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AGM M14 Full Size Airsoft Spring Powered Sniper Rifle + Red Dot & Flashlight (Color: Black)

72 Customer Reviews

by Mark S. on 06/11/2010
"This gun is great! ive had it for like a year now and i've never had a prob with it. It's better than any AEG m14 ive seen. Also it's 40$ great buy
by joseph S. on 06/03/2010
"Set a pop can out 60 feet and 1st shot with this great airsoft hit dead center!!! You cant go wrong with this m14,great power and amazing accuracy
by Jeremy S. on 06/02/2010
"A ridiculously good sniper for the price. If I had paid $100, I would have only given 3-4 on the rating, but at this price, it's a 5!

Good Price
Good Replica
Many accessory rails
Amazing built in sight

Hard to cock
Crummy scope and light included, but for $5, how could I resist.
by george m. on 04/17/2010
"This gun is great! i have had it for 2 years and it just couldent get better. it has alot of metal parts for 40 dollars. i recommend .20 bbs for range and .12 bbs for CQB. this gun couldent be better for backyard battles, you will know when you get a hit because they will either scream at you or jump because it feels like a wasp just stung you. this gun has great iron sights and is even better with a magnified scope. dont use the red dot scope it comes with it is terrible. all and all, this is my best purchase from this website
by Nicklaus D. on 04/17/2010
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I love every part of it. Although it has some con's it is well worth 40$.

- Very sturdy
- Shoots really great with .2g bb's
- Iron sight is better than any scope
- Magazine is well built and should not break
- Adjustable sights

- Hard to cock for the first few times, but you get used to it
- The scope and flashlight you get with it kinda sucks. I don't recommend using it.
- .12g bb's have too much hop with all the hop up on it down.
- Wouldn't use it for CQB as it is really big

After: I lost the screw for the rail attachment and i have a magnified scope on it but it wobbles and leans way too much. wondering if there is some sort of specs i can find so i can go to the hardware store just to pick up a lone screw.

Overall: Great gun! Well worth the 40$!!
by Alec L. on 03/30/2010
"AMAZING gun for the price. Don't use the scope unless you find it necessary. The metal sights are fine on it and if you adjust it right its great. This this has won me many battles. Buy it if you want a good beginner gun that isnt really a sniper. I say that because at least for me, Id rather have a bolt sniper than this but oh well. Its great reguardless.
by Tina G. on 10/11/2009
"I am not Tina Griffith but I am her son.I made her an account so she could get me it for my birthday.

First things first this is great gun especially for beginners.It is very accurate and powerful for the price.I have had it for about a month and nothing is wrong with it.I recomend buying a new laser dot because the one that came with it sucks.The iron sights are very good.This gun is very heavy and durable.I recomend using .20 gram BB's because other BB's don't go straight.
by nate h. on 10/09/2009
"great gun for the price its big so if your a small dude youll have trouble with it but other than that it works great
by Heather M. on 09/30/2009
"Very GOOD gun! This the best spring rifle for Under 100 i have ever owned! Its very very very accurate with .20 g's. Very powerfull! The sights work really well. The red dot is crap. The flash light is decent. Just dont drop the gun. Its best to not attatch a strap bcuz when i did the flippin rear sling attatch broke. It fell and the entire front assembly broke right off! So overall this gun rocks!
by Ron G. on 09/08/2009
"i had one of these guns a ways back but i sold it so i want to buy it again but i forgot if the muzzle metal?
by sir r. on 09/07/2009
"I'm wondering if I could buy a spare magazine for this gun..
If anyone can answer that, it would be greatly appreciated. ^^
by matt s. on 02/16/2009
"realy nice gun i dont recommend using the scope cus its better on a shotty than a sniper, use the iron sights without the rail rather than the scope they give you. the "economy combat flashlight" is good tho, very good range if you use the hop up, close shot grouping, ok accuracy at long ranges, i recomend using .2 or .25 for the best accuracy
by Jose D. on 02/12/2009
"Loved the gun when i first got it! altho im not sure why it says 275 FPS when this page says it goes to 390 FPS, anyways this gun is Awsome! A+++
by paul c. on 12/29/2008
"hmm this is my second one of these guns and it ROCKS 4 the price
by Aaron D. on 12/09/2008
"Had my first combat test with this gun today. It handled great and shot every bit as well as a high $$ spring sniper. Very good power and high accuracy up to 75' (soda can 9 out of 10 shots and I'm an average shooter). Accuracy was still quite good at 100' but it tended to go to the left and lose some fps but still hit hard enough to register a 'ping' and confirmed kill. Here is what I discovered after 6 hours of intense games:

Accuracy is top notch up to 75' and still decent at 100'.
Durable: the gun is built well out of sturdy plastic and has metal in all the right places.
Rail system: I ended up taking it off as it interfered with my sights.
Sights: after I took off the RAS the iron sights proved to be incredible. I was able to adjust the rear sight to compensate for the 100' drift of the BB to the point of making head shots.
Magazine: the magazine is very sturdy although a bit of a pain trying to get back into the gun if you are in a hurry or wearing gloves (be careful when loading it in and do NOT force it)
Power: even at 100' my targets registered hits with ease.
Action: Cocking is smooth and easy.
Reliability: after 6 hours almost non-stop I didn't have one jam.

Overall: for the price you are getting a beast of a gun. As with all airsoft, proper cleaning, care, and high quality BBs (I only buy from Evike) will give your gun the best performance. I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking to get an accurate sniper rifle on a budget, just don't expect much out of the rail system attachment but that's only my opinion. The gun itself has a small rail on the bottom toward the front of the gun. I HIGHLY recommend getting a bipod for that as it made sniping from a fixed position a breeze. Like many others I have to agree that the scope kinda blows but that really only applies to the M14 itself. I use a UTG MP5 AEG as my backup weapon with a claw mount and I put the scope and the flashlight that came with M14 on that and it greatly improved my CQC ability (the flashlight feels cheaply made but is actually REALLY good for a small AEG).

I hope this review helps anyone looking to buy this gun. Happy gaming!!!