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JB Unicorn 14mm Anti-clockwise Airsoft Mock Suppressor.(Short)

9 Customer Reviews

by mathew u. on 04/20/2011
"amazing the sound difference is awsome iv owned this mock for a year and its durable fits echo1, jg, and most other like brands

good sound
looks pro
nice fit
lasts forever

u may need PVC in it to guide the bb out of the end too shoot properly the front of the mock dose un screw

only for pro use ONLY
by Cody M. on 12/05/2010
"Picked this guy up for a WE 1911 MEU with the Madbull extended barrel. Fits it perfectly as the barrel is 4.72in and this is 4.75in. I'm a huge fan of the clean looking straight forward suppressors, and the ONLY thing on this is a small centered line of white text on ONE side. No stupid designs, no BS, just a straight forward metal suppressor thats overall finish is excellent and compliments ANY gun.

I own both the long and short versions of the unicorn and honestly couldn't be happier. It obviously fits all negative 14mm threads, so I find myself swapping between the short and long versions on my M4 and 1911 based upon location of play.

Great buy overall, I definitely recommend this!
by Evan J. on 03/10/2009
"OK...seriously people..stop asking if it fits ur gun..look on the gun specs and then look at the specs for this MOCK silencer...dont just ask without reading... and by the way, when it says MOCK it means that its fake/notfunctional/just for looks/etc....thats what the word mock means...and i really think evike or airsoftpost or whoever runs the website really needs to make an option when u make a review for questions cuz peopl who ask questions just make a random rating and it screws up the average rating..webmaster, i seriously consider that cuz this "review" is also screwing up the review...the forums are too complicated and no1 wants to enter in all that info that is aksed for when making a forum account..therefore making it impossible to ask our personal every1 plz pay attention to this will stop ppl from asking dumb questions and if evike (or airsoftpost) looks at this, they won't regret taking my word. thanks
by John c. on 01/04/2009
"coming from someone who owns the silencer i have to say it has a decent weight not as heavy as the gemtech but not bad in terms of silencing it does not silence it but the sound is alot different due to the fact that the silencer is hollow inside its makes this pop sound that is pleasing to the ear.
by Hon L. on 12/18/2008
"This will fit a G36C. It doesn't go into the handguard, only on the thread (a replacement of the flashhider).

So it will fit any rifle that has a 14mm thread. Regardless of barrel length.
by andy m. on 09/15/2008
"will this fit the jg matrix g3 if you can help me out that would be awesome thanks!
by Kevin V. on 03/11/2010
"This is a perfect size for ANY pistol.

It it a little too short and a little too narrow to look right on a rifle.

The all aluminum construction is perfect and the matt finish is beautiful.

Looks great on the end of my M9-A1 GBB
by william m. on 10/12/2008
"NO IT DOES NOT MAKE YOUR GUN QUIETER , it is not foam filled therefore it wont make your gun quiter, pretty much all it is a tube of aluminum that is just for looks
by Evan J. on 09/26/2008
"just read the gun's specs. if it says 14mm negative or 14mm counter/anti clockwise then it will. it annoys me when ppl dont read the info they need and then ask for it from other ppl