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AGM M14 Full Size Airsoft Spring Powered Sniper Rifle + Red Dot & Flashlight (Color: Black)

72 Customer Reviews

by Jose P. on 03/02/2017
"This is good for a beginner in airsoft guns, especially for people who are interested in sniping and target practice. I would recommend this for everyone who is looking for something cheap and a good birthday present for a pre-teen and above
by Jad S. on 12/06/2016
"The gun is absolutely great!! Great for the price and great for upgrade if you have the skill for airsoft smith work... stock shoots around 240-260 FPS but when inner barrel, hop up rubber and stock aeg spring are used as an upgrade it could easily shoot at 340-380 FPS which makes it skirmish ready, everything I used where old scrap parts from my old aegs so didn't really spend any... and using gasket sealant will do the trick for an air tight seal... overall this gun is great!
by Jesse G. on 11/07/2016
"I've had this gun for awhile now and I still love this gun. it has good range and accuracy. the only thing wrong with it is its scope, I mean it looks cool actually has a lens but its really bad.
by Rick F. on 01/10/2015
"I got this gun cause it had really good reviews and was really cheap. And i figured hey good thing to waste ammo with and for show. And yes, the quality is pretty poor, have a G&G m4 and isnt the same planet. And requires alot of force to pull it back. Sights arent that adjustable, and scope isnt adjustable and useless, also the rail is a weird size. BUT, it is a fantastic gun especially for a beginner. Lots of power and very accurate. With a bit o drop 8/10 shots at 140 ft dead on, and still a few hits at 200ft with some practice and adjustment. it looks nice and shoots very accurately. Best option for begging and doing it cheaply.
by Jonathan E. on 06/22/2014
"Great looking gun, its lightweight and fun to use, i don't recommend it for airsoft arenas, but it can be used. i recommend it more for the use of playing with your friends in your back yard or in warehouses, try to shoot your target with in 100 feet from it, or the BB slows down.
the Flashlight is useful.
The red dot sight is not the greatest, it does give away your position.

Over all.
its pretty awesome for the price.
I recommend buying it.
by nils h. on 08/09/2013
"i can describe this gun in one word


by derek g. on 12/23/2011
"i bought this gun about 4 months ago very realistic feel to it great range, and if your a sniper, i would highly recommend this i have modded it a bit so it gits my standards i put a better scope on it and a bi-pod and i really had low expectations for it at first the only thing i don like is that my sling keeps breaking but other then that its great, its a little hard to charge at first because of the spring but you get used to it
by Sean C. on 12/19/2011
"I have owned many airsoft guns, including 4 AEG M14 and other high end airsoft guns. Hands down, this is the best -$100 airsoft gun I have ever seen. Compared to my AEG M14s this does lack in range (Effective distance 80ft, was measured out) but to my surprise groups better! This gun does have an adjustable hop up which is a HUGE PRO. Easily the best starter gun. Compared to the AGM VSR-10/MP-001 this gun is far more reliable. Built like a tank with many metal parts. THIS GUN IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH TM, TM CLONE, OR ANY AEG M14 MAGAZINES. I attempted to mod an old UTG mag with no success, the ones for the spring M14 are smaller.

Metal Parts - Bolt Handle, Rear Sight Assembly (fully adjustable), Outer and Inner Barrel
by Quinn W. on 10/17/2011
"This rifle is a great deal. It works great, and is only $50. For a spring rifle I wouldn't want anything else.

-metal parts
-comes with railing

-at first the cocking mechanism wasn't pulling the spring back, but you can easily fix it.
by Matt F. on 10/10/2011
"An amazing amazing gun
Looks authentic
great range
Great Price
Good value cause it comes with all that
Metal barrel
Erm there's one - The scope isn't very good well its just a red dot so buy a new one haha
Overall excellent gun i wouldn't buy it for going out to games but for a fun mess around with gun BUY IT BUT IT NOW !
by Patrick O. on 09/26/2011
"Gun works great i like it Works well and it gets good range with the iron sights
by Jack B. on 07/15/2011
"I just got the gun today and i am very pleased

- great accuracy
- long range (I shot it in the direction of a building thinking it would come up short but it hit it will a lot of force)
- realistic feel and weight

- hard to pull back bolt a beginning but it will losen up
- assembly is kinda annoying

A no-brainer five stars
by Lorenzo V. on 06/26/2011
"I got this gun for use as a sniper, and well, it works well for that use. With .20 gram BB's, it is very accurate and has good range.
by Donna S. on 12/03/2010
"I'm not Donna I'm her son so I'm going to tell u the benefits and cons of the matrix m14
-kinda high fps
-nice feel
-heavy so it feels realistic
-small flash hider
-extremely good accuracy

-low fps for my standards
-cocking the gun is a little stiff in the beginning
-if u put on the RIS rail u cant use the iron sights
-the red dot they give u sucks but the flashlight is OK.

that's all i would recommend to get the non socom version and then it doesn't come wit the crappy red dot good deal for $50 its a good gun and i would get it if u need a good secondary

by Tami B. on 11/15/2010
"Well i got this gun like a month ago and i am relevantly new to airsofting, but from what i can see it is pretty good, good range and FPS, lots of fun out on the field. and i love the look of the M14. But there where a couple of problems.

Problems i have had:
1. Magazine shoots out the bbs if you don't put it in the gun quick enough.
2. Bottom strap is plastic DO NOT USE IT, it could break and damage the gun, my bottom ring broke three weeks in. I hit the ring on the edge of the door though :) Gun is still fine.
3.If you move the iron sight up & down to much the screw on the up and down adjustment will fall off and the aiming part will start to fall off. i lost the screw and replaced it with the screw i got on the red-dot scope that allows it to attach it to the rail. And now it is no longer is adjustable, its ether up then unscrew and put the sight down or vis-versa.
4.Scope is not good, flashlight is ok.
5. Hard to cock at first, but trust me you get use to it and it goes away after awhile.

Good things about the gun:
1. Its REALLY accurate.
2. Very realistic, I am almost afraid to take it outside :)
3. Good Range and FPS.
4. Juts fun all together, and there are all kinds of good reviews on this gun.

I would recommend buying a bi-pod and Scope for it, Here at of course :)