Instead, remove the whole stock assembly by removing the fat pin on the back of the receiver and the threaded pin just above it. Be very careful when removing screws, and make sure not to over tighten when putting them back in. Also, you should definitely get at least one MAG brand box mag. The stock box mag features sound control, but the winding mechanism jams far too often. The only other products I'd suggest are an upper RIS ( and a new motor (I personally love the lonex series). Just make sure if you do get a new motor that it's short type, because it won't fit otherwise.

After that huge list of parts is installed, you'll probably have spent around 500-600 dollars on this gun, but it's well worth the money. My gun personally shoots 420-430 FPS at 22 RPS with a range of around 190 ft, weighs around 17 pounds fully loaded, and best of all the gun itself has literally never jammed on me after almost a year of use (only the original box mag has).

Great gearbox shell
Excellent bushings
Excellent gear set
Decent motor
Solid construction
Large stock = a lot of room for a battery
Great ROF with mosfet and lipo
Low maintenance
Quick release barrel

Soft metal body construction
Absolutely NO accuracy without a REAPS bucking
Poor air seal with stock piston head
HEAVY (17 lbs when fully loaded)
Crappy box mag construction
BB usage :P

All in all a great gun after you put a little extra money in it, definitely recommend if you're a support gunner or are thinking of becoming one. I gave it 4 stars because of the mediocre box mag and the poor stock accuracy, but otherwise it's absolutely phenomenal. I absolutely love this thing!
by Nathan K. on 11/22/2013
"This gun is an amazing gun for a player that doesn't move around a lot but if you like to move around you might want to some how attach a fore grip because this gun is really heavy. Besides the fact that it's heavy I think that the metal body makes this gun more durable and the built in bipod is pretty good too.
Metal body
Box mag holds a lot of bbs
Realistic weight

It's heavy
No tac rail included
by Mat J. on 01/13/2012
"This gun is great i got it a while ago and at first i had some issues but it's overall a great support weapon that i think every team or individual looking for a great support gun should get. this is the buy for you completely worth the price which isn't that much considering the only upgrades you might need to put in is a new tight bore inner barrel.
-Great construction completely metal except for the parts on the real SAW which are high quality polmer plastic.
-Battery compartment is very spacious but thin so you won't have to much rattling
Easy too upgrade
-Very realistic except for magazine that holds more than 2500rounds
-Magazine came in poor wiring condition(very easy fix)
-accuracy could be a bit better but hey your a gunner what do you need precision for(upgrades cheap here on Evike!)
-Front sight is hard to find anywhere and i lost mine in the first war...
Overall great gun i think A&K out did themselves this time.
by Christine R. on 09/08/2009
"This is an awsome gun the only thing that sucks is that they gave me a half ass box mag that wont wind at all because the whole internal wires were messed up! otherwise a great gun.

Webmaster: If your mag was bad we can replace. All you need to do is contact us!
by Paula B. on 05/23/2009
"Very good gun
ive had this aeg for a couple months but only used it a few time because i got it during the winter. its a great overall gun
full metal
around 330 fps (.20 g)
m16 mag compatible
box mag
its a SAW!

very heavy(im a pretty small guy but 17 lbs is still a lot)
330 fps (im upgrading mine)
not that accurate
box mag fall out all the time(i prefer m16/m4 mags)
a little pricy but overall worth it
by Justin C. on 01/20/2009
"Nice SAW to be sure, but my only problem with it is that it has a bad tendency to foul up even using the standard box mag. still great outer construction compared to my friends CA SAW. and one more thing does anybody know if this gear box can handle a 9.6volt? I asked on the forum and no one seems to know... any help would be great
go Evike!! : )

Webmaster: Yes, the gun can handle a 9.6V
by Karen D. on 11/13/2008
"looks awesome, but does it shoot 8mm or 6mm, I rated it only 4 stars cause it would stink if it shot8mm
by Alec E. on 10/12/2008
"wiring is terrible. battery is terrible. box mag u have to fiddle with a little but u can get it t work decent. i recomend a new spring and possibly a lipoly. its also really fun to shoot. it literally shoots forever.
by karl e. on 09/21/2008
"i love this but i always feel sorry for the support gunner that has to lug this around and has to wear a three day assult pack with all our ammo and ten box mags for the saw, water,food,tools,batteries,gas, other guns,external parts, and a launcher with grenades
by Chris S. on 05/19/2016
"This LMG is build very solid. It fires smooth and feeds well. Accuracy is also surprisingly good. Easy to use LMG. However, in my first game I lost a pin off the front of the gun(always seems to happen to me with every G36 I get too) that holds the front barrel assembly in place and consequently, the barrel and upper assembly of the gun would fall off of the gun which is a three minute fix. But it happened often and in the middle of firefights getting my entire squad killed. But, work out the kinks and its wonderful. Although if not on sale, Id highly recommend the G&P stoner over this. And for a lighter LMG the KAA Stoner. Both are amazing LMGs. But this one is decent for the starting gunner. Not enough room in the stock for a large type( Why I bought this one instead of the railed one)
by Timothy C. on 08/21/2015
"Great gun, until it breaks. I was not rough on my MKII in any way, shape, or form - and one day, mid-game, the trigger stopped working. The battery was fine, the fuse was fine; I field stripped her and found a gearbox jam that I un-jammed easily with the cool hole in the side of the gearbox housing (genius idea). I thought the jam was the problem until I put it back together and found it doing the same thing - just clicking. The problem is the trigger and I have read about many other people that have run into this issue. The trigger unit is a little fancier than it needs to be in my opinion. It was also lovely that this happened right as my warranty expired on it, it has been gathering dust for a few months now -_-

The gun was worth 5 stars if it didn't have this problem; it was a battlefield pwner (but how do I give a gun that won't last 5 stars?).

*Anyone who complains about the weight of an AIRSOFT saw is a fool.
by teresa c. on 01/22/2013
"This is a very good gun if you like to be a gunner. When I got this i was going for the Battlefield 3 support loadout. The fps is realy good i hit my friend in the throat with it during a war and it left him bleeding a bit. the only thing bad is I wish the range would be longer because its hard to get up and move with this thing unless you are use to it and it would be good if you could drop people from about 150-200ft but you cant unless you upgrade it. The weight isnt realy a big issue it will tear up in CQB if doing that , but if you get in a field event watch out because a M4 or a assault rifel will hit you before you come close to it.

-good fps.
-full metel probley wont break.
-never have to reload.
-scary to other people.
-good for suppression.
-good for helping out your team.

-drum mag jammed on me twice.
-screws come lose.
-bipod will start to wear down.