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Model: AR-M160B2-BK

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by Ron G. on 2009-09-08 17:39:46
"i had one of these guns a ways back but i sold it so i want to buy it again but i forgot if the muzzle metal?
by sir r. on 2009-09-07 05:46:41
"I'm wondering if I could buy a spare magazine for this gun..
If anyone can answer that, it would be greatly appreciated. ^^
by Alex A. on 2009-07-31 16:05:55
"This gun is great, the scope is bad but flash light is good. But without the scope it has incredible aiming.
by John J. on 2009-04-16 17:11:23
"I have to say this is a pretty good gun for the price. i had a couple of problems putting it together(it comes with the body in two pieces). it it shoots pretty well and don't curve. the red dot site is ok and the flashlite decent. Ireccomend it for beginers and people who are poor. Horrible for pros. good for beginers

red dot scope & flashlite included

body is plastic
hard to put together
magazine is crappy
flashlite isin't bright
by matt s. on 2009-02-16 19:28:13
"realy nice gun i dont recommend using the scope cus its better on a shotty than a sniper, use the iron sights without the rail rather than the scope they give you. the "economy combat flashlight" is good tho, very good range if you use the hop up, close shot grouping, ok accuracy at long ranges, i recomend using .2 or .25 for the best accuracy
by Jose D. on 2009-02-12 14:28:24
"Loved the gun when i first got it! altho im not sure why it says 275 FPS when this page says it goes to 390 FPS, anyways this gun is Awsome! A+++
by paul c. on 2008-12-29 17:26:18
"hmm this is my second one of these guns and it ROCKS 4 the price
by jacob s. on 2008-12-10 19:05:49
"I bought this gun about 6 months ago and it's running just like it was when I got it it shoots about 325 fps the scope sucks and the flash light is ok but all in all pretty good begginers gun it's accurate at about 60 to 95 feet all in all it's good and worth buying
by Aaron D. on 2008-12-09 15:52:56
"Had my first combat test with this gun today. It handled great and shot every bit as well as a high $$ spring sniper. Very good power and high accuracy up to 75' (soda can 9 out of 10 shots and I'm an average shooter). Accuracy was still quite good at 100' but it tended to go to the left and lose some fps but still hit hard enough to register a 'ping' and confirmed kill. Here is what I discovered after 6 hours of intense games:

Accuracy is top notch up to 75' and still decent at 100'.
Durable: the gun is built well out of sturdy plastic and has metal in all the right places.
Rail system: I ended up taking it off as it interfered with my sights.
Sights: after I took off the RAS the iron sights proved to be incredible. I was able to adjust the rear sight to compensate for the 100' drift of the BB to the point of making head shots.
Magazine: the magazine is very sturdy although a bit of a pain trying to get back into the gun if you are in a hurry or wearing gloves (be careful when loading it in and do NOT force it)
Power: even at 100' my targets registered hits with ease.
Action: Cocking is smooth and easy.
Reliability: after 6 hours almost non-stop I didn't have one jam.

Overall: for the price you are getting a beast of a gun. As with all airsoft, proper cleaning, care, and high quality BBs (I only buy from Evike) will give your gun the best performance. I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking to get an accurate sniper rifle on a budget, just don't expect much out of the rail system attachment but that's only my opinion. The gun itself has a small rail on the bottom toward the front of the gun. I HIGHLY recommend getting a bipod for that as it made sniping from a fixed position a breeze. Like many others I have to agree that the scope kinda blows but that really only applies to the M14 itself. I use a UTG MP5 AEG as my backup weapon with a claw mount and I put the scope and the flashlight that came with M14 on that and it greatly improved my CQC ability (the flashlight feels cheaply made but is actually REALLY good for a small AEG).

I hope this review helps anyone looking to buy this gun. Happy gaming!!!
by Clint T. on 2008-12-07 11:56:54
"Ok, so i've had this gun for at least a year now, the scope is ok for close range but not worth anything, my rail system broke after 7 months of use, the flashlight didnt work at all when i got it, and to make thins worse, i broke the gun by sitting on it, now its fixed with new parts, but this gun is freaking amazing, its hop-up is great for long range, if you really needed it. I would recommend this rifle to anyone who wants a cheap weapon for great quality. -Clint
by Travis R. on 2008-11-14 16:00:53
"I've had this gun for at least 6 months and it's still working like it was right out of the box. Very sturdy. Obviously the scope sucks, but the flash light is BEAST. I'd say the flash light alone could cost $30. But overall this is a good hard hitting gun. ~~~10/10~~~
by Mitchell H. on 2008-11-13 14:44:25
"I have the same thing except its a little shorter and its amazing. Totally worth the $45. I wouldnt use it for long range sniping, but its good for up to about 150 feet. I would recomend getting another mag though because you run out pretty fast. I dont think that the laser sight is that good but the iron sights that are on it already are amazing. You can dial a 50 ft shot to a 150 ft shot in nothing flat. The bad part is that its a little heavy, the RIS covers the view of the rear iron sights, the windage sights take forever to dial in, and the only parts that are metal are the rear sights, the elevation and windage dials, and the cocking mechanism; everything else is ABS plastic. Its got a great realistic feel though and looks and shoots like a $100 gun. Oh, and its accuracy is amazing too. I can get a 10 in cluster at about 100ft. A MUST BUY!!! EVEN IF YOUR NEW TO AIRSOFT!!!

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