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Model: AEG-JG-M733TSF

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by brooks k. on 2014-09-13 12:30:37
"absolutely terrible, no matter what i did the bbs curved every direction. enhanced upgraded gearbox doesnt mean anything, dont believe the fancy title. save yourself and just get an elite force m4.

sturdy i guess

terrible range
terrible accuracy, any further than 50ft the bbs will curve randomly
no matter how much i adjusted the hopup bbs curved up even with .25s
even when the bbs didnt curve up they were not accurate
terrible grouping
by kameron c. on 2012-10-16 05:07:25
thats probably the best definition of this airsoft m4
Ive had the gun for a few days and i love it.i didnt order mine from evike but i got it at a gun show , so mine doesnt have a removable carry handle, but thats ok because i put a real steal z-mount on it and it fits just fine.
Mostly metal, only plastic is the body.probably better that way because it reduces the weight, makin it a better cqc gun,

Mostly metal
Easy to clean because it disasembles like a real ar
Rof is good, 20-25 bbs a second
Folding stock [i will probably put a collapseable stock on it though]
Small type battery connector so batterys are affordable
Uses standard airsoft stanag mags
Good fps mine average 393 fps, which is more than enough

Mine came with no rails easy fix if you have a little extra money
Battery included is a test battery so not made for extensive use

So i definatly give it 5 stars
by cooper s. on 2011-11-29 21:28:10
"METAL PARTS - This gun is great all the parts are metal except the body and the hand guard. Buy this gun if you are in between Pro-airsofters and Beginners.

PURPOSE - This gun is also great for CQB because of the short barrel and the folding stock, and when the stock is folded it adds a bit more weight to the center so you might not want to place your hands on the hand guard for greater stability when the stock is folded.

JAMMING - The gun won't jam if you use BB's that are .20g and up, and they have to be polished which most are. Have fun with this new gun.
by tristin h. on 2011-08-01 11:51:58
"i got this gun upgraded to 550fps (max fps for legal play) and it hurts like death
great fps
good folding stock
doesnt ever jam
good for CQB
quick reloading

if u put the ring around the stock the wrong way the folding stock will not fold all the way
but other ways

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jolina H. on 2011-05-09 17:18:45
"This gun is amazing.The picture does not give this gun enough credit.I got this gun about a week ago and i love this gun.The gun has a pretty good fire rate.Do not use an 8.4 very slow fire rate recommend 9.6 or lipo.Its fire rate with a lipo is insane around 20-25 bbs per second.

Fast fire rate with lipo or 9.6
folding stock for cqb
looks beast with a suppresor
lipo ready
pretty good trigger response

Abs body might not be a big deal
very small battery space
only one rail on top

Other than these cons it a great gun
by David T. on 2011-04-29 20:18:41
"I just got this gun in the mail today and i love it. It came w/o the stock on, and it took me a while to figure out to get it on. You have the slightly fold the stock and screw in a screw with an allen key inside the stock. It also to me a while to figure out how to fold the stock. You just have to pull up on the stock and it pops out of its lock. When i shot it with a half charged Intellect 9.6v battery it just really fast and hard. It was crazy accurate too. I havent gotten to chrono it yet.

Pros: not too light, not too heavy
folding stock
nice gearbox from what i can tell
pretty strong (from what i can from spraying the botton of a can and other things)
nice range
Cons: battery can be a pain to get in sometimes
by lee d. on 2011-01-08 06:16:00
"I got this gun for christmas, I loved it
nice rof
nice fps
the stock is comfortable
the sights work
the mag is metal
when you fold out the stock, the pin moves up, and if you don't push it back down it will fly off
by April S. on 2010-12-24 16:29:05
"i just got this gun a few hours ago ang already ive killed the battery two times just from test firing it,its awesome!!! the upper reciever is full metal and the lower is ABS plastic. the gun comes with one mag,a detachable carrying handle,a test battery,and some 12g bbs.i definatley recomend it.
detachable sights for use of a scope
really tough
high rof
nice range
very accerate

no sling included:[
jams sometimes on single shot mode

overall i think that this is a great gun
BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jerry O. on 2010-12-06 17:04:11
"i got this gun not to long ago and have only had one war with it but i have really enjoyed it so far the only thing is i wish it had rails and the for-grip is a lil wobbly (nothing to worry about ). the fps on this gun at 360-380 with .2g ( witch is way more then enough ).

