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Model: AR-M160B2-BK

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by Karen L. on 2010-05-23 12:51:53
"This isn't Karen, it's her son, and wow this thing is worth it. I'm a future Marine and I love reading about guns. I have looked up in this gun alot and it looks almost exactly like the real thing! Nice FPS, just make sure you use the right BB's with it, I use .20 grams but anyone that wants this gun should try out all grams of BB's.

This gun won't let you down.

It's kinda heavy, it's hard to cock, but I like that, I don't know if everyone else will though.

It is VERY accurate with the right BB's.

I love this gun!

A few things, do yourself a favor and don't use the sling, the flashlight (Unless you're simply looking around and not in a game) and don't bother with the red dot sight, the iron sights are great.
by Lisa B. on 2010-05-06 07:01:31
"This gun is VERY good! With the iron sights alone, I was able to hit a quarter from 100 ft. away using .20 g BBs! Also, packaging was pretty good, but mind you, you WILL have to assemble it. The red dot sight it comes with is horrible, so I would just use it for looks. The flashlight is OK, but again, not the best, use it for looks. The nice thing is, the hop-up is great! Also, the gun was able to really take a beating!

My only complaint was, the charging handle is WAY to stiff! I'm 15, and I was able to pull it back just fine, but after 20 rounds, it becomes near impossible to correctly chamber a BB.

Also, if you pull it back almost all the way, it will load a BB. Then you have to pull it back AGAIN so you can shoot it. Thus, 2 BBs are now loaded and can possibly break inside your gun.

But overall, a great gun for beginners and people looking for a sniper rifle. If you attach a scope to this, it WILL wreak havoc in the field.

Heavy weight (doesn't feel like a toy)
Hop up is great!
RIS included
Magazines are pretty good
Can really take a beating
Pretty good quality
Adjustable rear sight
350 FPS

Heavy (7-8lbs gets VERY noticeable after a while)
Red dot
The sling it comes with isn't even a sling!
The charging handle. (My hand was cut open from pulling it back, and now I have a scar for it)
Assembly required
Some parts are a little dirty

Hope this helped to all of you looking in to it. Overall, a VERY good buy, that is, if you are fine with the charging handle.
by george m. on 2010-04-17 17:43:36
"This gun is great! i have had it for 2 years and it just couldent get better. it has alot of metal parts for 40 dollars. i recommend .20 bbs for range and .12 bbs for CQB. this gun couldent be better for backyard battles, you will know when you get a hit because they will either scream at you or jump because it feels like a wasp just stung you. this gun has great iron sights and is even better with a magnified scope. dont use the red dot scope it comes with it is terrible. all and all, this is my best purchase from this website
by Nicklaus D. on 2010-04-17 16:14:37
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I love every part of it. Although it has some con's it is well worth 40$.

- Very sturdy
- Shoots really great with .2g bb's
- Iron sight is better than any scope
- Magazine is well built and should not break
- Adjustable sights

- Hard to cock for the first few times, but you get used to it
- The scope and flashlight you get with it kinda sucks. I don't recommend using it.
- .12g bb's have too much hop with all the hop up on it down.
- Wouldn't use it for CQB as it is really big

After: I lost the screw for the rail attachment and i have a magnified scope on it but it wobbles and leans way too much. wondering if there is some sort of specs i can find so i can go to the hardware store just to pick up a lone screw.

Overall: Great gun! Well worth the 40$!!
by Alec L. on 2010-03-30 09:43:26
"AMAZING gun for the price. Don't use the scope unless you find it necessary. The metal sights are fine on it and if you adjust it right its great. This this has won me many battles. Buy it if you want a good beginner gun that isnt really a sniper. I say that because at least for me, Id rather have a bolt sniper than this but oh well. Its great reguardless.
by Marlene R. on 2010-03-07 09:35:12
"this is very reliable gun,the magazine can hold a lot of bb's and it weighs alot for a spring gun and it is accurate up to 100 feet with .20 gram bb's. the bolt is hard to pull back and if your not careful it can get your finger when it comes back.other than that it is a good gun.if you have a spare shotgun mag you can use that for this gun
by Sean C. on 2010-01-19 13:09:53
"I have been playing airsoft for about 5 years now and have gone through alot of different airsoft guns. In the beginning a walmart M4 to now a High Grade Echo 1 Stag-15. As a serieous airsofter I can tell you that this M14 is the SUPERIEOUR cheap china spring gun. I bought this as a target rifle to mess around when i'm bored, but after testing it proved to be more! I would gladly take this into a high grade game, which I have done and was succesful. For the price you can't beat it!

-Several Metal Parts
-Decent FPS and accuracy
-Still worthy enough to use in an AEG fight
-Comes with everything you need

-Cannot modify! (killed it trying to swap out barrels)
-Heavy and big for small or younger people
-Red-dot and laser pointer are basic and not good (what do you expect?)
by Chad B. on 2010-01-11 05:56:00
"My neighbor bought this gun, and since, he has let me use it in every war due to its sheer weight. It is indeed a pretty heavy gun. However, I'll be simple and outline the pros and cons:

You get a pretty accurate (even with .12s) gun for the money
This thing hits HARD and breaks skin from across a street
The hop is very helpful, and can be turned off
The flashlight is kinda lame, but it's free so goody goody
The mag is huge; I can go an entire war without reloading once
The cocking mechanism is very sound, you can hear it locking tight
Never jammed for me

The scope is a joke; you're much better off using the iron sights
Very hard to cock; I put the butt to the ground and pull the bolt with my foot in the heat of battle
Flashlight kinda sucks
Strap is flimsy
Glasses broke first day we got it
Compact and concealable? Haha, ha, haha
Magazine is not made of high quality plastic, it makes stress cracks in it just using a speed loader; maybe it's just that gun...
The butt feels kind of hard and awkward...

Anyway, all in all, the pros are enough for me to reccomend it, and you will get a good gun for your moolah, makes a good sniper or battle rifle.

Get it!
by Tina G. on 2009-10-11 14:03:19
"I am not Tina Griffith but I am her son.I made her an account so she could get me it for my birthday.

First things first this is great gun especially for beginners.It is very accurate and powerful for the price.I have had it for about a month and nothing is wrong with it.I recomend buying a new laser dot because the one that came with it sucks.The iron sights are very good.This gun is very heavy and durable.I recomend using .20 gram BB's because other BB's don't go straight.
by nate h. on 2009-10-09 12:05:29
"great gun for the price its big so if your a small dude youll have trouble with it but other than that it works great
by Heather M. on 2009-09-30 14:56:57
"Very GOOD gun! This the best spring rifle for Under 100 i have ever owned! Its very very very accurate with .20 g's. Very powerfull! The sights work really well. The red dot is crap. The flash light is decent. Just dont drop the gun. Its best to not attatch a strap bcuz when i did the flippin rear sling attatch broke. It fell and the entire front assembly broke right off! So overall this gun rocks!
by Colton E. on 2009-09-22 19:30:44
"To the person below me, yes you can buy extra mags. This is a good gun. Its fun to go out and shoot people and they have no idea your there. Now i have a Thompson but this gun was fun to play with. I still have it in my garage =) by the way you might want to invest in extra/ and or hicap speedloaders

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