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Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

9 Customer Reviews

by Joshua O. on 02/06/2017
"Awesome looking with awesome internals that Tokyo Mauri is known for. Def worth the extra money when compared to other companies that have hi capa's. I have had both ends of the spectrum and i forsure think it is worth the extra money.

Pros: Great looks, Great performance.

Cons: IF YOUR LOOKING TO GO CRAZY ON COLORS AND STUFF DO NOT GET THIS PISTOL. There is not a whole lot of external upgrades as far as slides and stuff go on the market anymore. If you want that type of thing get a TM 5.1 not the 4.3.
by Ramotti T. on 02/01/2015
"Best and most reliable GBB Pistol I ever had. Easy to maintain and durable.

- Reliable, never had issues in and out of the field
- Easy to maintain
- Lightweight as it is not a full metal pistol
- Durable, doesn't break easily (dropped couple of times)
- No problem with feeding, used WE Hi-Capa mag
- Shoots around 250-300 perfect for 'Close Range'

- The mag that comes with it is a little weird (sometimes it doesn't feed)
by Natanael N. on 01/01/2015
"I have never loved a pistol this much. Everything you would expect from Tokyo Marui. I will write out the plastic and metal parts below. The magazine efficency is good, I'm getting 2 full mags and about a half of the 3rd one with a fill of propane.

Metal Parts:
-Thumb safety
-Beaver tail
-Iron sights
-inner barrel
-hop up system
-spring guide

Plastic parts:
-Outer barrel

Anything in the internals that should be metal is metal and anything that should be plastic is plastic. I hope I helped.
by Elijah Y. on 07/04/2013
"This was my second high-end gbb pistol and I must say, it was worth every penny. Tokyo Marui definitely lives up to it's name with this pistol. It shoots like a dream and is very, very gas efficient. I bought this handgun to be a secondary but i am now planning to run it as a primary at my local CQB field.
Crisp blowback
gas efficient( im getting 3 mags worth of bb's on 1 fill of hfc 134a gas)
Fast cycling due to plastic slide
Easy take down and easy to maintain
None at this point

10/10- if you need a handgun and have the money then get this gun. you won't regret it.
by Luke R. on 05/04/2012
"The best airsoft pistol on the market, hands down. Had mine for 5+ years since I started playing airsoft. Amazing hop up, amazing accuracy, 10/10.

Many argue the point of the plastic ABS slide, but heck if were just playing a game I want to be able to cycle my weapon as fast as possible, lighter plastic slide goes hand in hand with a faster cycle after every trigger pull.
by Javier B. on 10/01/2009
"Was looking to purchase the WE 1911 series full metal handguns. Checked out the TM 4.3 Hi Capa and that's all she wrote.

Smooth firing and feels good in the hand. Out of holster, it points effortlessly and feels very natural. I am a real steel shooter that owns and carries nothing but Sig 226R .40, 229 .40 and Glock 27. This Hi Capa is great and perfect for a secondary to my CA LWRC or CA CQB Seal.

If you are looking for a Safariland thigh holster or holster in general and do not know which which will fit, just purchase it for the Springfield Armory Operator as this has the rails.
by S. S. on 10/24/2008
"I love it, as the 4.3 TM High Capa is my first gas airpistol I feel spoiled at how nice it really is in look, use, and feel.

Especially since mine is upgraded with Tanio Koba Grips, Dina Piston, Nine Ball Hammer Spring, Full metal Springfield Marked ACP .45 Cal Slide, Barrel and Frame.

Super nice, but my point is.., the upgrade options can make your head spin and your competition more than oggle.

High kick, Loud, good mag capacity at 28 shots per clip, and easy to maintain and use on the field or off. If upgraded like mine, a perfect PTW. "Professional Training Weapon"

Worth every penny.


by tyler g. on 09/26/2008
"Great 'almost compact' pistol. Worth every penny! Upgrades are almost limitless! Feels well balanced, despite being mostly plastic. controls (slide release, mag realease, and safety) are low profile, and don't snag in holsters.

Accuracy and power are great, cycle speed is blinding, and the gun is loud! (intimidation factor is high)

As great as the gun is out of the box, it responds very well to modifications. My 4.3 lives on a strict diet of propane and .25g and has yet to give me any issues. I've spent over $350 on my piece (not counting the gun itself), and i love it.. If you're looking for a solid sidearm that isn't a glock or berretta, look no further!
by Jonathan S. on 06/02/2008
"This is a great pistol, one of the better ones I've purchased. Most of the gun is made of plastic, but still functions well. For having a plastic slide, this gun has some insane kick to it. It also features 2 safeties, one next to the slide, and one on the back of the grip. The slide release is a bit further forward than some other pistols, but you learn to get use to it.

-High amount of kick
-VERY LOUD (could be con)
-28rd mag capacity
-2 safeties
-Metal trigger, safety, mag, sights, hammer, slide release, lower body (but not the grip)

-Plastic slide and grip