good fps
easy to use
folding stock (my favorite thing )
accurate about 100 feet ( goes about 130 if u have no wind )

wobbly in places
mostly plastic ( but feels really strong )
low rof

if u want to customize, i think the best thing to do is get a silencer and more mags over all 3.75 or 4.25
by Jeff L. on 2010-11-28 05:48:00
"this rifle is beautiful. i play airsoft every day, and i had a spring famas, so i got this, thinking it would improve my playing. it did. this is hitting from 200 feet easily with .2s.
now for the pros and cons


rate of fire (i would be scared if i heard this beast fire at me)
folding stock (THANK GOD!!)
fps (mine averages at around 420)

battery is located in the handguard, so i cant put an m203 on it. (i guess thats not technically a con)

this rifle is an amazing gun. its accurate,loud, light, and strong. it can also be folded for cqb games(i do NOT recommend that)

my only problem with this was that mine came with a whole lot of barrel wobble, but i fixed that by screwing that little thingy under the handguards
by Tom D. on 2010-07-06 21:49:06
"I have never shot or felt such an AWESOME rifle in my hands. This sucker is one of the best JG rifles on the market today. i say that because of the Folding Skeleton stock, man that thins was what bought me on the M-4, because I am a die-hard G-36 fan and after scrolling through and seeing the original Commando barrel, shortened front end M-15 A4 Carbine I was shocked and decided to buy it. I am apalled at why Evike doesent have this at 350 bucks because (not complaining, keep the price low guys, keep it low) It shot 350+ out of the box with a half charged Dboys battery, and the cyclic rate was nuts, at around 760-800 WITH a half charged battery.
Fully charged battery, and, BOOYA!! cyclic rate went up to 950 to 1000 and this this shot 200 feet WITH .25's and as far with white Crosman .2's.

So, overall i like the sling mount that it comes with, (it has a side buttstock {left side} sling mount that goes on right 'hind the folding stock) and the folding stock is a lifesaver in CQC where you may not have the room to flop a whole 5.9 pound rifle over a wall or around a corner. As for accuracy, it is pinpoint to the hop-up diminish point.

Weight is somewhat light and I love the Field strip-able procedure where alls u do is pop out a pin on the body and pull up and the whole top reciever comes out. Makes Cleaning a snap and a half!! (Note: the barrel comes out to clean, how nice is that?)

So overall, this is a BEAUTIFUL rifle and I am beyond pleased. I have no thoughts whatsoever about putting a Lipo in it because im afraid the cyclic rate would be so high that it would sound like a WWII Hitlers Zipper MG42 lol!

Sling mount (stock sling mount)
Folding stock (lifesaver)
1000 ROf cyclic rate on charged battery
Not too heavy, not light at all
Small and extremely agile
Cleaning is a snap thanks to field-strip procedure
overall great JG masterpiece

Only 1 I have seen so far, the battery fuse is made to where i cannot install an M-203 Grenade launcher, but it is too pretty by itself, so itll have to wait for a regular M-4
by Alex k. on 2010-04-27 09:04:25
"i've had this gun for about six months now, and i've played many games with it. performance wise you can't go wrong! rate of fire is insane, hop-up had some issues to begin with but seems to be working just fine now. the hole flip stock is cool but i never use it (kinda wish i got the normal m4 version stock) but thats just me. another thing to add is when i purchased this i got an extra mag (which i recomend the JG/ECHO1 300 round highcap) the original one that came with it didn't fit and kept falling out, but put some duct tape around it and your good.

decent fps-375ish with .2
great weight
crazy rate of fire
good looking

mag that came with it had problem
battery was a pain to get in, but not so much anymore

thats about it, great gun for the price, perfect for any level of airsoft player!! definitly put this on your list!! best of luck!

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