Reviews: (AIRSOFTCON EPIC DEAL) A&K Full Metal M249 MK II SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag

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Model: AEG-M249-MKII-BK

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by Erlend O. on 2008-12-13 16:13:53
"I Finaly got my M249 today... it was defiantly worth it... the gun is grate, used it in my first fight the same day i got it:P, it shoots grate, end even with the 8.4V it has a very high ROF, and its just Awsome to use:)
by zach a. on 2008-12-07 17:16:31
"Can this gun take the standard M4A1 magazine? If so i am most likely getting one!

Webmaster: A&K, Classic Army and Echo1 M249 series takes M4 magazines. But they work best / feeds best with Box magazine.
by Chun T. on 2008-12-01 11:47:26
"Just received this gun after buying it from evike, and it's an awesome piece! The full metal body is really well constructed. It is solid and weighs alot. It's also a pretty long gun with the full stock. No quality problems on mine. It's really cool how the gun can be stripped, including removing the barrel and flipping open the top.

The ammo box is the only low point on this gun as it is made of plastic. I was hoping that it would be metal too. In terms of function it works pretty well. I had a mild jam issue but it was nothing much to fix.

ROF is excellent on this gun and when shot at 15-20 feet the accuracy is really good. I was able to cut a piece of cardboard in half just by holding the trigger down and following a steady line. The tripod is sturdy and allows some wiggling by the gunner.

It does use 6mm BBs and definately using the 0.20 or 0.25 is better than the lighter ones. The heavier BBs seem to hold their shape better so they are less likely to jam the ammo box mechanism (don't ask me how I know ;). Also, the gun does use a small stick type battery which is included in the package.

As for can a lipo battery be used, there are two concerns. Mainly whether it will damage the circuit (or blow a fuse) which it might, but more importantly, there is an electric circuit for lipo batteries built into guns that can take them that will shut down the gun when the battery discharges to a certain amount. Lipo batteries are not like NiMH or NiCADs in that you CANNOT fully discharge them. If you do then they will not recharge fully. This is probably more the reason why you ought NOT use a Lipo in this gun. It will fire with it, but you're best not to run the battery all the way down otherwise you will more likely damage the battery before you damage the gun.

Overall, I highly recommend this gun. I showed it to one of my buddies who was in the army and he thought it looked and just like the real thing (I got the dummy bullets and all) Oh, BTW, I placed the sound amplifier tip (available at evike) on this gun (just screws in) and it give a VERY cool and loud metallic clinking noise. Sounds really sweet!

I highly recommend this gun!
by Chris D. on 2008-11-30 20:18:51
"hey don't use a lipo battery in this gun, it will break, what battery do you use
by Jackson F. on 2008-11-26 08:21:17
"Is this gun li-poly ready??
Please get back to me ASAP
by Brian N. on 2008-11-19 09:25:35
"Would it be best to use .20gram bbs or .25gram bbs?
by Karen D. on 2008-11-13 19:28:23
"looks awesome, but does it shoot 8mm or 6mm, I rated it only 4 stars cause it would stink if it shot8mm
by Matt S. on 2008-10-16 16:16:38
"joseph, no, that isnt a comment, SO ASK QUESTIONS ON THE FORUM RETARD!!!
by Alec E. on 2008-10-12 23:54:07
"wiring is terrible. battery is terrible. box mag u have to fiddle with a little but u can get it t work decent. i recomend a new spring and possibly a lipoly. its also really fun to shoot. it literally shoots forever.
by Ryan Y. on 2008-09-30 08:12:07
"You can fit the foregrip on it if you buy the RIS for it first. You can fit up to a lipoly and/or larger battery / spare battery for it. Please direct questions to the forums.
by Andres L. on 2008-09-26 15:35:31
"two things. 1. can i put a foregrip on this and 2. can i put a larger battery??
by Chris D. on 2008-09-25 23:46:59
"im a suport gunner and just split the work up evenly you bring it you carry it

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 90 reviews)

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