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JG M16 Vietnam Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with Lipo Ready Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)

42 Customer Reviews

by Kyle S. on 01/07/2009
"this was and is my first good airsoft rifle that i still use in tournaments.the only thing i've done to it is put a high torque motor in it.the only thing i would change about it is the barrel b/c it's kinda wobbly
by shakeel a. on 12/25/2008
"it say its a Li poly ready metal gearbox so does that mean u have to have a li poly battery for it to be good?

Webmaster: No. Any battery over 8.4V 1200mah will work. The higher the voltage the higher the cycle rate. The higher the Mah the longer it will last / faster the cycle rate.
Also, the higher the rate of fire, the faster the wear and tear. (But of course, more tactical advantage.)
Lipoly is 11.1V so it takes a reliable gearbox to use lipoly. JG gearboxes are very reliable. The new black JG gearbox have less than 2% failure rate with lipoly under regular play. We sold hundreds of JG lipoly ready enhanced version and have less warranty issue than many other claimed lipoly ready guns. For those that knows how to work on gearboxes will virtually never have a out of service gun and lipoly will give you max advantage.
by Anthony B. on 12/25/2008
"I just got this gun and it is amazing! Shoot hard and extremely accurate, BBs don't even begin to curve until about 100-120ft, and thats usually just the wind taking it. And to answer your questions, NO IT DOES NOT HAVE A REMOVEABLE CARRY HANDLE! It appears removeable in pictures, but mine is not, which follows the M16A1 in realism, so I like it.

5/5, great gun!
by John C. on 11/13/2008
"PLEASE would someone be kind enough to tell me wether or not the carrying handle is removeable. If it is I will probably buy from another site.
by John C. on 11/12/2008
"Some one who owns this please answer: Is the carrying handle removable?
by jake c. on 10/27/2008
"could i upgrade this to a ca metal body or is this like a stupid piece of junk held together by gum?
by anabel m. on 10/16/2008
"is this gun worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by matt b. on 10/06/2008
"i just found out that this gun is about 6 lbs on youtube and the real one is 6 lbs, only the vn style tho
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"Sounds about right Matt. Most Airsoft JG evike carry here are the "good" models with realistic weight. This rifle weights about 8 lbs.
by matt b. on 10/04/2008
"how heavy is this gun plz dont tell me 3900g thats like 8 frekkin lbs
by Ryan H. on 09/19/2008
"This gun just came today.and its a BEAST!!!!!!!! It has a great Fps.I would recommend someone to buy it.You won't regret it
by patricia w. on 09/16/2008
"well justin it upgraded you can us a lipoly on this gun if you want
by Sniper A. on 07/17/2008
"There are a few differences between Echo1 and JG. Echo1 might have a echo1 logo printed on the receiver and it costs a little more. Other than that, get it from reliable retailers like to make sure you have the most recent version of JG release.
by Tom F. on 07/16/2008
"I chronographed the gun with .20 gram bbs abd it shoots 375fps with really good accuracy.
by james ?. on 07/01/2008
"Yes, to put a regular m16 handguard you will also need a delta ring I think. If you want a A2 why didnt you just get the M16A2 to begin with? The gun is a very reliable. The standard JG / Matrix / Echo1 quality you can trust and the pricing is amazing. (Used to pay $300 for marui VN, thats something most people won't understand today...)