Reviews: JG M16 Vietnam Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with Lipo Ready Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)


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Model: AEG-JG-1601MG

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by John C. on 2008-11-13 21:18:03
"PLEASE would someone be kind enough to tell me wether or not the carrying handle is removeable. If it is I will probably buy from another site.
by John C. on 2008-11-12 16:00:20
"Some one who owns this please answer: Is the carrying handle removable?
by jake c. on 2008-10-27 18:46:52
"could i upgrade this to a ca metal body or is this like a stupid piece of junk held together by gum?
by anabel m. on 2008-10-16 10:54:36
"is this gun worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by matt b. on 2008-10-06 11:51:23
"i just found out that this gun is about 6 lbs on youtube and the real one is 6 lbs, only the vn style tho
by Johnny L. on 2008-10-05 22:45:18
"Sounds about right Matt. Most Airsoft JG evike carry here are the "good" models with realistic weight. This rifle weights about 8 lbs.
by matt b. on 2008-10-04 11:00:36
"how heavy is this gun plz dont tell me 3900g thats like 8 frekkin lbs
by Ryan H. on 2008-09-19 22:14:22
"This gun just came today.and its a BEAST!!!!!!!! It has a great Fps.I would recommend someone to buy it.You won't regret it
by patricia w. on 2008-09-16 15:37:20
"well justin it upgraded you can us a lipoly on this gun if you want
by Devin P. on 2008-07-30 17:44:22
"this is a very good gun. its heavey and sturdy. the only thig i diddn't like was the hand guard was unsterdy and a little to heavy
by Sniper A. on 2008-07-17 02:59:59
"There are a few differences between Echo1 and JG. Echo1 might have a echo1 logo printed on the receiver and it costs a little more. Other than that, get it from reliable retailers like to make sure you have the most recent version of JG release.
by Tom F. on 2008-07-16 18:13:33
"I chronographed the gun with .20 gram bbs abd it shoots 375fps with really good accuracy.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 42 reviews)

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