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JG M16 Vietnam Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with Lipo Ready Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)

42 Customer Reviews

by Joshua C. on 09/26/2014
"So before I start I want to say that Im a newb.
This was my first good airsoft gun, i really like it. Nothing wobbles on it, it is very sturdy. I got it today, so i cant say how its going to do in the long run, but i can say based on reviews I seen and my first impressions, it could very well last a long time if you take care of it.
-SeXy vietnam style
-good range
-the important parts are metal
-since there is parts that are plastic (good quality plastic) its relatively light
-dont have a crono, but id say its around 380-400fps
-many parts are fully functioning, like bolt handle, bolt catch...
-battery is ok (8.4v)... but i do recommend a 9.6v

-mag that comes with it is only 190 rounds... you can go through it fast. i recommend to get a full metal matrix flash mag, it works great!
-its pretty loud, but it adds intimidation, especially if you get the matrix m9 bayonet, it looks awesome!

Over all this is a GREAT gun for starters. If you are a starter and looking for a good bang for your buck like i was, stop looking and get this !
by Gabriel G. on 01/14/2014
"great gun has amazing range and good fps i love the look!

PROS: shoots fast (i use 11 volt battery so im not sure about 9.6v)
amazing look!
a death machine with a hi cap or large mag
good hitting
really good range and fps

CONS: plastic feel but its fine really
doesnt have detachable rail

other than those two things this gun is super sexyyyyy great gun
by Zack D. on 09/08/2013
"Great gun, I got the recommended battery and it shoots about 420 fps with my .2g bbs and it's very accurate
by Devon S. on 04/08/2013
"Bought mine a little over 2.5 years ago and all i have had to do is replace the gears. Amazing gun, its been dropped, kicked, and beaten up and it is still going strong. Couldnt ask for a better gun for the price when my friends are going through 200 dollar guns sometimes twice a year. Reliable gun, shoots fast, hits hard, and is extremely fun to play with!
by Matthew B. on 07/06/2012
"I've had mine for a year and its very nice and the spring has settled in at 380fps. This is for the price one of the best guns you can get.


Light weight (good for long day of airsofting)
Nice Vietnam look.
Easy to dissemble.
Good fps and sturdy


.....................Cant thing of any
by Jonathan B. on 03/17/2012
"This is probably one of the best beginner guns out there. I believe it is equal in quality to the G&G Combat Machines.
by Michele U. on 12/05/2011
"this gun is amazing! i looks really cool and performs very well. best gun in my arsenal no doubt about it
by Nick B. on 07/18/2011
"I've had the gun for a little less then a year and still working like it was when I took it out of the box. It's sturdy and the only non-metal parts are the hand guard and grip but they are made out of hard plastic. Nothing has broken off or been damaged on it except the front sling attachment because I fell on the gun at an awkward angle so be careful. Its got nice weight and I really don't have any problems with the gun except the battery that comes with it, I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend that you spend an extra 30 bucks to get a small type battery and a conversion wire because the original battery barely fits and gets stuck a lot, plus it lowers the power of the gun. Overall its a incredible gun for the price, buy it!
by Harrison R. on 09/24/2009
"My friend uses an E.B.R. M14 and i just hate it compared to this gun. this gun has a rof and fps faster than that damn m14 and its 3X less the weight! his dam gun is so dam front heavy and hes so stubborn he says my gun is to back heavy! believe me, this gun is the perfect weight. its only flaw is that its body is a nice abs plastic not metal like i had hoped. :( BTW: this gun is perfect right out of the box. which is also perfect.
by Devon K. on 09/23/2009
"THIS IS AN AWESOME GUN!!!!!!!!!!!! When im playing everyone is afraid of me and they all want to be on my team. When im going base defense im onstopable and everyone stays way away under cover!! hahahahaha i love this gun so much i cant stop laughing!!! ahahahaahahaha!!
by jacob p. on 02/18/2009
"This gun is a punishment weapon out of every single m16 ever owned this gun is in my top three I've had no problems with it and everyh itme I come from behind cover or a tree my friends dont want to shoot back because there to afraid to get sprayed Prefect for woodland and even CQB. If you buy this gun prepare to be feared would buy a box mag from A&K or a couple of more high caps for it.
by Jeremy A. on 02/09/2009
"BEAST GUN! This thing shoots hard and with the long barrel is pretty damn accurate. With .23 matrix bbs it shoots 420 + fps. Ive had mine for a year and it still is amazing but probably needs a new M120 spring. Ive put around 30,000 bbs through it and it still has the same ROF and almost the same FPS.

The pros:
Great price for the power and reliability
Easy access battery compartment (in stock)
High ROF even with the original 8.4 v 1.5 amp battery

The cons:
Selector switch doesnt lock in place well (probably due to heavy use)
Rear reciever pin can fall out easily
Carrying handle cant come off even though the picture shows it does

No reason to knock off any stars since it is such a good gun for the price
by thibaut v. on 01/28/2009
"I got this rifle about a month ago. when i had received this rifle in the mail i was able to tell some major flaws and major pros of this rifle. the pros of this rifle is that the description does not lie this rifle shoots at a very solid 390-460. also the rifle has a very long battery use i was able to use it for a solid day of airsoft including about what i'd say 6 hours. also the rifle is EXTREMELY ACCURATE and gets INCREDIBLE RANGE, when airsofting i was shooting around 150 ft +. This rifle does have some major flaws though. this rifle does not feel sturdy although it can take a fall and a hit. the battery for me sometimes will not work because the wire is crammed in the chamber and i will have to reorganize it. also the rifle may be advertised as having a removable handle but it DOES NOT COME OFF. this rifle is a good replication of the actual one being that it is INCREDIBLE ON ALL IT'S ASPECTS OTHER THAN IT'S ACTUAL USE IN BATTLE. it feels as though it might fall apart but won't. the stock feels wobly BUT CAN BE TIGHTENED TO YOUR NEEDS. I hope this review helps I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS GUN FOR THE INTERMEDIATE USER.
by Jeremy A. on 01/23/2009
"I bought this bun 6 months ago and have gone through 15,000 bb's with no problem at all!!
Buy this gun!! You will not be disappointed. I am giving this to my brother to buy an m4 s-system (need a shorter barrel length and rails to mount vert grip, red dot and laser. Im switching to navy seal faction for my team)

High rate of fire
High FPS (most powerfull on the field usually) 440fps after beeing used for 6 months :)
Great accuracy (would be amazing with a tightbore)
Never Jams

Stock and Barrel wobbles
Rear reciever pin falls out easily (had to buy a new one 5.99)
carrying handle sucks to put a rail and sight on (doesnt stay in place well cause its a plastic handle)
by shakeel a. on 01/21/2009
"is it bad if i lose the dust cover because my dumb friend broke it so i was just wondering Ive been told that it does not matter but i need someone that is positively sure. by the way this gun ROCKS

Webmaster: The dust cover is for decoration only. Its good to have for the purpose of hiding the hopup adjustment. Otherwise, everything is inside the gearbox so you won't have to protect your internals against dust anyways...maybe just the hopup switch.